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  1. Got to the blizzardy region in ER and had to put it down three weeks back. Have to get back and finish the damn thing (got to a little past the final VM quest) No way I won't finish it but I'm finding a lot of other things to do in the nicer weather now.
  2. Yeah, Fallout 4 was a big let down for me and watching that hasn't got me convinced I need to lay out for Series X to play it. They really should be moving on to a new engine as well.
  3. Aren't the remains of Starbreeze owned by Bethesda now? Those are the folk you'd have leading an Indiana Jones game if you had any sense.
  4. Agree with all of that - the more I watch of it ( the latest being probably the best so far), the more I think this is the one that should have remained as a film project with a film-sized budget, with Vader hunting down Kenobi over a couple of hours or so and them having a showdown. Ewan McGregor has been really good in this and there were some decent scenes in the latest episode. I think if they needed to go back though, a movie's time restraints may have resulted in a tighter, more focused story.
  5. And saying seconds before that "bring him to me" to his troops.
  6. It's baffling - the resources and talent they have access to and this is the best they can do. I really thought Chow's stuff on Mandalorian was some of the strongest of the different directors, so I'm surprised at how generally weak and uneven this has been. Feels like a show in search of a reason to exist.
  7. Cool - glad you like it.
  8. It would have been better if he couldn't follow Obi Wan into the quarry and he ended up stamping his feet as Ben flipped him off.
  9. Haven't played this yet, so the VR announcement is very welcome. Now they just need to make and release the headsets.
  10. Just what I was thinking last night. It's one of those rare cases where the balance is struck perfectly, by design or chance. That said, let's see what they do as the other stuff they've done has been pretty decent.
  11. All probably forgot the stun setting on their blasters.
  12. Pretty much echoes why I have the sub now but I might cancel after this for a while as Mr Inbetween is done. Of all the stories in the universe they could have gone with in this time period, all the possibilities -recue ten year old Leia is the most back-of-a fag-packet-in-ten-minutes shit they could have come up with.
  13. The Bobo VR 2 is a halo design and the battery pack at the back balances it quite comfortably I've found.
  14. Yeah, I woke up thinking Muppet Baby Leia being kidnapped by Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers was a good way to start explaining what happened between episode 3 and 4. The dialogue was making my ears melt when the A level drama student playing the baddie taunted him about Vader - simply fucking dreadful stuff all round. The prop thing Bag mentions had me groaning as well - once again it makes the galaxy see like Ramsay Street.
  15. Never cared that much for McGregor in the prequels but he's the only thing that stands out in this. Only made it through the first episode but the writing is contrived and weak, the acting( especially the inquisitors) is weak and it looks and feels cheap and wooden. It seems like Star Wars is three really good films that haven't been allowed to just be that.
  16. Not worth it at all. I got a brand new 128g last December for £250.
  17. I thought it was a Mr Benn game with that YT play icon overlay.
  18. 108 hours on the clock and the game just kept expanding and getting better/more interesting as I played last night. Astonishing depth and breadth - how the hell do they follow this up?
  19. I went in at 90 and it felt ok. Those knights are annoying but just don't aggro more than one and they're fine.
  20. Loved the Capital so far - downed a couple of bosses without much hassle but I think I've got a fair bit to push through still. Just hit the 100 hr mark and I've still got so many places I've discovered to return to, let alone what else is out there. At my current pace, I think the credits will be a couple more months at least.
  21. Resi VII is waiting,,, best not dawdle.
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