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  1. That’s really the vibe, isn’t it? Arseholes. Thanks for French translation btw, I didn’t mind it being unsubtitled in the film but that is one funny line. Really enjoyed the film myself - thought it was going to be a bit weirder than it turned out for some reason, I think I misinterpreted the hype. It’s quite conventional, really. So well crafted though, it’s quite rich throughout, there’s so much to see. Lots of foreshadowing, a few sneaky predator references, how it showed how the Native Americans lived their lives (particularly loved when she picked up the wood from the tribal stock. Community-owned energy). Should be good to rewatch.
  2. Only a couple of lines to go on, but Barry keoghan takes the crown for me. It’s fuckin brutal.
  3. Don Rosco


    There’s tons of footage of a leaked very pre alpha out. Looking super smooth
  4. Niko was a great character. A real curveball at the time as I remember it. The radio selection was probably my favourite of all the GTAs. Also, I got the lock box in the fancy edition, which I now use to hide my weed from my children, so I think very fondly of it. Not nearly enough to actually play it again though.
  5. Don Rosco


    https://skate.game/insider Playtesting signup ^^^
  6. Someone asked this same question in the celebration Facebook group, I’ve put screenshots in the spoiler below. I’m booking tix for me, the missus and two kids. Pretty hyped!
  7. I think this from a couple of weeks pretty much sums up where i'm at with it. Despite the George Lucas level dialogue, the shortcomings of shooting action in the volume, the lack of a Han Solo-ish element for a bit of internal friction / comic relief*, the corniness of a lot of the last episode, all the other faults, I think it's a great addition to the overall story. Darth Vader feels like he used to be Anakin Skywalker in this show, more so than any other time we've seen him. Obi-Wan's arc from start to finish is pretty epic and McGregor smashed it. Feel like I have to give him props for his promo efforts too, he put some shift in. What a pain in the arse that must be. Reva was great, and they can do a lot with her in the future. Curious to see where she ends up. *I know, Kumail Nanjiani. I like his character and his last interaction with Obi-Wan was really good and classic Star Wars, but it was a bit part. I'd like to see more of him. I thought Roken was great too, big stoic head on him. Looks like he'll be surfacing elsewhere in the build up to the rebellion.
  8. I think he’s been mostly great so far but the accent has a lot of his Halston in it, which can be a bit distracting.
  9. Never liked that film. Found it kind of ridiculous. Yeah, same on both counts. I keep meaning to give the film another go, I’m usually an easy mark for near future societal collapse.
  10. Yeah, I saw you retracted, fair enough. Probably best not to believe stories you read on sites you've never heard of before.
  11. I haven't caught up with the rest of the thread yet but FOR FUCKS SAKE don't link to that piece of shit site full of fucking lies. Moses ingram posted many viciously racist messages she got on instagram, and said there was hundreds more. Then Disney responded, and so did Ewan McGregor. bounding into comics is a fully involved arm of those comicsgate / geeksngamers shitheads, so don't believe a fucking word of it.
  12. The spice girl who said “I was someone’s daughter once too” is played by … Ewan McGregor’s daughter.
  13. Really enjoyed both episodes. Some of the action was pretty shocking, but I don’t care too much. McGregor was outstanding - Obi-Wan is in bits and you can see the PTSD and fear so clearly. Very interested to see what the story is with Reva now. What does she feels she’s owed? What happened to the other padawans she was with at the start?
  14. The speculation is that he was from a separatist planet, so quite a different trajectory to a lot of other SW characters we know. That alone I find pretty intriguing
  15. Got to the Lucasfilm logo and switched off. I'd like to go in completely blind to this. Wasn't all that gone on him in Rogue One, but it's a great period to dig in to so really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  16. Yess!!! I'm not gonna get to this for a while for various reasons, but I am very much looking forward to it. Love this series.
  17. I'm ok with my 11 year old watching it, but YMMV. Lots of swearing and bad behaviour, teenage drinking, sex talk (but no sex iirc). It's also slightly useful as a bit of education on Northern Ireland. I would imagine for some viewers living in England, it's the only bit of education they'll get on Northern Ireland, so that's a positive.
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