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  1. Yeah, Jeff’s stuff is great. Haven’t given it enough attention yet but hopefully it lives up to Worry and POST.
  2. Yeah, in comparison to your efforts a 20 minute drive doesn’t seem that far at all! Not sure if you’ve checked it out but the Sheffield Hopcast podcast has done a special on SMOD and Dann from the brewery was actually a guest on their latest episode. I went to the Peakender beer festival hosted by Thornbridge a couple of years ago and Jules from Hop Hideout organised the Saturday morning 5k. I’ve only been to their bar/shop at Kommune in town once though. Beer scene in Sheffield is great, I am spoiled really.
  3. I do keep meaning to drop in but it’s just far enough from where I live for it to be a bit of a trek unless I happen to be passing, which isn’t very often as it’s a bit off the beaten path. Maybe post-lockdown I can combine it with a Meadowhall trip. I’ve only had Clamp of their beers, but that was incredible. I’ve got a box coming this week from a local beer shop and hoping there might be a SMOD beer included.
  4. Dodo code is 80MFF 468 bells per turnip. I’ll mainly be afk as I’m working from home. Edit - closed now, as visitors have stopped and someone has a better price!
  5. 468 bells this morning. Just going to do my sales and then will put up a Dodo code.
  6. 100% of a large spike in the morning. Will keep you all posted.
  7. I think this is the best one. https://turnipprophet.io
  8. Not played this in ages but in preparation for the Splatfest I’ve fired it back up again. So so good!
  9. I let Sherb move out of my island too. I agree he was a bit of a whinger and when he said he was thinking about going I gave him the nudge in the hope of getting someone better. Hard to believe he’s one of the most valued.
  10. Open for the last half hour if anyone wants to sell. 517 bells. Code is 6SGC2
  11. Open again. 517 bells. Code is... Edit - closed again. Can open again after 9pm if anyone’s desperate.
  12. I was AFK for too long so it’s a new code now. Edit - closed now. Can open later tonight if people need to sell.
  13. Thanks, very kind! You didn’t have to.
  14. Actually, can open up again now while I’m on a conference call. Will be AFK but people can drop in. Feel free to also take any fossils. Dodo code is B5X8K (lost session so this is new) To recap turnips are 517 bells.
  15. Back to work now but I can open later and provide a Dodo code.
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