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  1. After REVII in VR, anything less is a step back, I'm afraid.
  2. Not sure how it would work with new pad as you need the old PS4 one for VR pad-based games.
  3. Wasn't there a leaked document saying it was coming to Oculus? Some sort of PSVR announcement would be nice but not sure where all that lies going forward.
  4. Yep, up there with Pong, Ridge Racer (PSX) and Mario 64.
  5. They said they'd be looking into last gen versions.
  6. With that in mind, Returnal is being built to constantly surprise. While Krueger isn't certain of how many people will take a punt on this at seventy notes, he believes it could well be in the thousands.
  7. I think it's the best Mario game since the SNES days. I really loved the open games but this feels like the more natural evolution of those 16 bit games. Pretty good, then.
  8. Yeah, Demon's Souls was an exception as I knew what I was getting for my money going into it. Any game at less than essential status at 70 quid is dead in the water for me. No more games pre-ordered - reviews come first now.
  9. Final stage of world 4 - crystal lizards drop them.
  10. I'm doing a Magic/dex build and it's pretty cool. I have a sticky bow +5 and crescent falchion +5 and they scale highly with dex/magic respectively.
  11. Never reaching the end.
  12. I'd love it to be said like that in the trailer.
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