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  1. It's more complicated than that. The bloke at the PlayStation store is working from home and can't get in to press the button until at least August.
  2. I don't see how we get new hardware this year with the people presumably needed to make enough of the things.
  3. Same here, I still have AB and RE 2 remake to start. Every time I get an opportunity these days, I'm too tired.
  4. Yeah, that 10/10 for Read Dead, what was that all about?
  5. "And quit stockpiling bog roll and flour, you fucking cretins!"
  6. Can people stop quoting the review? Haven't had my copy through yet.
  7. Honestly, just buy it and get stuck in. The first one you play is full of great memories.
  8. Those words should have been the first in the crawl instead of 'The dead speak'.
  9. It had better pacing than Rise of Skywalker and made more sense.
  10. Drunk mate phoning me late on Christmas Day a year ago when trying to install RDR2 on PS4. Tired as fuck and distracted by trying to keep the conversation going, I deleted P.T demo. Slightly miffed.
  11. Fucking hell, can Lucasfilm just announce a project and make it? Didn't like KOTCS but Spielberg not directing just doesn't feel right,
  12. It's actually Ken Loach directing, they just said Reeves to keep the peace for a while.
  13. RDR2 was their best looking and worst playing game. Dreary, repetitive, gorgeous slog.
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