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  1. Ditto. Enjoyed having this on in the background while I work from home.
  2. I see in the Twitter comments that some users on PC are reporting that installing the update has lost all their progress, so something to be aware of if you’re on PC.
  3. Loved the final episode of this. A few bits had me with a smile on my face. If they can build on that then I’m looking forward to what comes next.
  4. The wife signed up for that free Brewdog 4 pack of Lost Lager (when you factor in the shipping it’s probably not that great) but they did include a 20% voucher code for their site if anyone does order from their website. I’m unlikely to do it but the code is PLANTTREES
  5. Enjoying that Weather Station album but the new Hayley Williams (of Paramore) is stunning and my AOTY so far.
  6. Let’s be honest, it looks awful visually. Aged terribly and asking £50 for it is incredible. If it sells then all power to them I guess.
  7. They have to be holding stuff back for a Switch Pro / Switch 2, right?
  9. I’ve added you both if that’s OK. I’m caw_bpool
  10. You’ve done well there then because even a couple of the bottle shops I use in the Sheffield area don’t always stock SMOD. They seem to be taking a bit of a break at the moment, not seen anything new from them for a month or so. There was a fantastic long read about the brewery that I saw yesterday. https://www.pelliclemag.com/home/2020/8/20/everything-in-its-right-place-the-brewery-of-st-mars-of-the-desert-sheffield
  11. Is Hitman 1 likely to be on sale for less than £24.99 it’s currently listed at? I bagged Hitman 2 thanks to this thread and was amazed how it quickly activated in H3. Would like to get 1 if possible and then play through 1 and 2 in order but £25 a bit too much given H2 was only £12 and has extra bonus levels.
  12. Ah thanks, that’s been driving me mad!
  13. I’ve finally picked this up while my TV is in for repair and therefore not using my Series X. Is there a way to split up your Pikmin by colour? I seem to remember in the first 2 games that with one button press your squad would split into red/blue/yellow/etc but I can only seem to achieve this by throwing them to one side which takes a bit of time if you have a big squad with you.
  14. Well I clearly did as I said I’d played the Maiden Voyage section. Maybe most games look this way, the Series X is my first non-Nintendo console since the 360 but I was just a bit underwhelmed with the presentation based on first impressions. Clearly not all games that the good old Nintendo “seal of quality”, but I just think the menus could be a bit cleaner, that’s all. Will see how I get on with a bit more play time.
  15. Gave this a try for the first time and played through the opening section. Not sure it’s really grabbed me yet. The menus feel really clunky and the on-screen button prompts very ugly. And why is all the writing in a horrible serif font? Makes it feel really dated and quite hard to read. Not going to give up on it yet but doesn’t feel that accessible to me.
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