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  1. 1st ~ 7 - Futureshock 2nd ~ 5 - iwan_kanobi 3rd ~ 1 - rumblecat
  2. I didn't flag any names and mentioned in the thread that the date/time might be wrong. My main reason for raising it at the time, and although it's supposed to be fun it's still a comp, is that I feel that some people might put some thought and work into the current months comp - So I would really like my vote to go to that person over someone who's used a suitable image from a few years ago or whatnot.
  3. Look at it like this; 1. We have rules 2. It appears a rule is broken by a number of users 3. This issue is flagged 4. It would appear to be ignore 5. The following month the rule is enforced 6. I raise the original issue 7. I appear to be ignored 8. We get to discuss it in this thread So the reason I push this is that we have rules which would appear to be enforced for some but not all - Which is just wrong, even if it's for fun, as IMO you can't just go by the rules one month but not the other. But this would appear to make sense, so I am sorry for pushing you on this but it looked all wrong with the missing info.
  4. Oh No - I don't expect you to check every entry - It's just that this will be the third time that I've raised the issue on those pictures and this is the first response, well second response but we'll ignore the post above, regarding the issue when you pointed out the very same rule to someone else. I look at a lot of exif data if an image appeals to me, so I was thrown when you see dates from years ago (as they appear in bold) - But I did mention at the time that the camera dates or whatnot could be out. I do think it's a little odd that you're only informing me of this now, I've not pushed over checking all images just the images that I raised as I seem to be ignored - I don't know why it's been so hard just to say "I was told they were taken for the comp" from the very start. All this just comes from those images and wanting my vote to go to someone who may have put thought and effort into an image, rather than pulling up a suitable image from years ago.
  5. I watched the first two episodes yesterday - It doesn't seem too bad apart from the singing.
  6. I brought up the issue of entries having dates outside of the competition, I mentioned this as I would like my vote to go to a person who took a picture for the comp. You said you would investigate - That's the last I heard of it and you never posted back. I've also asked in a previous thread straight after you've pointed out someone has broken a rule. So what's the point, seems like you enforce the rules when you feel like - One rule for one but not another.
  7. Well it's out there, so that's how I watched it.
  8. I've asked about an issue with the rules within the last two threads without an answer, therefore I've not bothered with the competitions.
  9. Hah, better than I thought it would be but not that good at all. Dying is Easy, Rock n Roll is Hard WTF
  10. Oh well, this is pretty damn good isn't it. Just about to complete my first listen of the album, the following tacks jumped out at me on this first run; I Drive Hearse, Black Dahlia, Remember Me Lover I didn't think too much of Bonnie The Cat, I believe it was due to the way the lyrics were spoken. I really need to have time out and just listen to this on the second run
  11. But nearly an hour and a half of House goodness, so yes, it's a fairly chunky download at 720p - But worth it
  12. Aw, the next episode can't come quick enough.
  13. 1:27:33 on the 720p version.
  14. No root beer TVRage reports 6x02 next week.
  15. Just finished downloading and the double of Heroes is also on its way down, I shall be watching in the next couple of minutes with my egg on toast lunch
  16. On last weeks episode (you only need to watch the first 40 seconds or so) - Ow. I was out with a mate once going to look at a CBR, anyway we decided to get pizza, bit into it and boiling hot pizza stuck to the roof of my mouth - I remember trying to pull all the cheese off really quick, but oh no, it's not cheese I'm pulling off but the burnt skin hanging off the roof of my mouth. I just remember hanging out of the car window, mouth wide open trying to cool the burn.
  17. $150. TBH that doesn't sound like a bad price at all.
  18. Not at all. Fox slags Bay off, crew come to the rescue of Bay, Bay removes crews comments and understands why they did it - But he understands her quirks or whatnot and looks forward to working with her on T3...... WTF. I wonder if there's some sort of contract in place so he's trying to be Mr Nice Guy until everything is done and dusted
  19. Damn, I bet that's going to cost a pretty penny for the LP Box Set - It would be ace to get a copy though.
  20. I believe it's been posted elsewhere, he made a comment on his site and looks forward to working with her on the third instalment of this series - Meh.
  21. So Thursdays then - I'll keep an eye out but is it generally evenings? My first game or two I thought to be bonkers, but I was settling into before heading off to the bedroom - Looks like fun Ta
  22. It's downloaded and just been playing on another server, I can't see anyone on this one - It's reading 0/X. I ended up just going for TF2, the only thing I would gain would be Portal - I took a quick look but just went for this
  23. No one on the server at the moment, off to get slaughtered on another server for some practise me thinks.
  24. I think I'll give it a go then - Off to Steam.. Cheers.... I hope
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