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  1. I think he's already said that he might be up for it. Time is a great healer. So is money.
  2. Sorry, I don't understand this post. What do you mean?
  3. I thought this was I N C R E D I B L E ! A beautiful, wonderful, engrossing experience that had me beaming throughout. It's barely a "game" at all, and I don't care. It is neither a platform game or a rhythm action game. It uses those mechanics as a means of self expression as opposed to completing a task. It's why it's simple simon style instead of rhythm action as @metallicfrodo says. The loose requirements for the simple simon bit allows you to play with the timing and make it your own. Same with the platforming, it's not about making it from A to B, it's about letting loose on the way, jumping, pumping your fist, sliding and wailing. I'll allow this as a criticism - I thought it was great but I have a tolerance for noodling that is more or less infinite. And so amazing looking! I must have taken 50 screenshots.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I'm still doing the time trial pretty much every day as well. It's a wonderful game. I was hankering for ghosts also - I can usually get top 200, but I think most of the top players are just very efficient. Tighter spins, shortest route possible. I generally do one acceptable run without any glaring errors, then I can shave off a second or two by just going faster. Multiple taps to suck the thing in closer to the anchor helps sometimes.
  5. I talk to my kids about games like I talk to anyone about games. I like to know what they like and why, and I tell them why I like or don't like whatever games. They're both keen fortnite players. I don't really like the battle royale type of game, but I like watching them play, sometimes I help them with challenges, or play creative games with them. I have a picture of my daughter celebrating her first victory royale and i'm honestly bursting with pride thinking about it. We usually watch the season closer events and big in-game gigs as a family! I think the whole fortnite ecosystem is exploitative but also amazing. It's so ... comprehensive or something. It's huge. It's been mostly positive - they play with school friends, make new friends, learn how to co-operate. Sometimes there's blazing rows about it, but that's family life. They do play other games - my daughter plays animal crossing and my son has put hours and hours into lego games. He unlocked every minifigure in one of the marvel games, which . Also shitty iphone games with ads, but honestly I quite like some of them too.
  6. I've just had bit of a look on reddit, and the 40k fans are positively gushing about him also.
  7. I couldn't give a monkey's about goblins and wizards, but I love Feral & Foe. The writing is so snappy. I'm not a huge fan of Whedon style banter either, but if it's good, it's good. Dan Abnett is a genius, he's done so many modern classics - Sinister Dexter, Brink, Grey Area, Lawless, The Out, Insurrection. Not to mention creating the current version of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel, which turned out pretty well for them...Maybe a bit of an exaggeration to say he's carrying 2000AD, but he's not far off it.
  8. I think it's fucking brilliant, honestly. The shape of the story.
  9. There was a bit of chat about this in the Dredd thread in Film & TV from about this point: I posted:
  10. I ordered my missus to read watchmen first and she stalled halfway through issue 7. Still waiting to watch it with her.
  11. They should make every season terrible except for the fourth, set in San Francisco, which is unexpectedly one of the greatest seasons of TV ever.
  12. Malcolm in the middle was a huge hit in our house. The kids (11 and 7) still quote from it. Also watching Star Wars Rebels with them, it's going down very well.
  13. I'm fully into this now. Once the chattering ninnies took a back seat and more events opened up, I was completely sucked in. Structurally, it all fits together pretty well. Once you get your head round all the options for getting around, it's fun to just piss about. A vertical take off with the rocket wing, then change to the wingsuit midair, then land and take your unstoppable snowmobile for a spin. I went for the stick trick system and found it a little idiosyncratic (why two sets of very similar snow tricks for on and off piste? The left stick being used for correcting your spin and doing grabs is pretty awkward as well), but it feels pretty good, and looks like there's a fair bit of depth. Racing can be exhilarating but a minor slip can be punished pretty severely. Also sometimes it's not clear where the next checkpoint is. Still a great buzz though. I'd probably be a day one, but it's €70 so i'm not sure i'm in for that much. Will see how i'm fixed at release.
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