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  1. If it's any help ..... I started a new game on the Xbox, so totally starting from scratch. A video of the Concierge without any fancy stuff here
  2. Yeah, i was frustrated as hell but it hit the "one more go" itch :-) I concentrated in using bows and traps (cross o matic and wolf trap), and pumping up the "purple" stat. For mutations I went for combo , support and the one that decreases the spawn time for traps when you kill with ranged items. If you can regularly get past the concierge, save all your cells up till that point and then pump them into the "increase the chances to get ++ items" thing.
  3. Fastest run I've done was about 35 minutes from start to end, on the easiest difficulty. Average run on easiest difficulty is about 45 minutes. I've still not unlocked all weapons after 200 odd hours of play. 14 hours should enable you enough of the weapons and unlock enough of the runes to do a successful run.
  4. Every time you play, you'll get "Dead Cells" to put towards blueprints, to unlock weapons. After defeating the Concierge, you'll be able to put cells towards a better percentage of more powerful weapons appearing. Plus, you natural skills will increase and you'll know the best routes to take and how to beat bosses. So yeah, 14 hours sounds reasonable. I've put in 230 hours so far. Yeah. :-/
  5. Microsoft are doing 1 quid for 3 months at mo.... https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass
  6. AR-Type The player controls a space fighter named the R-9 to defend humanity against a mysterious powerful alien life-form known as the "Bydo". With an eye patch.
  7. Bong Bong Street! Flown out there to do some work for the local council tail end of 2015. Loved it. My local now is either some God forsaken pit in Maidstone, or the bright dazzling lights of Blue Water. Slightly off the beaten track is an independent in Hawkhurst - the Kino. They have adverts for the local Public Schools. They don't sell noisy food and you can take craft beer and a very agreeable red wine in.
  8. My first ending I was then given the option to go back And back To end
  9. Leisure Investments! My first real programming job was in an office just opposite. Company was awful, I'd spend my lunch time at the arcade playing Assault. They ran a competition to win a tiny portable black/white TV for the highest score that month. Ker-Ching! Fond memories of finishing SideArms on a single credit with a crowd of onlookers, and the huge Street Fighter machine with punch pads. Can't recall the name of the second arcade, but yeah - loads of machine but felt a bit itchy/tasty in there. My dad got me a Texas Intsruments TI-99/4A from Galaxy Video on the high street (where a tanning salon is now). Also used to rent Atari VCS carts from there for 2 pound a night. In 1982(!) Shout out to the Computer shop up Union Street too. Spent a long summer in the early 90s going in every day and asking if F29-Retaliator was out yet. Damn that Amiga Format hyped pre-release review. Also shout out to a video rental shop up the Tonbridge Road that had Robotron, Mr Do and Moon Patrol in the back room :-)
  10. Same here. I ended up buying one in Smiths. I've subscribed, hopefully they'll arrive!
  11. Yeah, same here... 6 days on from dispatch, nothing arrived yet. And an email telling me not to miss out on sub offer, with issue 2 out soon. Gah!
  12. Cheers guys, it's 5.62 on the South Africa store, with coins from my dead cells , that's 4.96. Bonus!
  13. I've had this as Early Preview on Steam/PC for about 9 months, and was a bit shocked with the stuttering/framedrops on the Switch compared with the PC. The good news is they're working on a fix
  14. Yeah, I found him an absolute ballache to fight in the main game - but after he's done - nothing but joy. Until... (Spoiler) So, if I were you, just YouTube the dude, finish the main game and hang your hat after a job well done :-)
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