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  1. Played the PS2 version of the sequel about a year ago (Crimson Butterfly 2). I found it to be a creepy story that had been hobbled by constipated SH controls. And the totally inappropriate J- pop at the end also killed it a bit. Entertaining enough, I suppose. (Would like to have a go with the XB version's FP mode)
  2. Steven

    Resident Evil 4

    Went off this series a while ago, but the new approach to the camera has transformed the way the controls feel and the atmosphere is just bloody fantastic. One of my most wanted games at the moment -roll on January.
  3. Depends how quickly you get through San Fierro. The Flight School happens between that and Venturas.
  4. Yep, there are some metroids. Alpha Blog - let it shoot its bubbles at you, then, as it opens its gob, give it a super missile. Rinse, repeat. It's a beautiful game - but still finding it a wee bit of a chore for some reason.
  5. Gave into temptation the other evening and bought one. They were selling them at the corner shop, but didn't have any games. Playing Minish Cap at the moment. Does anyone have Feel the Magic? Is it any cop? Ta.
  6. If you can wait a while, you'll most likely be able to pick them both up on one cartridge, as Nintendo have started sticking things such as this, and Goemon 1&2, on single carts (Japan only so far - but I'd see no reason why AW 1&2 won't make it overseas)
  7. Steven

    Pop: Ww

    Trouble is that I'm trying to get through everything at the moment. Finished GTA, Halo and halfway through MP - MGS waiting in the wings, with KOTOR to pick up around Thursday. Not to mention Minish Cap which I'm playing on my DS (no willpower-crumbled and bought one when I saw the local convenience store had them) which I've still to buy any games for. Suddenly, Warrior Within didn't have a place in the queue.
  8. Steven

    Pop: Ww

    Yep, phoned the importer last night to cancel my reservation. Played the demo - that was enough. Charmless, ham-fisted bollocks. You can use that quote on any advertisement you care to, Mr Ubisoft.
  9. Popped into the local mall on the way home and they had, predictably, sold out. My wife said she'll get me one for Christmas, but for once- I'm really not at all bothered. Nintendo will carefully trickle them out as usual to create a groundswell and...can't be bothered. I'll get one eventually, when something on it seems more than a five day distraction. I don't think Nintendo really exploited the GBA - too many ports. Hope this is different.
  10. Just been killed for the first time by the three-headed worm boss. I've been playing for about five hours now, and while it's very pretty and polished - I feel bored. Too much "exploring" for my liking. Intelligent Systems had the right idea by giving the player an objective and a focus. I know this is blasphemy to some, but I'd like Retro to put a 'married with full-time job' mode on their next effort.
  11. Got this yesterday and have still to go any further than the opening sequence. Got the last mission of GTA: SA, all of MP2 and MGS3 waiting their turn. Zelda will be my commute game. Looks lovely - hope to see a few new tricks in it.
  12. OOT is still my favourite game ever, but the mechanics of these games are becoming really stale. I hope they are able to inject some fresh ideas into this one. I know that certain staples are required for particular IP's - Metroid, Mario etc - that's what defines them. But perhaps Nintendo should allow certain ones a "lie down" for a while ( a generation, if needs be) and concentrate their undeniable talents on something new, ala Pikmin, AC.
  13. Steven

    Awful Bosses

    Same username I had in the old Edge forum.
  14. Steven

    Awful Bosses

    Played Halo 2 on heroic and found the Prophet more annoying than Tartarus. Just kept my distance and kept shooting him when his shield went down.Now, the Skedar King at the end of Perfect Dark, enraged me like no other. An already shit boss, made even worse by Rare's decision to have pretty graphics over a solid framerate. Just felt like I was battling the N64 as well as a cheap, badly designed alien. OOT had the best ever bosses - then again, it is the best game ever made.
  15. Started playing this last night after a quick go on the POP WW demo (seems ok..ish). Feels and looks just like Prime - can't remember having to scan this much in the original. Seems solid, polished and fun, if nothing earth-shattering. Switched off after second save point. looking forward to getting on with it after SA is finished( really want to go back to Halo again -but that will have to wait in line) Too many games as usual. Almost annoying.
  16. Went to the importers in Akihabara today to pick up MP2 and he reckons they'll probably be scarce for a wee bit. Same thing happened here with the SP. You'd see a bloody six year old with one on the train and want to mug him. Took about six weeks to lay my hands on one. Might just invest in a balaclava in a couple of weeks.
  17. BTW, the latest Famitsu lists MarioKart as being a 'sometime in 2005' release. I suspect people wanting it in a couple of weeks (me included) are going to be rather miffed.
  18. Just about to go and buy this. Anticipation has been tempered slightly by hearing that it's very similar to Prime - but that can't really be too much of a bad thing. Hello, by the way.
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