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  1. and second from the right looks like he's been caught crappin'
  2. I didn't know CBeebies had a Boba Fett series as well. Does that look as bad in the actual show as it does there?
  3. I seem to remember getting quite far into it and hitting a game breaking section where my character was trapped and upon restarting I ended back up there every time. Such joy.
  4. Really? I think I've overlooked a rather major detail here.
  5. XI has some good QOL stuff but eight is still a better game, I think. Five is brilliant as well. The localisations are simply the best in the business.
  6. This has got way better since my last session - I've actually been able to explore and use my new abilities to gain new items and open new parts of the map.
  7. They're getting the attention because they just feel like a pointless and irritating distraction from exploring and getting to the great bosses. People saying you just need to X,Y or Z - then what's the fucking point? It's just not fun to do.
  8. So I went on this for a bit last night and took down the first EMMI and I feel I have now been funnelled towards the first boss without anything of worth being available to explore for. I was looking forward to using the first upgrades to go chip away at the map and find some goodies without being hassled, but no - go straight to the boss now. Feels a bit shit. Free aim with the joycons is squirrely and sucks balls, too.
  9. I never checked - didn't need any as nothing was too obtuse. Never really played any puzzlers before this Christmas and Fisherman's Tale and this really are a perfect size for an evening or two's entertainment without getting stressed. If you haven't played Fisherman's Tale, buy that as well - it's brilliant. I'll grab me slippers, eh?
  10. I've just finished that and bought The Room. Cracking little game with some pretty impressive visuals running natively on the headset.
  11. It's brilliant. It would be even better with the new controllers implemented but can't see Capcom bothering with that.
  12. with a single cable connected directly to PS5, you can immediately jump into the VR experience.
  13. Day 1 - the PSVR library is fantastic and while I love my Oculus, I'm excited to see what Sony's studios will do with this. Also hoping for backwards compatibility with PSVR 1 titles as I'd love Skyrim with the new controllers.
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