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  1. Once or twice, usually with all fake shit. Or that seems to be most people's experience
  2. I keep getting a three note chirp interacting with some villagers, is this when you've maxed out their friendship stat?
  3. Open to friends, Hippeaux is crafting Golden Casket. Please water flowers outside airport
  4. I have Celeste if anyone still needs a recipie today, she's trapped on the SW beach. Please water outside the airport if you visit
  5. Oh yes, a visit from the AntiRedd would be marvellous. My last visit from the real one was four fakes again.
  6. Oh shit ... I've been screwing Gulliver for rusty parts so no wonder I've not come across waving kitty. Damn. I guess I'd better start giving him his communicator parts then
  7. Watered for you. I got VERY excited as you had a spare Golden Lucky Cat recipie... been after waving kitty for ages. Then I realised I needed a Lucky Cat recipie as a prerequisite for it
  8. I can make you a moon if you want one? In fact I think I already have two in storage at the moment.
  9. To be fair, he was half dead already. You probably put him out of his misery.
  10. No worries I'll sort some star bits for you. Much obliged I'm out all day but Bellville is open to visitors ... assuming the connection hasn't crapped out.
  11. Awesome, thanks. Let me know the damage in terms of mats and I'll post them to you
  12. If it's not against Pazuzu's rules, can you make me a sci fi floor please? Happy to supply mats (unless it needs gold nuggets as I'm fresh out ) And if anyone has sci fi wall, can I get one of those too please? Pretty please?
  13. No worries, Nintendo online infrastructure is hardly robust, probably nothing to do with you. I think anyone who wanted to visit probably has done by now. Thankfully the 5 rusted parts Broker left were still there though so all is well
  14. Top man, thank you. I'd best start a slow grind of NMT islands to get my gold reserves back up to speed.
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