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  1. daifuco

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    this thread reminded me of the SALT series!!!. Streamers are the best! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHEepYNOAxM
  2. daifuco

    -=Eve Online=-

    Hi. I am in Spain having a gap-few months. I decided playing eve very casually while Im learning web dev stuff on the main computer. If someone feels like high sec mining let me know. I have an orca character with serious boost skills. Eventually I might try to get into action, although lately I prefer fighting games for that sort of gameplay.
  3. I would love Ultra SF3. Maybe with easier inputs and multiplatform (but I guess that Capcom don't want to put pressure on Sony)
  4. daifuco

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    Sorry you are right. I woke up in a funny mood. I think it's true these days we are criminalising groups of people and that's dangerous. Obviously thsag guy is an idiot and he deserves to be jailed for a couple of years at the very least. But im really triggered when a group of people is poited at. Whether they are streamers, mens or Jews . The rights struggle for men in Spain is true. And that happens after being criminalised.
  5. daifuco

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    The topic starter is used cheap tactics to make the thread popular. "streamers are the worst" Blaming a group of people. In Spain the same philosophy applied to mens. "Men are the worst" now we are second class citizens in Spain we don't even have presumption of innocence! If a man is accused of violence that's it. Needless to say that's causing a lot of friction. It's funny when the only political group willing to fight for equal rights among men and women .... Is the far right! Criminalising a group of people is a form of abuse.
  6. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    I found a abandoned mining ship in the middle of nowhere, I managed to get in I took it to a station to be repaired and upgraded. Then I asked one of my haulers to give me a lift back to the same spot where my starter ship was. It is quite amazing managing your ships from a station , seeing them arriving and leaving. I joined a traders guilt, giving me carebear missions. Can I do the missions remotely or they are meant to be done personally?. It is amazing the scale of the game. And it feels more like a operating system than at a game. The name "foundations" is not coincidental. It is a gigantic sandbox which is fun as it is but obviously there is a lot of things that could be built on it.
  7. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    Oh thanks for the tip, I did not know I could teleport!. I have a feeling this game has been made to please old x-series fans first. The game seems to asume we know the features. I guess they will keep adding features to make it easier to dip into. Sometimes it is just confusing, I just accepted some simple cargo run mission, I remember first I was pointed to where the items were, but now it just points at the destination!. I have no idea where those items are. I have encountered some annoyiances like that. Also I accepted a mission to build a station, yeah with my crappy little ship. I should not be offered that sort of mission so early, it adds to the confusion I have in my head.
  8. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    It has been a week of baby steps until yesterday where I found out about travel mode and long range scaning. I also learnt the bizzarre method of picking side mission: Finding noisy sparks around the stations, yes I know. One of the mission led me to the usage of wormholes, then trying to go back home I ended up in some far far away sector full of enemy ships. Xenon I think. Coming back to my home sector was a bit of an adventure by itself. I guess that is the kind of experience this game offers. Looking forward learninig how to control more than one ship and crew. I hired a polite reptilian as a captain but... I fired because of redundancy. Only one chair on my ship! I am certainly giving up trying to learn by myself, this is a very long game. It is silly to miss the chance of learning some important mechanic. THis tutorial is great.
  9. The switch is great but having little time to play videogames I don't like a single platform to dictate the games I play. To me a gaming laptop gives me the optimal match of catalog and convenience. Switch being not far behind.
  10. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    THe game feels complex but still accessible, it is like a gigantic sandbox that is there waiting to be enjoyed.
  11. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    I got it! Ill try it tomorrow!!!.
  12. daifuco

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Nintendo Switch indie cartridges are the gaming version of gramophone records.
  13. daifuco

    PlayStation Classic

    have you seen the hyper-pretentious advertisement? It starts with "first there was nothing", showing some 2D 16bit-esque graphics.
  14. daifuco

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    Early impressions, shamelessly copypasted from reddit: This could well be my "long game" to go to.

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