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  1. What’s the best set up for the various settings? I’m by no means a pro so I want a little bit of guidance but not too much. I turned off the mini-map, but other than that I’m going with the default settings on the middle difficulty level.
  2. I escaped! Think it was my 37th run in the end so was pretty happy with that, even if one of the boons I got felt a bit cheaty.
  3. Where is this offer mentioned? I’ve not played a Hitman game since Blood Money and eager to jump in since picking up a Series X at Christmas.
  4. The great thing about BCS now is that you’re not waiting week by week, year after year. I imagine the slower pace of it isn’t as much as a problem if you’re binging it in one go.
  5. Plum Porter is a fantastic beer.
  6. Nice. I did a year abroad studying in the Black Forest in 2006/07 and mainly drank Hefeweizen with my Erasmus grant and loved the local offerings. I have never got on with Erdinger however, which is the most omnipresent Hefeweizen out there and perhaps most people’s gateway to that style which could be off putting? I’ve not actually had that much of the style lately though, as a lot of the British craft takes on it don’t do it justice for me. I’m also very keen on a good Dunkelweizen too.
  7. I thought last night’s was really impressive and so glad they got it done. Compare with the interior on the house on Love It Or List It which was on the hour before on C4 and it was like chalk and cheese! I know they’re not comparable shows but shows what a difference taste makes.
  8. I’m still hunting my first escape and died to Theseus for the first time in a while last night. Think I had a bad combo of boons and weapon and just couldn’t get behind him to do damage. I did have the boon that restores +2 health for each hit but his damage is brutal and as I couldn’t get any hits in he just butchered me. Not sure I’d pick that one again.
  9. OK, will probably jump in and buy it then when I’ve cleared some of my Game Pass pile. It’s one of the games I wanted a next-gen machine for so don’t mind buying this one.
  10. I’m so close to escaping now I can almost taste it.
  11. 26 attempts in and I finally beat the 3rd level. However, I got killed very quickly in the next section as I’d used up all my death defiances and went into it with only 6 HP and I’m a bit confused.
  12. Yeah I had this and had to restart the console.
  13. I’m still only missing the jump rope moon. One day...
  14. Indeed. What a prick. Looks nailed on sadly now.
  15. Got a Series X at Christmas and this is the first thing I’ve jumped into on Game Pass. Really enjoying it, even though the icons on the map are a bit overwhelming. Added a bunch of you from the last few pages with a gamer tag in your signatures, hope you don’t mind! First Xbox since the 360 so my friends list is barren...
  16. Enjoyed this one to see in the New Year, but definitely can feel it today. Love my local brewery.
  17. I guess what I’m hankering for is perhaps the type of game that the Switch doesn’t really offer, so the big AAA adventure type games or FPS. Also interested in exploring some of the short < 5-10 hour games which I’ve maybe not been keen to pay the Switch tax for. So far I’ve set the following to download: Carrion (and played about 30 mins last night) Forza Horizon 4 Spiritfarer Frostpunk (heard Sean talk about it on TCGS and liked the sound of it) Ori and the Will o the Wisp Outer Wilds (again one I remember Mat raving about on TCGS)
  18. I’m on board with a Series X which my wife very generously got me for Christmas. I’ve basically skipped a generation having had a 360, but since then the only console I’ve had is a Switch, which I absolutely love and expect to continue playing. I’ve taken advantage of the 3 year Game Pass Ultimate hack by upgrading three years of Gold Live for a £1. The problem is, I have absolutely no idea where to start. Missed so many games over the past years. A bit overwhelming looking at the whole list of Game Pass games. I plan to try and rinse those before actually buying anything not on Game
  19. Guess when I had a baby...
  20. I’ve got a box of 12 beers from the local bottle shop but held off from buying the traditional Belgian Blue mini keg which I’d planned on. Now we’re just having 5 of us on Christmas Day and then no other visitors I don’t feel like polishing it all off myself and would prefer to mix it up a bit.
  21. Been wanting to play this for ages but we’re finally at the point where we can put our three month old daughter down in an evening and I can get some proper Switch time in, other than the odd quick go on Tetris99. What an incredible game. About 12 runs in so far and managed to beat Meg on my current run. Have left it saved at the start of the next floor. Loving the shield at the moment but will have enough keys when I die to get the spear.
  22. Among Us is definitely hit and miss when playing with randoms. I’ve had some brilliant games but also a lot of stinkers too. It’s nearly always fun when you get to be imposter though. I’ve been playing it a lot on my iPad (free on iOS) so probably unlikely to get the Switch version which might be a bit more fiddly.
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