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  1. Dragon Quest XI and before that Mario Odyssey. Really haven't been playing a lot of games recently.
  2. Spiderman hitting people for twelve minutes.
  3. Why don't they take pre-orders after getting an allocation? Not like they wouldn't shift all of them.
  4. I think that's it regarding pre-orders. I suppose they'll want some in shops (if open) for launch day so they can promote it that way.
  5. I don't see how you have time for double posts, Multi. Something/one could be laying a curler on your lawn as you type.
  6. They still can't just say that the films were shit, can they?
  7. I actually appreciate the lack of clutter there - it's everything you need for games. I don't want a million icons in there for things I won't ever use.
  8. Yeah, it just looks like a load of noise that doesn't interest me in the slightest. It will be used for switching on and booting games - the rest is annoying fluff that probably requires constant updates.
  9. Thought that pesto tasted a bit odd last night.
  10. They've emailed me saying that accessories will be shipped separately. Then tell me they're sending mine with the console for the 19th anyway. Guess I know my order is secure, I suppose.
  11. Yeah - they're obviously quite tech-savvy, so I'd imagine they'd just do bank transfer or PP.
  12. We may have to get a concern tracing scheme going in case it spreads to other threads. Perhaps a three-tiered thread lockdown protocol as well to be safe.
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