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  1. I think this is largely true. And to an extent they are a supermarket beer as you regularly see them in all the major shops (at least in and around Sheffield). They’re definitely not on the cutting edge with the most exciting beers. However, I know that if I get a mixed case from them every beer is solid at worst and their pricing for their online shop is very attractive value. I wouldn’t want to drink Thornbridge all the time but I enjoy all of their staples. Jaipur remains a very good IPA even if times have moved on since it launched. Green Mountain is a decent session NEI
  2. Agreed, don’t think there is a bad beer in the Thornbridge core range. Been to a new beer shop near me today and got a nice little haul which should see me through for a little bit.
  3. Got to get my hands on this stuff...
  4. Weird that they call it a Madagascar special because that first bit of the clip is on Reunion island, as I vividly remember that road from a trip there last year.
  5. I was never excited about seeing This Country based on the adverts either, but my other half wanted to watch it and I’m glad we did. A surprisingly charming and warm hearted programme. Hopefully DMC’s appearance on Taskmaster will give it more exposure.
  6. Lucy Mangan has some really questionable views on TV. I always liked her as a feature writer in the past but not sure the move to TV is right, she gave Chernobyl 3/5 for crying out loud!
  7. Placeholder for now but looking something like... 01 - Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud 02 - Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 03 - Katie Malco - Failures 04 - AJJ - Good Luck Everybody 05 - Soccer Mommy - color theory 06 - Ratboys - Printer’s Devil 07 - Jeff Rosenstock - NO DREAM 08 - Nat Vazer - Is This Offensive And Loud? 09 - Lomelda - Hannah 10 - Fenne Lily - BREACH Might be some in my top 20 that break into the top 10 so will come back to it.
  8. Didn’t we do the decade list last year? Looking forward to putting my 2020 list together, feel like I’ve listened to a lot more music this year due to working at home.
  9. Can only echo what’s been said. Absolutely loved this as someone who played a lot of chess when I was younger. And the actor playing Harmon was truly captivating.
  10. I’m currently working my way through a mixed case from my favourite Sheffield brewery - Neepsend Brewery. They’re a bit unknown outside of Sheffield as traditionally they were cask-led and they run 3 pubs as their tap houses. Pre-lockdown I used to do the pub quiz at one of their venues every week. They mainly specialise in hazy pales which is my kind of thing and with a relocation and COVID they’ve started canning beers. Their online shop is here: https://neepsendbrewco.com/shop/ I’m loving the ones I’ve had so far from this batch. Bought a t-shirt from them as well beca
  11. Got to the end of the demo (end of day 3 for anyone wondering) and then also had a couple of goes at the treasure high score game. As has been said, a really generous demo and I’m definitely going to get the full game, although hoping it’s available for less than £50 at some point (I’m digital only).
  12. Played a bit of the demo today and really enjoyed it. Didn’t own a Wii U so not played this since Pikmin 2 on the GameCube. Quick question, is there a way to split up my characters? So one goes to one part of the map with a group of Pikmin and another goes somewhere different?
  13. OneDvBmbr

    Among Us

    Is anyone else playing this? Seems to have exploded on Twitch lately despite being launched a couple of years ago and is a really fun take on “Wink Murder” almost. I’ve been playing it free on iOS and even with randoms it’s been good fun, but it seems like playing with friends (and adding in voice comms over something like Discord) is where it really comes into its own. I am absolutely the worst at being imposter and end up killing someone just as someone else comes round the corner.
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