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  1. I remember it being way more frequently actually in the PS2/GC/Xbox days on this forum. Maybe because a console was cheaper and easier to obtain. But usually one game would come out, it would get played then people would flip the machine in the trading folder...only for them to buy one again for the next big game
  2. Reading people do this on forums - especially this one and ntsc-uk - has been a constant supply of hilarity for at least 20 years now. This isn't to be confused with laughing at people who have to sell for financial reasons. More the FOMO-flipping or huff-selling. It's amazing. I've never done it. I buy the platforms I want and enjoy them throughout there entire life-span. If there's a slow period, it really doesn't matter as there's always older stuff to play. The one console that I DID have to rebuy or return frequently was the Xbox 360 as it was completely unreliable as we all know. I'd not sell someone directly a busted console, but I did trade them in to then try and buy a new one with a better drive or not likely to instantly melt.
  3. Disagree, as mentioned in the TLOU thread their next game will be in pre-production which will require far fewer people in a smaller team to design and prototype it. I imagine guerrilla games as a big studio that want to keep their talent and don't want to rely on contractors... so all those environment artists and all those testers all get to keep their jobs and imediately work on a new project that's familiar to what they've just done. No need to relearn your workflow. So rather than having a contractor-dependant production nightmare of a studio, you have honed talent that they want to keep and the by-product is a remaster of an older game that no one is forcing you to buy.
  4. Part of me thinks that there is a wee bit of first-party production wheel spinning going on atm, and with the pandemic & chip shortage, I think it’s understandable. That’s for both Xbox & PlayStation. You’d want these expensive to produce games hitting the biggest audience possible, and as you still can’t just walk into a Tesco and buy a machine, this seems to be the way for a while. Cross-gen or remasters. As both machines are totally backwards compatible, I’m totally fine with it atm! It would be an entirely different thing if they weren’t. Anyway, HZD remaster ain’t for me as I’ve finish it twice already, but I can appreciate if I was a new PS5 user, you’d have both games looking and playing their best.
  5. Fantastic post! Absoutely. A great observation of the tone of this and I absolutely see that tone in ANH.
  6. Makes sense! The day I imported my Gamecube - back in 2002 - my heart sunk as I plugged it in with the video cables it came with and I got a black and white picture! All that effort to get one and it was in black and white on my Toshiba CRT I soon after aquired a Saurian modded RGB cable off ntsc-uk, but that right there was a hard lesson to learn!
  7. Does your Sharp CRT support NTSC over composite or s-video?
  8. I completely agree with this with a big but! 50hz sucks. As with everything YMMV, but imo it really, really sucks and with things like Everdrives available, getting the ntsc library is easier than it ever was. But you need an ntsc console, and you likely need a Sony Trinitron, not just for the quality of the image, but the fact it supports ntsc colour, and you're not just going to get a black and white picture if the tv supports nothing more than PAL60. If you don't care and are happy with 50hz, then yes! just get a CRT and enjoy the game. Also I completely agree that the fetish for RGB on everything is not worth it, and often not how the games where originally meant to look. composite video or s-video from an N64 will look great on a CRT.
  9. Maybe Edge should employ me to review football games? "Football is shite therefore PES is rubbish" 2/10
  10. Isn’t this another excellent game that received a daft score in Edge?
  11. It's my understanding that the more modern (as in built from around the late 90's) Sony Trinitron CRT's support NTSC? I'm pretty sure I've read that this is the case although can't be totally sure. If that IS the case, then that's the most vital of things to get. It just opens up a world of 60hz and you don't HAVE to have an RGB modded console. I'd try and get a 21" Sony Trinitron, then try and locate an ntsc N64 (hopefully from someone who is selling it second hand and has a UK PSU with it) connect it via S-video - or even dare I say composite video - and enjoy the machine in proper ntsc 60 hz. Then buy an Everdrive and dump the whole library on it and have an amazing N64 time! Edit: Also yes! Fuck the Tories!
  12. it was actualy know as "Biohazard 1.9 + 2.1" during development - as of course - it is an offshoot of Resident Evil 2. I'm surprised they didn't call it "Resident Evil 2 Gaiden" as that's fairly typical with "Gaiden" meaning "side-story". Code Veronica was intended to be the real RE sequel and they two games where co-currently in development. It was Sony that basically stipulated in their contract that they were to get an exclusive trilogy of games from Capcom, so "Biohazard 1.9 + 2.1" was renamed to "Biohazard 3 : Nemesis" or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, of course. They really should of named the other game Resident Evil 4: Code Veronica to of given the game a bit more of a legacy that it deserves.
  13. Somehow Wolverine returned
  14. His EDF 2017 review was a banger - https://www.eurogamer.net/earth-defence-force-2017-review
  15. Yes. No, because they don’t look even remotely similar.
  16. Front & centre on my rack thing, although currently surrounded by a guard due to puppy-menace. The Series X is behind the TV because a) it doesn’t fit in the unit and b) it’s the ugly one of the two consoles
  17. Yes! …I’m sure it’s also just a coincidence that I very much agree and was also an ST owner
  18. I remember the flack Sony were getting a few years ago for not allowing cross-play. Lots of “how dare they!” Hot-takes but I was always of the opinion that they really shouldn’t. So yeah, this is totally the cross-play nightmare scenario it was always going to be!
  19. It’s the COD Father Christmas! comes once a year to inform how shit he thinks the latest game is!
  20. Because it was released in such an appauling state on the two base consoles that it was borderline unplayable and crashed so frequently that most players couldn't get through the game. QA and release certifications are there for a reason, so the piece of software that people are buying is actually fit for purpose. So you had a better time? played it on a beefier console that the base PS4 or Xbone VCR? that doesn't change the fact that it was completely broken on the platforms with the largest userbase.
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