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  1. Just announce DQ8 is a go on PS5 and I'm in.
  2. I think Valve actually stepped in and got it running at a locked 30fps by tweaking a few things.
  3. Thanks, dude - hadn't written in the cards (totally forgot) All is now well.
  4. It happens in a few places - you will hear it eventually. The first instance for me was on the WP on some cliffs.
  5. Just finished Season 3 - leave it there and it's perfect. Best telly since The Wire.
  6. I'd have to take it to PM as they're not Elden Ring related.
  7. I'm on 63 hrs as of close last night and not even entered the Academy - was given a quest last night, sending me back to Limgrave. I'm just soaking it all in and enjoying the hell out of it.
  8. I think if you're coming in to this after Dread, you'll be pretty bummed out at what you get. It's alright - but that's it.
  9. Can't you just cancel/pause the update when you switch on? I think I'll be doing that later on.
  10. Yeah, my last session felt like that in the lakes - spent a lot of time just riding around getting distracted and riding in another direction and getting distracted. The last thing I killed managed to score me the missing link to upgrade the Moonveil from plus 2 to plus 6, so that rounded it off well.
  11. That reminds me - I need to get the cat imp helmet at some point.
  12. Right, had a couple of hours today to set myself up for the lake region tonight. I think I've rinsed a good deal of Limgrave for now and it's time for a change of scenery.
  13. I worked for an organisation there in which the foreign staff were given a very generous deal, regarding salary and holiday but the Japanese staff were not really expected to take holidays outside of national holidays and alloted vacation time (about a week or so). They were paid more and their prospects for promotion were infinitely better but , yes, I think the next few generations in Japan will slowly start to move towards a saner balance between work and play. The wife and I moved for a few reasons, one of them being we didn't want our kids going through the school system there, which puts ridiculous pressure on them.
  14. Just hit 40hr mark with The first Rune Tower thing done. Thought the castle would take longer but Godrick went down first go. Think there may be more to uncover so might have another mooch around later tonight to clear up.
  15. I enjoyed BOTW for a while but It isn't anywhere in my top few Zeldas, like ALTTP, OOT or MM.
  16. Headed to Stormveil last night after cleaning up at the well. Margit got very distracted by my Demi-human mob, so much in fact that he only took two goes. I had way more trouble down the well beforehand.
  17. I picked up so much stuff last night, fending off one-shot death as I was doing it and hitting the accept button to get it off the screen. Got to start tonight with a rummage round the inventory to see if there's anything decent in there. I think I'll be able to get Moonveil to plus three as there were a few good stones in there.
  18. Went down the well last night after finding it a while ago (didn't read the name and click it was the well - doh) Thought I'd reached the exit after a brief item run. I was quite wrong. I need to go back to find one more thing which I suspect will activate something I looked at last night. The scope of this game is amazing and must be quite a downer for any devs who are developing anything open world/RPG at the moment. The game has changed.
  19. Did that last night as well, along with Tree Sentinel, Tree Avatar and a familiar face from the past. That well has me intrigued - is it just a regular-sized well or is it something I may have already discovered in a bigger structure?
  20. Technically speaking, it's a dog's dinner but the imagination and design is peerless in my opinion. It's incredibly pretty a great deal of the time as well.
  21. Four pairs of socks and shoes don't buy themselves.
  22. Yeah - pretty much this. I managed to press the left stick in towards the end of the fight so had to deliver the killing blow on foot.
  23. Like performance mode locked at 60fps...
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