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  1. Don Rosco

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Me too, with a rake of hand to hand bonuses. This is probably about as close as I’ve got to mastering any game. Where did you play it? My cab of choice was in the arcade with the yellow amusements sign on the quays a couple of doors down from what was the harp bar.
  2. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    Not so excellent news. Ron Smith RIP. He's the Dredd artist I remember most from my youth. He drew a great Dredd but the cits were where he really shone. For me he was as definitive as Ezquerra, Bolland, McMahon and Cam Kennedy. Man, what a lineup of artists.
  3. Don Rosco

    Talk me through your gaming history

    I didn't get a console until I was in my early 20s. Up to that point it was arcades, a few PC games and friends' C64s
  4. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    Excellent news!
  5. Don Rosco

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    The same arcade had a follow up title, Title Fight, with a fairly clever dual joystick vs cab. Can't remember if it played well though. Would love to give it a bash now. Man, I miss the arcades.
  6. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    I got that too, it's a worthy addition to the shelf. The 2000AD podcast with tributes to Carlos is worth a listen btw. The likes of Garth Ennis, Rob Williams, Jock and loads more going in on how good he was.
  7. Don Rosco

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Slowly, I think. It wasn't really a twitch type of game, but more about angles and timing when to move and fire, especially in OCP where it all went vertical. I know one thing for sure, I wouldn't have the skills or patience now.
  8. Don Rosco

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    On the above mention of Punch Out, it wasn't that, it was Heavyweight Champ by Sega:
  9. Don Rosco

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I'm 44. The odd thing about the arcades I mention, a lot of them didn't have names, just "amusements". Three in particular stand out. The one on the south quays, just before O'Connell bridge, with a huge yellow "amusements" sign. That was where the Shinobi action was. I remember a giant row of 20p pieces lined up as there was a fair few players that could spend a good bit of time on 1 credit. I got pretty good at it, could finish it with a lot of hand to hand level bonuses. I tried playing a couple of years ago and my skills have completely atrophied. That was also the home of Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, punch out and a Street Fighter 1 cab which had the punch pads instead of buttons. Next one was called Funland, just where McDonald's is on the lower end of O'Connell st. That had some great games - Karate Champ (a fighting game which used two joysticks instead of buttons), Dragon's Lair, but the king of them all was 720 with the weird spinning joystick: A bit later, the arcade of choice was the Pierrot Club, again within a stone's throw of O'Connell bridge, on the north quays, to the west of the bridge. It's a tourist pub now. This place was a little bit classier in that it had carpets and a coffee shop down the back, and a bunch of pool tables. Many a day when I should have been in school, I spent in the Pierrot club. There was even girls there. Loads of sweet games too - R-Type, SFII, WWF, Golden Axe, the giant afterburner cab that moved, Stun Runner and a bunch of pinball machines including Earthshaker. Man, when that thing did the earthshaker bit with the noise and the rumble... My favourite game was Robocop though, which I was able to 1 credit. It's just a memory test really, a bit like Shinobi. Play enough games and you get there in the end. I spent pretty much all my money in arcades and record shops. As far as games shops go, I didn't have a console growing up so I don't remember any of them. I only started buying console games when I got a GBA. We had a PC at home since windows 3.1, and I played a lot on friends' C64s. We did borrow a C64 for about 6 months once, it was the greatest 6 months of my life. Also, I grew up in Howth, the other end of the line from Bray so I never really made it out there until the arcades were gone.
  10. Don Rosco

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    My teenage years were spent in Dublin - the city centre is quite small so there was at least 7 arcades within about ten minutes of each other. I can still remember the feel of each one, and my favorite games in each one - shinobi, robocop, 720, side arms, nemesis, r-type, bad dudes. Good times, to say the least. I also worked in the Namco Wonderpark in London for about 6 months in 1995. It was a wonderful arcade. It had Ridge Racer full scale, which has a real mx-5 you sat in to play the game, a full bank of 8 Daytona cabs, loads of pinball and fighting games in the basement. It was a shitty, low paid job but I absolutely loved working there, best job I ever had.
  11. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    Seems to be making a big impact. I'm not caught up to current progs, i'm currently about 50 behind and catching up on the megazine. Once I get up to date with that, i'm gonna subscribe.
  12. I was pretty hyped about this single player game, but the demo gave me wild motion sickness. This thread is making me sad.
  13. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    I meant the test matches as well - same source, just finding streaming links? I fantasise about a single cricket tv provider with multiple channels. I'd probably just cancel all other telly sources then.
  14. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Where are you watching these games @Sirloin?
  15. Don Rosco

    Star Wars Cassian Andor series

    I liked Rogue One but I never really bought his character. I'd be willing to give him a chance to improve though, it's a very interesting period in the SW timeline and it might work out will with the increased breathing space a TV series offers. I'm gonna just steal these shows.

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