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  1. Watch them finish on Smash too. Just you fucking watch.
  2. They’re just doing it to fuck us off now. Trolling in the extreme. You’ve almost got to admire it.
  3. Think people are overplaying this. Isn’t it only mentioned on a Japanese language site that someone happens to have found and translated? Doesn’t seem like it’s been a wider request.
  4. Honestly I’ve given up hoping. Only really turn on my Switch for a quick blast of Tetris 99 these days. I’m going in with the lowest expectations possible and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Anyone got recommendations for a decent bottle shop in or near Alnwick? Going to Northumberland on holiday in a week or so but don’t fancy taking up beers and having them sat in the car all day so would rather pick some up when I get there. Not had much luck finding anything in Alnwick from a quick search.
  6. Yep, 35 years old and a sucker for it. I’m sure when I was 21 I’d have hated it, but a definite throwback feel. The whole album is a guilty pleasure to be honest. The opening track brutal is not what you’d expect from such a massive hit album.
  7. What a fucking awful patronising load of old bollocks. Tone deaf to the extreme.
  8. Unlucky @filecore Couldn’t believe that first minute. Felt absolutely sick but as the game wore on and after we got the equaliser I thought we were marginally better. Not to say it wasn’t nervy as hell at the end!
  9. Hmmm, maybe I just need to do a hard close and re launch.
  10. FIFA 21 feels like a right mess. Lots of text missing from menus or takes ages to load.
  11. I’d let a bit of a stash build up at my local shop. Looking forward to tucking into this.
  12. Lincoln must be seething at that. Would have been exciting for it to go down to the final day if Lincoln had held on and won in midweek. As for us, play-offs almost secure although a defeat at home to Donny on Tuesday and it’ll get my arse twitching ahead of the final day where anything could happen even though we’ve got Bristol Rovers at home.
  13. I’m not expecting sweeping changes but I think you’re being a bit too cynical. It’s a first step and something unifying a lot of football and wider sport, so that’s a start. Some companies have said they are pulling paid ads from social media this weekend, so it has the effect of hitting these companies in the pocket which is ultimately what will drive change. Sure, there will be motives that are done in self-interest, but my opinion is it’s better than nothing.
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