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  1. Yes it's crazy how similar xx and xrd feel!. I hope I can get good enough fast enough so when the user base drops to 3 players (of ludicrous high level) I can at least enjoy losing against them
  2. Playing this on the Switch as it was cheap and I was curious to see how bad it is on the switch. I love it!. This is my first Mortal Kombat since... the first one It takes a while to get used to the cheesiness , the haircuts, and the "mature" content. But it doesn't take much digging to see that the gameplay is solid.
  3. daifuco

    Tekken 7

    Loving the game, new at tekken. Learning Asuka as main. The hardest thing is to change from crouched guard to a default stand guard!. The move list feel overwhelming, if there is a game that needs some character tutorial this is the one. At least there should be some move explanation and a recommended order to learn the moves to always get a balanced move set. I can totally see why this game is beating street fighter in popularity. The game feels natural. Pushing the buttons feels satisfying, The game is slower and I think that makes more obvious the risk/reward without having to go to framedata sheets. I think most males looks stupid in this game, western ones are bit embarrassing . Paul and Lars haircuts are horrendous.
  4. My 360 TE has rusty bolts and the topplate is a bit wonky but still works fine, no wonder madcatz went under! Yesterday I received MK11 on the switch, first MK since... the first one on SNES. It works great! Super impressed by the tutorial. The game style is so cheesy that I am actually embracing it. It makes me feel like im 11yo again It would be great to have Tekken or SF on the switch, even as a training tool while watching crap tv with the missus.
  5. I am happy to see that the game seems to work on linux (and i guess mac) thanks to the steam compatibility tool, but it is a shame there is no Linux native version.
  6. I only have one friend who plays Guilty Gear, it was one of the random people on my steam "friend" list . thanks to this game we are becoming good friends. If you are happy sticking with online gameplay you dont need a lot of people to play the game. Just a game with good netcode and a good internet connection. I am still bad at the game. I mess up almost every roman cancel I try . If someone here wants to try the game contact me on Steam
  7. I fell back in love with Guilty Gear after watching this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl2PqSH4HKg The game feels more organic than any other fighting game. Once you realize that you dont have to fully learn a character to play the game it is a matter of absorving knowledge during combats. Keeping training mostly to muscle memorize combos. I feel Tekken and SF are too big these days. Massive rosters, constant updates and corporative hype to keep the game alive. I kinda preffer to play something smaller, that will still have commited player even in a few years down the line.
  8. Persona 3. There is something about it that makes it really special.
  9. This game is the White Stripes of fighting games. I love it but I am abysmal. Feel free to add me if you want to win a fight online.
  10. Impulse purchase! The game is very satisfying and it feels like a proper game. This days fighting games feel more like lifestyle choices rather than games! I could not have any online fight but that is probably something to do with my landladys router. I must convince her that the powerline adapter is harmless. The lack of combo system is really special, I (we?) tend to get instant satisfaction out of the combo system, in the end games like bbtag feel more like a rhythm game than a fighting game. This feels more like a "mans game".
  11. this thread reminded me of the SALT series!!!. Streamers are the best! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHEepYNOAxM
  12. Hi. I am in Spain having a gap-few months. I decided playing eve very casually while Im learning web dev stuff on the main computer. If someone feels like high sec mining let me know. I have an orca character with serious boost skills. Eventually I might try to get into action, although lately I prefer fighting games for that sort of gameplay.
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