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  1. I find very clever that the controls are so hard to master, its almost like a simulator version of an arcade. If the controls were super easy it would mostly be a memory game, and that gets boring really quickly. I would love to play a multiplayer version of the game in short circuits, a bit like Rock and Roll racing or super sprint.
  2. i think this topic deserves a bump. Apparently it has been running for years. It has an active community and even a podcast behind. It really make retro games shine and addictive. Last night I spent nearly an hour playing 2600's space invaders! https://retroachievements.org/user/daifuco
  3. Does anyone have both the 351v and p? I prefer the shape of the p but apparently the screen of the v is much better to play home console games. My platform priority at the moment is NES>SNES>MD>GB/GBC>other handhelds Also have you tried these machine with retro archievements? That's a cool idea I'm in love with that. Edit: 351v ordered
  4. Do you know any good Ky player to follow? Looking for one I found this video... of KnowKami whose name and voice rang a bell and then I remember that he was on a recent UltraChen Tuesdays show I listened while at work. Really nice healthy FGC guy. worth following. Here is the interview
  5. Giving Assetto Corsa Competizione a break because I have gout so I have no painless way to push pedals. Playing bits of Guilty Gear Strive here and there because it is absolutely great. Playing The Touryst on the xbox thanks to gamepass
  6. I think Arksys has nailed the accessibility of the game. I feel I am more commited to learn the game than on Xrd that it just felt way over my league. Because life is so scarce I feel more compelled to use faultless defense and burst. Also from the attacking point of view now Roman cancels matter a lot more because wining the match is around the corner. The game really is on a sweet spot Isn't it? You get the air dashing and crazy pace of manga games but you also have constants resets and chances. Even the dreaded lobby is... kinda fun, I love the floors system, shame it takes forever to see gamers cards. Last night I fought the first Faust with my Ky , it felt scary and untouchable.
  7. Hi I have created a little dirty google chrome extension that adds peoples real name in the forum page. This is how It looks... It is a bit of a quick job, not sure if Im proud of it. The data (names) is hardwired into the extension which is a no-no. I though of fetching from google sheet but I really had to spent way much time figuring that out and im too busy learning other web dev stuff (and learning Spa ) Also it seems to require to reload the page to show the real names, I am not sure why but well... thats the way it is for now To install just donwload the file from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CiXV62W3PrwTbh8qkXKnoGxKZ0NKGd88/view?usp=sharing unzip it in Documents or something like that. put chrome://extensions/ on the address bar to go straight to extensions switch developer mode on(on the top right) click on "Load Unpacked" select the previously unzipped folder
  8. I just started playing after 2 weeks struggling wit gout. Playing on PC. I basically go to dustloop wiki and learn bits about Ky while training mode, then I go online , I forget everything and mash every single button. It is nice to be on the 4th 5th floor being surrounded by so many scrubs like me. This game deserves so succeed.
  9. Thanks a lot to Erik for sorting out a server for us after the simracing.gp fiasco. I got a black screen, twice. It turned out I lacked a content pack, which I purchased so I could race for 20 secs with you guys.
  10. I might be wrong but I feel that having a big catalog of AAA is not important anymore. Even consoles users are very into specific games. I have an xbox and I barely use it, I just spent most of my limited time in Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Guilty Gear Strive, all on PC. Microsoft could purchase 75% of the industry and I will probably still play the same 3 games only.
  11. the almighty youtube algorithm was feeding me low spec single seaters models, like the Formula Vee or the Formula Ford. They all look fun and accessible. The problem with GT3s is that I always think im doing great until I notice my lap times are 8 secs slower than the rest . Maybe these small cars make mistakes more obvious?
  12. Thanks, meds are working and crystal clusters are dissolving. Next 3 days I have to give the meds a break, crossing fingers it wont bite back. Gout is a complicated thing. A lot of variables and unexpected outcomes. It kinda reminds me of simracing
  13. When I tried the Tatuus on Vallelunga I noticed my front right wheel was getting substantially colder than the others, have you had this behaviour? I'm only used to the small Vallelunga track (with the caterham mod its great fun).
  14. Next time you eat roast chicken eat all the cartilage you can until your other half and family look at you like you have lost the plot. They say glucosamine in tablet don't get properly absorbed Apparently in pods with liquid Inside is better.
  15. Looking forward Tatuulunga race. Good choice I understand mods add complexity but for the next special event consider this track and maybe car. I have to test it offline asap (when I have my gout flare sorted out)
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