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  1. PC gaming feels a bit like cheating the console generation cycles and cross platform rules. Playing Persona 4 then Sunset Overdrive and then X4:Foundations is crazy. Also the recent AMD cards do an excellent job upscaling from 1080p to 4k using the integer scaling option . By accident I left sunset overdrive at 1080p and only after a while i noticed something not quite perfect then I realized that the card was just upscaling from 1080p to 4k. That means my 5700xt can probably survive next gen at 1080p
  2. I forgot how much I loved Hill Side Plaza stage and music. SFV might have its flaws but reinstalling it feels like coming back home even though I have never played it seriously (forever bronze ). The game at 4k and with max antialiasing looks so good.
  3. I have not played SFV in ages. Downloading at the moment at my crazy slow internet. But my main problem with the game... The roster is just too large. It must be over forty already! Do a game need so many characters? It is only good if thats the only thing you play.
  4. Looking forward going back to TFH. I'm still lerning KI. Fantasy Strike lacks basic stuff you may take for granted like dashes or crouching!. I want to like it but... Seriously... No crouch. The crouch/overhead mixup is the very basic element of fighting games. Isn't it? It's like making a Mario game with no jump to make it simpler.
  5. I got KI during last Steam sale because its a friends favorite game, and because it was an Evo online... before it all... Whats your opinion of the game? I find it a bit over-engineered the combo system is a bit too strict isnt it? But the game feels tight and it feels like well done. It looks amazing on 4k on my new PC. Whats a good beginner character? I dont want Jago!!!! Ryu is my main in most SF games xD. (and his standard auto double (MP) kinda similar looking to his basic link (214MP) so I find it a bit confusing. I think the game
  6. I would love to play some Eve Online, but a way for me to ease into the game is start doing AFK activities. I enjoyed some AFK orca mining, but now the NPCs are too hard for that. Is is possible any safe afk mining at the moment? Even if it is not as lucrative. some notes: Yes, I know that is not 'proper' EVE. I know. I really like to have a link to the game, then develop into proper active gameplay. I see myself doing some solo low sec activities. I have already setting a base next to low sec, and hopefully eventually I will run combat
  7. Game runs fantastic on Linux with proton, but I had to uninstall it because I could not get any work done with the game sitting on my linux partition!
  8. EVE is quite flexible, you can solo it or join casual gangs. It does not have to be either having corp mates sending your messages on whatsapp or high sec mining. Last time I decided to move most of my stuff to a quiet low sec system near CVA area, Im planing to know locals, run exploration sites and anomalies. Farming planets, maybe low sec mining for the lols
  9. I have my account active, looking forward to integrate some casual EVE in my life. Is there any good active podcast about Eve at the moment?
  10. I feel bad that because of that idiot all has to collapse now. Shame because TFH was going to get a lot of public exposure, until launch I had no idea the game existed, and I couldnt not believe it is so good! My problem with TFH is that it is so much fun to just play that I cant be bothered going to training mode, I just keep mashing buttons and loving it lol.
  11. I just wanted to say that if you are going to use the computer for work/reading/browsing it might worth to get a future proof 4k monitor even on a mid class graphic card. Most modern games have rendering at variable resolution that makes nice scaling when necessary. Olde ganes run fine ar 4k. Theres a group of games without private scaling and too new to run well on native 4k I'm thinking of Dirt 4 in my personal case. . That's a bit annoying but Im OK with that. 1440p on a 4k doesn't look that bad if that's the case.
  12. I think the last thing i am yet to see is a Nintendo game on PC
  13. I have my pc setup as a fake console at the moment, with no sign in and booting straight into Steam Big Picture. I have 2 questions. Can the game be played just with a gamepad? Menus and all that. (I dont care of the creative stuff) Is it lauchable from steam with the classic "Add a non-steam game" option?
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