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  1. I finished the last base and High Value Target last night - I took a razorback full of explosive death buddies to the base, and I went after the elite with the duellist plasma sword on my tod with a pistol and a shotgun. So much fun. Bring on the DLC.
  2. Yep, they had a section of ticket type things also. A sign of things to come But then they also had 6 or 8 daytona cabs, all the hardcore fighters and other cabs downstairs, pinball...the staff kitchen was the first place I saw Edge in the wild as well. I loved that shitty job! That said, my favourite memory of the place was the time the boss told me and another guy to go round central London giving out flyers with a free game. The other guy was a nice but extremely dour & miserable Scotsman. We sacked off the work and he brought me to the National Gallery. Turns out he was an art lover - he took me to see the Van Gogh sunflowers painting there and i'll never forget how completely transformed he was as he described the painting and how it made it him feel. It honestly opened a whole new cultural world for me and i'm very grateful to him.
  3. Yeah, love the big update, but hyper does make the normal game seem so slow now. Might go back in on the rock hard levels once I get through the hyper ones, see if they're any easier. I'm holding off on the lost levels, the ones i've done so far are really good so i'll do them last. Easily my most played game of the year.
  4. I worked in Namco wonder park on Shaftesbury ave in 1995. Incredible arcade packed full of what you’re describing. Full size car ridge racer, time crisis, that namco skiing game. Some Konami thing, maybe like wipeout, that span around? Wonderful stuff.
  5. I grew up in the arcades. Didn’t get a console until the GBA, though we did have a pc early on and I played a lot on my mates c64s and amigas etc. Mostly arcades though. There’s another thread about them somewhere…
  6. Also I flew from Dublin to Bristol for the rllmuk halo 2 meet. It was fab.
  7. lol no, that is a terrible take. I almost never replay games but I’ve done several of the campaigns multiple times, and spent many hours on halo 2, 3 and reach multiplayer. I have a halo 2 beermat and t-shirt, and an Emile action figure. Halo enough for you?
  8. All of the below is my opinion based on my experience, playing on Heroic. All the below is based on the campaign. I've dabbled in the MP and it's fun, but I haven't played nearly enough to have an opinion on it. Finished this a couple of days ago, or at least killed the final boss and her brute hammer buddy and i'm now mopping up the last few marine squads etc. Had an absolute blast from beginning to end. Of course I can understand some of the criticisms - some I agree with but they don't really affect my enjoyment of the game at all - the bad story badly told, no co-op, no different biomes, repeated interiors (It's a halo game lads, come on). Some I don't agree with but it's a matter of taste - for instance, I think the open world is incredible looking and incredible fun. The verticality, the hidden areas, I love the giant's causeway hexagonal building blocks, the way the sun interacts with the scenery, the wildlife...I think they got the balance right between a busywork collect-a-thon and a bare world. The bosses - I thought they were hard, but the right level of difficulty for a tough boss fight. I got through them with my sanity intact. The vehicles - I had no issues driving around in warthogs, I mean there's dirt roads. I found the map perfectly acceptable. Some I just agree with - it is a little too easy, especially post end game when you have no end of tools available everywhere. That's not to say I didn't die a lot, there were quite a few tough bits even outside of the bosses. The beloved BR is a bit overpowered. I found the final third to actually be mostly great, though my expectations were low after reading the thread. The road and the rooms were brilliant. The Escharon boss battle was actually pretty fun I thought, and I fucked it up a bit by gathering all the power weapons and leaving them in a pile, and when the encounter kicked off, they were all gone. So I did it with normal weapons and it wasn't too bad, you just have to stay out of his way. Overall, I think it's to the game's credit that they got by far the most important thing right - the merciless destruction of your alien foe in many different and fun ways. They resisted the temptation to overload us with bullshit systems, any hint of RPG elements, loot, currency and all that. Looks like they at least spent the troubled development concentrating on making this an extremely fun Halo game, and for that i'm very grateful. I cannot wait to see what else they do with these building blocks. a few other disorganised thoughts: It's frictionless - boot it up, go to a FOB and get tooled up, cause mayhem. Want to climb that mountain? Get grappling and you're up there in no time. Brute berserkers! Alien and Marine dialogue is as good as ever The new weapons and variants on the old ones are fucking brilliant. Yeah, the needler is nerfed but there's plenty of replacements. The yellow shotgun, pistol and sniper are all brilliant. The hardlight launcher thing is tops. The skewer is brutally fun. That base in the mountain pass - so good! That's as Halo as it gets.
  9. I’ve already burnt out on this. It’s a guessing game past a certain point. OTHER was my usual starter, it’s good to rule the H in or out.
  10. Same! Watched it with the family and it went down a storm as usual.
  11. I’ve not finished yet, but I’m on the post beacons end game / final third and
  12. Yeah, the times don't seem to be consistent across users, ours were unlocking at 5 or 6pm...so far it doesn't seem to be 24hrs between them either, though our experiments are not exactly scientific.
  13. Does anyone have an idea on what time these accursed daily xmas gifts are supposed to unlock? My children are harassing 100 times a day about checking them. Thanks!
  14. I think you're a victim of your own expectations. Between the multiplayer and the campaign you were pretty sure that this was going to be the greatest game of all time. I've gone in with only expectations of wrecking some aliens halo style, and I am having an absolute ball. I haven't got to the end where you're funnelled through campaign missions but the open world is working so well for me. I see the sacrifices they've made with the lack of set pieces and different looks for the scenery, but I honestly don't care about that stuff too much. They've chosen to spend the time tuning up the open world to work as a halo game and I think they have done an incredible job with it. I've even enjoyed the bosses so far (though I can't say i'm looking forward to the boss rush at the end).
  15. Still reeling from this, honestly. What a take.
  16. I don't think that's necessarily a weird idea. There's all kinds of great drummers. Your Ginger Bakers, your Ringo Starrs, your Nate Smiths, your Jaki Liebezeits...all kinds of styles. But of course you know that. Really I just wanted an excuse to post this:
  17. I have played Halo 4 & 5 and also watched two youtube plot summaries, and I am none the wiser. I believe it's a continuation of Halo Wars 2? Having a lot of fun with it anyway.
  18. YESSSSS. Big hit with my family and we're almost finished the first two seasons that I torrented. Hopefully this will help elevate it to its rightful position near the top of the sitcom heap.
  19. He does a bit but really it's Bird Person from Rick & Morty
  20. this worked for me as well. Download is blazing - 400+Mbps. Says it will be finished in 5 mins and it started just before I wrote this post
  21. I'm a big Halo fan - i'm not a big replayer of games generally, but i've done CE & Reach multiple times. Almost finished a second play through of 2, and i'd go for 3 after if Infinite wasn't coming out. Don't personally really give much of a shit about the issues on this one - crap XP system, no pre-load, 30fps cut scenes etc. None of it really bothers me. This, though. This is a fucking disgrace: What the hell. Forerunners AND precursors? I read the first two entries and I had to go over them multiple times. That's even before we get in to the myriad covenant factions and their different motives, and that's even before we get to those light lads in Halo 4. Never had a clue who they were...I don't skip cutscenes in general, and they have done a shocking job of getting the story across. I think in comparison to 1, 2, 3 & 4 even the much maligned 5 was reasonably coherent - Cortana thinks she can run the universe, UNSC disagree and Master Chief is torn. Same with Reach - aliens invade, fight the aliens. Fucking love Reach. Can't say i'm too excited about the story here in Infinite, all i've seen is that it's another Covenant faction. Good news is, none of it matters to me when I play the game. It's still a blast and I can't wait to watch that download status bar creep up slowly at 6pm. Halo! WOOHOO!
  22. This is really cool, even though my bloody kids have made Fortnite my most played game. I've earned over 20% of my gamer score this year, despite owning an OG and a 360. Says a lot about how much use the Series X & Game pass is getting.
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