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  1. I thought they were doing a remake with Trump as Twiki for a minute there.
  2. I can't wait to see Rose Tico tell Holdo " There's something out there, Admiral...and it ain't no man."
  3. It's an amazing experience in VR, keep going.
  4. I think he was having Padme over and Palpatine's gone and jizzed all over his bedroom again. He looks quite chuffed with the reaction he's got. If you look closely, there seems to be some sort of cybernetic wanking device over Palp's right shoulder.
  5. Not a big fan of these latest films, but for all those people banging on about bringing Lucas back, see above and remember.
  6. Then they remembered it needed a U rating and it had to go.
  7. Depends where the unmissable exclusive games are - if on all of them, all of them. If not, some of them. This is the first generation where I thought I wasn't going to own all of them until RDR2's performance forced me to buy an X.
  8. To be honest, I'd be angry if I'd had Link tattooed on my calf.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a weak game, dressed in the prettiest clothes money can buy.
  10. According to our local council, about a week.
  11. Was going to play RE 2 remake a month ago but got sidetracked. I'm also currently downloading Astrobot which cost a princely 12.99 on the PS Black Friday thing. I'd say that's a decent few nights over Christmas when Death Stranding's out the way.
  12. Amazing what a few weeks and a billion dollars can do.
  13. I think it's just a brilliantly absorbing game. I'm genuinely looking forward to my time with it in the evenings.
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