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  1. I'd imagine they might find themselves back at square one if they start messing about and Reeves bails.
  2. John Boyega's manager has said it's now the 14th (this Monday) although you'd have thought something official would have dropped to that effect by now.
  3. I'm going to start RE 2 remake. Bought it a month ago but haven't got past installing it yet.
  4. This made Commando look like a documentary.
  5. He meant the game. It's actually on mobile and episodic.
  6. WKD W Warrick Jim tractor Beam Dry Blackthrawn - dark cider the force, etc
  7. Never really understood the frothing over his performance. Always seemed to be focused on trying (and failing) to sound like Alec Guiness. If everything else wasn't so weak in the prequels, I don't think it would get half the praise heaped upon it as it does. I suppose it's the least wooden performance of the lot, bar Sidious and Dooku. Sequels have the opposite problem of everyone around Daisy Ridley being on form and her coming off like an extra from an episode of The Bill.
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