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  1. Rebels is brilliant. I think it really benefits from filoni being able to have his own roster of characters. Every one of them has something going for them, and they all get a good crack of the whip, story-wise. I loved Clone Wars but I’m more fond of rebels.
  2. Thanks for this, going to add it to the OP.
  3. I think Kerraig called that out before, he said everything after CE was basically a headshot simulator, which is a fair criticism. It's also why I prefer Heroic to Legendary, it gives you a bit more freedom to be brave and get in amongst the alien horde and punch their alien faces. I just cower too much on Legendary.
  4. Love Reach so much. Such a great experience from beginning to end. Great characters, not much wacky Halo lore, just a big old WAR. That's the game that is calling me more than any other on my new XSX, but i'm holding out for the patch on the 17th: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-mcc-dev-speaks-about-the-upcoming-series-x-s-improvements/1100-6483989/
  5. And very poorly paid and insecure. Chances are at that stage he's getting 50p a delivery. I wouldn't have any beef with running after him and asking nicely but I equally wouldn't have any beef with him finishing up for the night when he's supposed to.
  6. She's here! No pets available but here's a blurry picture of my son doing jubilation from fortnite / Elaine from Seinfeld's dance:
  7. My tracking updated! It said it was in a van at 9:07am Then I got a text saying delivery between 1700-1800
  8. I have a DPD tracking number! They say the number will work after 6pm this evening! I am disappointed and excited simultaneously!
  9. So far, from Harvey Norman in Ireland, I’ve got nothing. No email, no text, no Xbox. Bah.
  10. They do electronics as well, almost as a sideline. I was kind of stuck, it was just the only place I could get a preorder. Smyths were an absolute disaster on the day, I don’t think anyone got a preorder from them through the site, and I couldn’t get one through GameStop.
  11. Thanks for doing the thread @Spleen I preordered from Harvey Norman, which is basically an australian furniture shop in Ireland. They’ve told me that they’re only getting the consoles in on launch day and then they’ll courier it, so it’ll be 1-2 days after launch. Kind of annoyed but that’s what I get for buying from a furniture shop I guess.
  12. Yep, get the mist armour as FiveFootNinja says, it makes a good bit easier. Niflheim is very intimidating to start, but once you learn how to get through things quickly, it becomes a lot easier and you start doing runs for fun. The timer aspect is brilliant, especially for the Valkyrie fight there. It forces you to really unleash everything in your power quickly to dispatch her. Extremely satisfying. I seem to remember bumping up my luck stats to do better in Niflheim as well, can't remember why exactly, but I do remember it paying off. BUT the real ultimate challenge
  13. We were talking in the Mod folder about having a separate thread for delivery updates when they start coming through. I think a lot of people just find them annoying. Those that don't can go look in the delivery thread.
  14. Thanks. The mix that did it for me was one from kode9 called nu dark swing. I can’t find any evidence if it existing on the internet, but I think I ripped it from cd at some stage so if I can find it I’ll upload it somewhere.
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