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  1. Towards the end of this month, supposedly. Just hope they have a real humdinger saved for that.
  2. Don't know but I'd like to be able to see the whole process, including it dawning on the person and the 'discussions' afterwards.
  3. Just heard you can't use your DS4 with the new console -WTF?
  4. I really need to see the launch lineup for PS5. Bugsnax, Spiderman and that shitty-looking Gearbox thing aren't opening my wallet this year, although I suspect Sony are confident they have something with Bugsnax (It can still wait, mind). As for MS, it would seem I can play their biggest title on my One X using Gamepass. Like you say, they've done very little to convince me to buy either in the immediate future. Really hoping they've held some surprises back.
  5. Is Aeon still a supermarket chain in Japan? Might have to rename it Tesco must Suffer or something over there.
  6. Just read that there will be updates on third party and indie PS5 games shown on Jun 11th tonight. Hope the VR portion includes a nod for RE VIII.
  7. I'm intrigued as to how Ben Solo fits into the story.
  8. Fired this up last night for a few quick rounds of TDM and faced with another 48gb update. After a while away, I'd downloaded over 100gb last week. Uninstalled. Is Modern Warfare remastered this much of a ballache? All I want is a quick TDM session for a few rounds every now and then without being awarded 100 items after every round.
  9. Kojima's next is supposedly a horror title. When his Silent Hill game was announced, people were really buzzing about the demo and how scary and special it felt. Why not just carry on with that? Konami get paid, Sony have the task of keeping things on track, Kojima makes another game with Norman Reedus, the game is likely very good and the franchise gets a shot in the arm. I just feel if they are doing Silent Hill, after P.T, anything less will just seem a missed opportunity.
  10. Steven

    The Touryst

    I've been playing it for the last few nights on Gamepass - neat little game to play in chunks every night.
  11. I'm thinking Sony might be putting up the funds for Silent Hills to happen with Kojima Productions. I'd imagine if the cash is there, Konami will be happy to let someone else keep him on track if needed.
  12. Looks more like Travolta.
  13. Thanks - noticed a bit of pop-in last night but nothing else.
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