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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Dark Souls has been delayed until “summer”. Guess it’s better that they delay it to get it right rather than rush it out in a mess.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    But the Dark Side version of this levels robs you of Cappy...
  3. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Yeah, the time of year is the only thing making me either given the £30 price point. Had it been £20 or less I’d have already downloaded it. I’m home alone this weekend however, so no doubt by the morning I’ll have caved.
  4. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Edit - beaten to it! Football Manager Touch out today. Knew it had been announced but wasn’t expecting it to be released so soon. Tempted by this as I’ve just finished the Zelda DLC and don’t have much to play right now. Next thing I’m interested in is probably Dark Souls.
  5. PUBG Mobile

    Had a great win on Duo earlier. My teammate managed to kill himself driving off a cliff (after leaving me behind way outside the circle, I might add) and so I had to fend for myself from the last 20. Got into a small circle at the end and was dismayed to see what was clearly two teammates as the final 3 along with me. I think one of them picked me out prone in the grass but just managed to headshot them first. Fortunately their partner didn’t see what went down so I had time to heal and then easily picked off the final guy as he took up a sniping position in a window. Had gone ages without a win prior to that!
  6. PUBG Mobile

    I’m “onedavebamber” on this if anyone wants to get a rllmuk crew going.
  7. PUBG Mobile

    About 10-15 games in now and got 2 x chicken dins on squads this evening. One where the rest of my squad got killed off early and another where 3 of us survived to the end.
  8. Hitman - Sapienza currently free to download!

    I really wish this was on Switch, but it’s probably never going to happen, is it?
  9. PUBG Mobile

    Absolutely loving this on my iPad. Plays so much better than it has any right to.
  10. Splatoon 2

    I’m still fairly new to Splatoon, but the Aerospray is my favourite weapon I think. What makes it ineffective? Bearing in mind I mainly play Turf War.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Working my way through the DLC. Done two champions and the first two master sword trials, the last floor of the middle trials being particularly tense as I nearly died with the guardian on minimal health. Just about saw it off and escaped! Think I’ll go and finish the champions’ ballad before I attempt the final trials.
  12. Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    These both have new albums out last week.
  13. Splatoon 2

    I play a lot of this handheld while I’ve got the TV on in the background. Seems to run pretty well in my opinion. I’ve only had this since Xmas and love Turf War and Splat Zones, but haven’t really got into the other modes. Also haven’t touched the single player despite racking up 25-30 hours.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Yeah, Mushroom Kingdom in particular is bad for glitched balloons. Enjoying getting all of @elmo‘s balloons.
  15. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I got knocked into the water on that one too and couldn’t figure out how to get back on the bridge. Nearly tossed the controller across the room when that happened.

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