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  1. I hated that more than the Darth Vader corridor scene - shoe-horned drivel.
  2. So, the animations themselves aren't being sold as extras - it's part of legit story DLC.
  3. So, they're going to add extra death animations next year when most people have presumably played and finished it? And sell them as extras? What?
  4. Yep, that basically makes it a second hand purchase on principle for me (if it turns out to be really good) Deliberately making your game slightly lower quality for people handing over their cash - go fuck yourselves. you greedy, greedy wankers.
  5. In VR along with Koronis Rift and Eidolon
  6. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Riddick: EFBB
  7. I think the character's name is Two Tubes if it's the one from Rogue One.
  8. I have a feeling you'll get one without a huge amount of bother.
  9. Astrobot is incredible and I'd imagine the sequel is a good way through development.
  10. A Fisherman's Tale is simply fantastic - lasts about two hours but it's so brilliantly done. I'd kill for Skyrim with the new controllers.
  11. I just want more stuff that's designed from the ground up for VR like Fisherman's Tale - which, while short, totally understands what's special about VR and the opportunities it offers to do something that makes you grin from ear to ear.
  12. I love how this show has taken a part of the timeline and introduced new, interesting characters and planets as well as fleshing the whole thing out without any nodding, winking or 'sassy' quips. I really like The Mandalorian but I think this is the best Star Wars since the original trilogy.
  13. Done - had to use the wife's card to make it go through which is strange. All of my details were correct - card expires next March, so possibly that? Horizon thingy was £60 on PSN, so thinking whether I should have gone with the bundle. Resi 8 will be first up, mind.
  14. Tried to add a new card so updated everything and it refused to let me purchase - checked everything several times and then it said I'd made too many attempts and to try later - fuck that I'll wait until I can buy one from Amazon or the like.
  15. At the checkout and it keeps returning me to the state box - I can only choose England as I live here.
  16. Yep, just got a gracious invitation to give them five hundred and thirty quid.
  17. This is getting some very positive reviews - looks quite interesting.
  18. Read that a reviewer from IGN Korea who gave this a 6/10 has received a death threat. Are we close to seeing a modern take on Death Wish, where instead of having his family assaulted and left for dead, the protagonist has several games he hasn't played yet rated lower than he would ideally like to see and uses this as fuel to hunt and dispatch his quarry.
  19. Cheers for that - got this and Track and Field for seven quid. Had an awesome session on them last night, great memories and still really good games.
  20. I just bought the Konami arcade collection after missing it a few years ago as I really wanted to play Green Beret. It arrived this morning and all that lovely nostalgia came flooding back. The problem is my eyes aren't enjoying it on the DS screen and I'd love to play it on a telly. Is it possible to still play this on an XB360 over live arcade or has that gone the way of the dodo now? Thanks for any replies.
  21. Watched Escape From New York a few years back when they did a few one-nighters, Fantastic evening.
  22. Still haven't got back to this since getting past the final Manor hunt target. I'm assuming it will take me the rest of this year to finish when I get round to it.
  23. Buy the PS4 version and play it on PS5 - plays incredibly smoothly at 60fps. You can upgrade to the PS5 version for free from it, but after trying it, I went straight back to PS4 version.
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