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  1. He didn't do the score of the actual film, it was a chap called Paul Leonard-Morgan. I believe Barrow was in the frame, or wanted to do it or something, and actually made music but it didn't make the film. He released it anyway: https://www.invada.co.uk/products/geoff-barrow-ben-salisbury-drokk-music-inspired-by-mega-city-one-2019-special-edition-re-issue
  2. @Blunted what's the hypersleeping mix there the guy on bandcamp is talking about? Am I right to assume it's a mix of the whole album that comes with the download? thanks!
  3. You really have some talent for finding the worst people on the internet and posting them here. Stop signal boosting these cunts.
  4. That’s not early enough time for the adventures of dooku & windu, but I’ll take what I can get.
  5. It's made in a style of sequencer called a tracker. Don't ask me how they work, outside of "maths", I don't have an answer. They're very light on resource use, so came in very handy in the 90s when broke ravers couldn't afford fancy computers. There's one DnB producer who still uses an Amiga, plays live shows with it and all. Trackers look like this: One thing i've noticed on a couple of producers, is that once they stopped using a tracker, their music became less interesting to me. I believe Omni Trio stopped after his volume 5 release, and for me, he didn't get anywhere near those first releases. Sorry, none of this is remotely game related!
  6. This one was a bit of a surprise when I heard it. Interesting that most of Andy Weatherall's biggest hits were covers or remixes, or production jobs. No shade on him, he worked some serious magic with other people's ideas. Bonus:
  7. Wow, that robot head guy sure has a lot of videos about women in star wars!
  8. I watched it last year. It is wonderful. Apparently Toshiro Mifune stayed in character throughout filming. Imagine playing one of the most annoying cunts ever committed to celluloid and staying that way the whole time. What a legend / doofus.
  9. That’s really the vibe, isn’t it? Arseholes. Thanks for French translation btw, I didn’t mind it being unsubtitled in the film but that is one funny line. Really enjoyed the film myself - thought it was going to be a bit weirder than it turned out for some reason, I think I misinterpreted the hype. It’s quite conventional, really. So well crafted though, it’s quite rich throughout, there’s so much to see. Lots of foreshadowing, a few sneaky predator references, how it showed how the Native Americans lived their lives (particularly loved when she picked up the wood from the tribal stock. Community-owned energy). Should be good to rewatch.
  10. Only a couple of lines to go on, but Barry keoghan takes the crown for me. It’s fuckin brutal.
  11. Don Rosco


    There’s tons of footage of a leaked very pre alpha out. Looking super smooth
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