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  1. daifuco

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    I think BBtag really proves that you can make a deep game with really simple controls. Only 3 buttons are more than enough. I am getting a bit of fighting games saturation lately. By the way I have seen that BB Central fiction is £9.99 and FEXL is around £16 on the Playstation Store for this week.
  2. daifuco

    PlayStation 5

    I think the playstation 5 will be like a portable console but still quite powerful. And here is the magic, you can dock it at home and you can use it like a traditional console.
  3. daifuco

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4

    Hi I got a PS4 not long ago! How does compare the game to P3 and P4?. I loved P3. I bought the PSP version on the vita and I was addicted to it. I loved how dark it was. The dark hour mechanic. The dungeon/school. The music. The whole thing was interesting to experience. It was repetitive but good I quit P4 because it was a big disappointed. . The weather system was a poor variant from the last hour. It felt random. I was not finding the plot interesting. The town was so boring. And the gameplay felt really unbalanced!!!. P4 lacked the David Lynch-like feel that was so present in P3 Should I give P5 a try?
  4. daifuco

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Sony was a big company that delivered with its first console in a moment when Sega's reputation was not great. The Dreamcast was seen as a second attempt to compete against the original Playstation
  5. daifuco

    Nintendo Switch

    Its so weird so many games for the Switch. And they are not using funny controls. It does not feel like a Nintendo console. The most unexpected guy from my shift told me he got one. Whats going on?
  6. daifuco

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    UNIST is finally available on Steam. Apparently it is an anime game but with no so crazy long combos. More grounded. More neutral based. Still with jump cancels and some elements. Unlike previous version this one has a good tutorial.
  7. Lots here say they are bad.!!!! But I am still rookie! I think I play other fighting games to procastinate at SF. Time to get gud!
  8. daifuco

    What are the most varied game series?

    Persona games are very distinctive from each other and if you add SMT then it is quite a mix.
  9. In Street fighter is not that bad to find low level fights and any way very soon you will start seeing their mistakes and you will enjoy fights even when you lose. Street fighter is a cake walk comparing less popular games. In Guilty Gear xrd you have no ranking games, only a few players rooms and you get destroyed every time. A couple of weeks ago I managed to win my first fight there after a month of training.
  10. daifuco

    Nintendo Switch

    I got Blazblue on the switch. I was shocked at how good it looks on the small screen! And because of easier inputs even the button dpad is not that bad.
  11. I just noticed SFV (I guess vanilla edition) is just £5.99 at cdkeys.com also Injustice 2 at that price.
  12. daifuco

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    So i was annoyed that after the weekend the free download of BBTAG was locked, and I just noticed that cdkeys.com have some serious deals. BBTag for £16.99 Injustice2 and SFV for £5.99 https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/l/fighting
  13. His torso looks a bit short compared to his legs
  14. EE Online. Immerse yourself in an universe of grief and customer support.
  15. daifuco

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    As a Tekken outsider I find the footsie movement jerky and unnatural. Probably because it is the most realistic looking of the current fighting games. But it is enjoyable to watch on a casual level. Last night I literally had no idea what was going on on the BBtag finals .

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