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  1. I’d have preferred a delay to the year in which it’s going to be set.
  2. What a mess. Can’t see the season finishing.
  3. Absolutely typical that this is the one thing not delayed by COVID-19. Have we not suffered enough?
  4. I’ve just ordered another box from Thornbridge which seems like really good value - £40 inc free delivery for a mixed case of 18. I think they’re all beers I’ve had before (Untappd tells me I’ve had 40+ unique beers from them) but in my opinion they’re all solid or better. https://shop.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/collections/mixed-cases/products/the-ultimate-summer-pack I promise I’m not on commission!
  5. I’m not a big lager drinker, but I got a mixed case from Thornbridge towards the start of lockdown which had 4 cans of Lukas in, and they were absolutely cracking BBQ beers. A really smooth and refreshing lager.
  6. I’m on hole 435 so far and no impossible ones. I did have one that I thought was impossible and took me about 30 shots, but yes I can imagine it’s frustrating when you do come across one that is obviously not possible.
  7. I’m loving Golf On Mars. I put countless hours into Desert Golfing and this is more of the same relaxing grind and the new spin feature works really well to make some very satisfying shots. Just lovely.
  8. My wish is for a period Bond film set in the 60s.
  9. Halfway there...!
  10. The £35 price tag is saving me from this thankfully. At £20 it would be in impulse territory.
  11. Yeah, Jeff’s stuff is great. Haven’t given it enough attention yet but hopefully it lives up to Worry and POST.
  12. Yeah, in comparison to your efforts a 20 minute drive doesn’t seem that far at all! Not sure if you’ve checked it out but the Sheffield Hopcast podcast has done a special on SMOD and Dann from the brewery was actually a guest on their latest episode. I went to the Peakender beer festival hosted by Thornbridge a couple of years ago and Jules from Hop Hideout organised the Saturday morning 5k. I’ve only been to their bar/shop at Kommune in town once though. Beer scene in Sheffield is great, I am spoiled really.
  13. I do keep meaning to drop in but it’s just far enough from where I live for it to be a bit of a trek unless I happen to be passing, which isn’t very often as it’s a bit off the beaten path. Maybe post-lockdown I can combine it with a Meadowhall trip. I’ve only had Clamp of their beers, but that was incredible. I’ve got a box coming this week from a local beer shop and hoping there might be a SMOD beer included.
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