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  1. Actually, thinking about it now someone's mentioned Ong Bak - Chocolate is Ok; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1183252/
  2. How often does everyone play on this? I'm pretty skint at the moment and suck at CS:S, I know it's currently £13-99 but trying to figure out if this is worth a go or not.
  3. But it is a bit shit, but watchable. The Last Boy Scout is indeed a pretty good flick, it's been a fair few years since I've seen it - Jesus, 1991 was it...
  4. You have added a quote now haven't you? Starting to think that I've lost the plot....
  5. Ignore me, I thought Warszawa was the photographer for a minute.
  6. Here's my take on it; http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=190924
  7. Aye, I remember going down Newport Road as IIRC that was the last McDonalds to server Root Beer in Cardiff. MUG is lovely
  8. Premier tonight by the looks of things, also a good 101min run time http://atlantic.bside.com/2009/films/trail...ay_atlantic2009
  9. I agree and I find it a bit shit to be honest, if you pass you'll have the honour of cooking for..... or whatever they say - Just get on with it with him from start to finish FFS.
  10. I've still not gone back for a second viewing, I think it'll sit unwatched for the rest of my days although it's truly a great film.
  11. Started watching last night after your post, just watching 1x03 - So far so good
  12. I believe Liamness is talking about the Tamron lens, which doesn't have IS - But as you point out, the Sony has IS built into the body.
  13. The acting of some of the characters, I personally found it hard to watch to the point of posting here and then knocking it off - Of course a lot of people will have no issue with this, unfortunately I'm not one of them Because I find it shit, therefore why would I continue watching? Admittedly I do slog out a number of film/tv series, but I couldn't with this - So off it went. This definitely isn't one for me.
  14. I'm 40 minutes or so in on this movie, it looks good visually but I'm finding it hard to watch so I've turned it off as I can't go on - Unfortunately it's doing nothing for me.
  15. What are you interested in photographing as the saving may be best spent on something else, like a tripod for example.
  16. I had Gladiator on pre-order but thought it best to cancel after reading some of the reviews, however I picked it up at Morrisons today as it's only £12-99 - I just thought sod it, why not at that price.
  17. Rollins could be ace in this and we now have Ted (from Life)
  18. Lol, they should cast Brian Peppers as the half human abomination just to top it off;
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