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  1. put 40 hours into it and finally unlocked hardcore difficulty (over 3 different characters) Edit: Dragons crown that is, folks said at launch might be light on content but no where near finished
  2. all added but no clue to to meet up in MHU, if you see me on invite me to a game, im on now btw
  3. ok so finally got a wii U (kids wii was crashing loads and they have a lot of time invested in their wii games so bit the bullet and replaced it). Got the premium MHU bundle and have tried moving my HR6 3ds hunter over and it worked grand. How do I add you lot to play online? IS there a RLLMUK regular room? I am free all day Saturday to play, who is up for some G rank play?
  4. 1st Simonav Lovely, abstract and visually appealing 2nd Rumblecat nice theme, both stretching to the sky 3rd suffocate Peon lovely contrasts between umbrella, outfit, bag and dark background, if it was a little more in focus it would be 1st
  5. Dont worry about losing elbows (the first head on shot), the viewers mind automatically matches the top and bottom of the arm up, even if the whole elbow is out of shot. In the last one the Grandma's elbow is fine, same as before there is enough of both top and bottom arm for your brain to do the rest. Bits that are seemingly unattached, like his fingers in the last shot are distracting but you can get away with things that are implied. If you have anyway at all a half decent camera you will have megapixels to spare, try taking a step back, then you have space to crop back in later. The top shot is lovely, candid I am guessing. The other two are nice too but both have a confusion because some are looking into the camera and some are not. Try taking these types of shots by asking everyone to say sausages then do the shot, then keep shooting after, or before you say tell them to get ready. you can get a good candid before and after most formal posed shots. Its hard though, the more folks in the picture the harder it is oh and that blown out thing on their heads, that is a "rim light", you got lucky with that if it was an accident, it make for lovely subject isolation from the background and adds a lot of life to the shot
  6. I ended up buying a 3ds download for myself and my son and gave my cart to my daughter. They are only little (6 and 8) but I want to give them the proper start in awesome gaming 3 player family hunts are now possible too! If we got a wii U could 4 of us play at once, 3 on 3ds's 1 on wii U?
  7. taken on my new sony A3000, in victoria square mall in Belfast Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. thanks too tip left and green fingers hints too!
  9. any chance of an add dimahoo? 4854 6462 0240
  10. 1st Mind games, love slight abstract macro stuff 2nd SIdeways bob 3rd Sean R
  11. yep, unite is freedom 2 with extras, basically same game but with piles of monsters, refinements to controls etc. And its lovely on the Vita
  12. remember to paint your subject too, either with your light source, or set a flash unit to manual and pop it before your exposure finishes. also get a swedish firesteel from ebay (2-3 quid) you can do stuff like this. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=317049618417468&set=pb.218021644986933.-2207520000.1373901183.&type=3&theater
  13. That is lovely Sean, it almost looks like it could have been that monochrome!, swallow and sidewaysbob yours are lovely too
  14. my entry taken today Uploaded with ImageShack.us should have said, actually sunny today in Northern Ireland, it really was this vibrant!
  15. cheers for the bells, left a tip and a orange cosmos
  16. any chance of an add Syngar? I have perfect peaches ill bring some too my code 4854 6462 0240
  17. peaches and found (and planted) a perfect peach! so far so good, trying to not be an addict though, just played for 30 mins or so, mooched about, picked some fruit, etc. I'm using my 3 game code to get another Animal crossing for my daughter, I think it will be a nice father daughter game to play.
  18. just speak to neko after 4 or 5 quests in then do the "online" quest offline, you can skip the plot and work your way towards the new monsters, then go back and mop up the story later.
  19. It will be a mod you have deleted recently, likely a terrain one. Try to fix game files in steam or reinstall any mods you have recently deleted.
  20. Well thats what I have been doing 200 hours in on £ds only and having a ball, will get a Wii U at some point though, probably around Christmas for a bundle deal.
  21. G rank get! and soloed a pink G rank rathian, with High rank armour and weapons anyone saying theya re impossible ofline aint trying hard enough. (was hard though carted twice and ran out of all healing items had to use the bed twice near the end!
  22. got my duram sacrum, proceeded to make the full durambos set (cool look btw) and then went for a test with Brachy, got the dios gem too! No new armour for what felt like months and then two at once! Dios armour is lovely, but how do I make gems for the rage related skill? going to make the slogg into G rank over the long weekend, tough going on your own.
  23. thanks Curtis, saved me a post. Also those doing powder stone or egg quest look out for the cooking skill "felyne lander" you can then jump down from the place you get the stone/egg and save 2-3 mins from your journey time Still no Brachy Gem for me giving up and going for devil Jho stuff instead.
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