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  1. If my terrible memory serves, they were sent some and drank it on a live show or UPF.
  2. It might be different on the PS4, but on the PC version it's hold left trigger to go in to scanner mode, then hold right trigger to actually scan what's highlighted.
  3. I'd like Life Is Strange if it's still available?
  4. All of the Margaret and Jeremiah bits were amazing.
  5. Can you confirm that you will be throwing a taped up mic at each other?
  6. Sorry, that's a figure I was using to make sure the sizes were correct. Should have taken it out before taking the photos.
  7. First go at any MOC stuff, so go easy! EDIT: Fixed the pictures so they're the right way up!
  8. bolak

    Far Cry 3.

    I completed it tonight, and while I thoroughly enjoyed sniping everyone to do all the outposts, the game drags on far, far too long. Some great little moments, though.
  9. Might be a bit late if you've started a new game, but following the 'airplane mode on & off' method from here worked for me: http://www.carmageddon.com/forum/topic/21558
  10. bolak - A600 BMW E30 M3 - 01:37.232 The car is the Irn Bru one from RichXM655 from the club garage.
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