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  1. It'll be the very first shadow delay. "We'll be announcing it will release in December right after the show."
  2. 20-odd minutes of Mario Movie skins for Smash, some indie tower defence farm simulators and Mafia 1:Ultimate Edition.
  3. I think I'll wait until they say what they're doing on the VR side before going in. Finished on the Quest about ten days ago, so I'm not in any rush to go back in right now.
  4. I just don't have the attention span to finish these things any more. I remember finishing A Link Between Worlds and thinking that I was absolutely satisfied with every aspect of the game and it finished exactly when I was ready for it to. RE4 VR was the same a few days ago - brilliant game and wrapped up in a smidge over 20 hrs.
  5. I want it to take twenty-odd hours to complete properly.
  6. I think I'll be picking this up as a nice counter to Village. It's currently listed as 22/2/23 on the PS store but I think the devs are meant to be releasing more info this week regarding price, etc.
  7. I umm and arred over the bundle but I'm in it for Resi 8 to begin with and if Horizon proves to be the real killer app, I'll bite. I've still not played Saints and Sinners, so that's definitely on the radar and the kayaking thing looks like it might be up my alley as well.
  8. I'm pretty sure if it was just a button press, It would all be there day one and Sony would be crowing their guts out about it. The hardware is different and it requires work to change existing stuff to run on it.
  9. I don't think I said that in my post, did I? The team that made that game have gone in and upgraded the whole thing for PSVR2 and added features - they have also given existing owners a free upgrade path. It shows that games can be upgraded to PSVR 2 hardware if devs want to.
  10. Song in the Smoke will be if you bought it - free day one upgrade. Shows it's certainly doable if devs want to shunt stuff across. I hope Sony are cheap enough to make Skyrim their big winter game by bunging MS a few quid and getting a small team to do all the tweaking.
  11. I think it's a touch early to run to the hills, screaming. Perhaps let them release it and give it a bit before writing any obituaries. It's highly unlikely to go mainstream any time soon as it is a limited audience thing - price and the simple fact that people have to physically try it to see/understand what it is kind of ensure that. It will likely have a few real heavyweights already in development and ,probably, like the first, see a range of smaller devs filling out the catalogue.
  12. I can't see much changing in terms of the audience right now - PSVR2 is great if you are already in that VR audience but £530 on top of a PS5 , which haven't exactly been widely available, won't have the uninitiated falling over themselves to get aboard. I loved the PSVR and its library, so I'm happy to repeat that experience here.
  13. Considering how well VII worked on the original hardware, I'll only be playing it with dark-coloured underpants on.
  14. This is up on Nintendo's store now with a free demo - had a quick go last night and it seems great.
  15. Sounds like a euphemism for porn shopping.
  16. Physical always gives you the resell option, so there's no downside.
  17. That's very nice and all - but who's knocking shit out of the host this year?
  18. That and Tetris Effect. I only bought it three weeks ago on Quest 2.
  19. Just finished this in VR and it really shows how well put together this thing really is that it felt fresh and flab-free after all these years; easily the best version of it as well, the feeling of being surrounded at the end vs the first encounter makes you feel like John Wick. I really hope Capcom had a good look at this or Village VR is going to feel like a step backwards in terms of how you interact with your gear.
  20. The feeling of getting home from school and seeing the latest Zzap 64 on the floor was like Christmas (don't get me started on the Christmas issues) There were other mags, but Crash, Zzap and AA were different. The best, best times. RIP.
  21. Yeah, I think if I had played before I'd have paused on the PSVR 2 pre-order for now.
  22. Has she tried intermittent fasting?
  23. After about a year, I've got past the first villager encounter in RE4 and it really shines when you get used to the positions of your gear on your body. I can't believe how well it stands up and actually works in VR. About three quarters down now and it's making me very excited for Village but I hope Capcom have had a good look at this, given how the controllers are now on par for interactions. If you've got a Quest 2 and haven't tried this, get on it.
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