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  1. I’m talking about That’s final for the main story, right?
  2. Been absolutely all over this the last month or so. Finally decided to take on the final boss with 70% completion and 45 hours on the clock. Felt a bit anti climactic as I beat it first time without ever being in much danger. Considering that some bosses took me over 10 attempts, it was a bit of a surprise because I’m hardly skilled in the combat sections. Guess I was just quite powerful by the end. Will slowly mop up some of the optional bosses and other stuff over time, but good to have the main story off my plate and can move on to something else. From really struggling with it in the first 10-15 hours, it really got its teeth into me from there on in. Cracking little game and after Zelda and Odyssey probably my 3rd favourite game for the Switch.
  3. Receivers called in at Blackpool. Looks like we might finally be free of the Oystons. Could be a 12 point deduction heading our way, but it would be a small price to pay.
  4. Tried that but he seemed to hint I should go down from Greenpath, but I did that and couldn’t reach the map guy as I was blocked off by some black smoke. Then died after getting electrocuted by jelly fish. I am am enjoying the game at times, but at least a little more guidance on where I could go next would be handy.
  5. Not that far into this but a bit frustrated. Defeated Hornet, but now I’m not sure where to go. Found one or two new areas, but they seem to be blocked off by skills I haven’t picked up yet. Keep wandering around dying losing my geo in search of something to progress. Any ideas?
  6. Fortnite had it and removed it for the same reason I think.
  7. They really need some other big games late 2019 / early 2020. Personally I still have a lot of the indie stuff to catch up on, but I am also itching for a top 1st party game considering I have no interest in Smash Bros or Pokemon.
  8. This has to be up there, surely.
  9. Got my third Victory Royale last night in Solo, which for a terrible player like me was a nice surprise. Only killed the last player by popping his balloons, but they all count right?
  10. Completed the main story on this today having clocked 69% (wahey!). Really enjoyed it but there were definitely moments where I felt I needed a little more guidance or fortunately stumbled across things. The beeline fast travel isn’t always the most useful either and can lead to a bit of tiresome backtracking. Well worth the £8 or whatever it was I paid for it in the sale though.
  11. I was also born in 1986 and my recollection of them prior to this doc was vague at best. I knew the name Bros and that the band had brothers in it (wasn’t sure how many). I’d heard the surname Goss before. I also knew the When Will I Be Famous song but wouldn’t necessarily have known it was by Bros.
  12. From memory Craig is not really mentioned at all. It’s purely about the brothers. As as someone has mentioned, in amongst all the unintentional (?) comedy, there are some moving moments. They won’t be the bits everyone remembers however.
  13. Watched this the other night and nearly started a topic for it. Spent the first half an hour wondering if it actually might be a spoof. The bit about the conkers petition is pure Partridge.
  14. Watched this on a big screen in a warehouse in Sheffield’s industrial area last night. Great surprise early Xmas present from my other half!
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