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  1. Really try to get those Moves working as it adds so much to the VR experience, especially with a bow.
  2. Should've been a slight pause at the end and then have him say "...for a bit."
  3. Escape from Butcher Bay and Manhunt are usually calling me a few years after playing.
  4. That would only compound the animation problem by making me run around like Link in Twilight Princess.
  5. Yeah, birds on skateboards don't move like that.
  6. They won't be pleased to see somebody robin their ideas.
  7. That interview made it sound like my most wanted video game of the next whenever. So in.
  8. I just want Sony to announce The PlayStation Charlotte in their next update.
  9. Thanks to RDR2, I haven't had time to play anything since the beginning of the year. RE 2 and Astrobot are on the list as I do a BKH run of Dark Souls Remastered (I think Sekiro might just wind me up, based on feedback here).
  10. It's amazing. Put hard monsters on from the outset, mind.
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