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  1. I finished this at the weekend and overall had a really good time with it. None of the later bosses gave me too much bother (on normal at least) and I thought everything from The Road onwards was actually great so not sure what some of the complaints were about there. The only section I felt was a real grind was the Nexus/Command Spire bit which was too much indoor time for me. Looking forward to getting back into the multiplayer now.
  2. I’m at The Road now. How much longer have I got? The last section I did was a bit of a grind and quite looking forward to getting it finished.
  3. There were 7. But the last two definitely a lot weaker.
  4. Getting my arse handed to me on the gondola sentinels section and I’m only playing on normal. Must have failed it at least five times last night. Is there something obvious I’m missing?
  5. Great work @ngchol Do you have a list where it excludes albums that only got one vote? Think you might have done this in past years but no worry if it’s a faff.
  6. Delighted to see Price go out last night.
  7. Been to do my last minute Xmas Eve beer run, which was very successful if I do say so myself. Photo spam in the spoiler
  8. I’ve just done the AA gun mission which was fun and now have The Sequence in front of me. Is this where I will start to get funnelled? Also, maybe a dumb question as this incredibly is my first Halo game, but am I supposed to know where to find skulls? Not found a single one yet and don’t know what they do and how to locate them, given they’re not signposted on the map.
  9. Be careful, as the one on sale is the version released in 2019, and not the recent re-release of the levels from 1+2.
  10. 01 - Lucy Dacus - Home Video 02 - Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview On Phenomenal Nature 03 - Origami Angel - GAMI GANG 04 - Laura Stevenson - Laura Stevenson 05 - Snail Mail - Valentine 06 - Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR 07 - Jeff Rosenstock - Ska Dream 08 - Hayley Williams - FLOWERS for VASES / descanos 09 - Anika Pyle - Wild River 10 - Adult Mom - Driver
  11. Thanks for the tips. Going back to it fresh the next day I did it 3rd time. I didn’t have a laser weapon but throwing the coils helped get the shields down and then I got in a couple of melee attacks which took him down surprisingly quickly.
  12. I’ve had the second boss kill me about 15 times in a row now. Think I’ve got the wrong weapons and don’t know how to beat him or escape the fight. Is there any solution other than starting from scratch or “git gud”? I’m just crap and only playing on normal.
  13. Yep, this was me and this solution fixed it.
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