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  1. I’m more in disbelief that anyone would ever take any of these Edge opinions seriously. But then...there’s no accounting for taste.
  2. Figured it out! HDMI input was set to PCM. That will get you mono apparently!
  3. Cool! Although mine says 1 channel! Hah what?!
  4. where do you see that audio? this is interesting aye!
  5. Set the HDMI input you have the PS5 plugged into to PC. This will give you black level Auto and disable all other processes.
  6. The point is that it's rock solid WITH Ray-tracing, that's a famously computationally expensive feature. Turn it off, then you get an rock solid 60 fps.
  7. You just need to look at Mile Morales now, which looks far better than the original Spider-Man game on PS4. Far higher resolution, draw distance, instant loading and fast-travel all with amazing Ray-traced reflections at an unwavering 30 fps.
  8. That seems to be my findings too, that it actually doesn't affect it.
  9. Where you using extended storage when they happened?
  10. I am absolutely loving everything about the PS5 atm. It's a straight up amazing upgrade to the PS4 Pro that was in it's place. Everything... apart form the two quite horrible crashes I've experienced on the thing, both with Mile Morales, and I'm hoping it's just the game being released WAAAY underdone! Last play session, I hit a freeze crash, then the console rebooted and did the whole repair thing, along with a "you're extended storage wasn't ejected" message. I really want to use the Extended Storage for all the PS4 games that now run fantastically on the new machine
  11. 1440p on PS4 Pro. Dunno 'bout Xbone. This will certainly be a big improvement when launched.
  12. That's an absolutely insane price to be paying. Am I missing something here? $499 + $50 shipping = £404.95. If you were to be then getting hit for this £200 on top, that's about £605. I mean you are entitled to your opinion and feel free to drink deep, but the AVS is the best FPGA NES option available on the market. Can I have some money?
  13. Wait... you paid £850 for a nt noir through an eBay seller?
  14. I thought just a page or so ago you had sold your PS5? I can't say this drama hasn't been anything less than entertaining!
  15. That's not what I'm saying, at all. I'm saying losing perspective as the differential between a quite and a "loud" PS5, doesn't seem all that much, then remembering what the prior generation was like. Basically a proper jet engine.
  16. Are people maybe losing perspective a bit? I played some Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday on it and loaded up the map, and it was silent. If I muted the TV I could not hear it from where I was sitting. If I did that on my PS4 Pro, I'd seriously be like "this is going to explode", as the fans kicked up into turbo overdrive warp 9.
  17. It absolutely has to be as even Cerny pointed out in his presentation that this will be a thing of the past. Except, I then clicked on the link and saw that they were complaining about Destiny 2, which is still a PS4 game and will not act any differently if installed on internal SSD or External which is entirely to be expected. So this is an absolutely nothing story and full-on click bait. If it was PS5 games doing this then yeah! But it's a PS4 game so it's going to act the same as it does on PS4, as it's a PS4 game.
  18. Horizon : Zero Dawn - Looks exactly the same as running the game on PS4 Pro. Hits 30 fps and stays there in Resolution mode. Saints Row the Third Remastered - This has an "unlock framerate" mode, and now on PS5 it's a perfect unwavering 60 fps. Before on the PS4 Pro, this mode super choppy.
  19. Getting out dB meters to measure the sound of your console is very rllmuk. I have a combined kitchen/living room and I couldn't hear anything over the hum of my fridge even if I tried.
  20. Yeah, he posted some DM's he's been getting that are some seriously horrible shit. He also feels he must engage with the trolls and argue with them, and I don't understand why he doesn't go full Kamiya and block their dumb-shit. I saw that he had real trepidation posting up the Dirt 5 face-off with the comparison showing the parred back visual on Xbox in high frame-rate mode, I assume because he envisioned the incoming shit storm which inevitably did happen. Even though he plainly highlighted in the video that it didn't make sense, it's likely a bug and maybe it's wise to gi
  21. This recent MVG video outlined how capable that CPU was. Feels a little more like the dev's sectioned it off as a very specific "next gen feature". Also the Nemesis system is far more of a design innovation system rather than one that requires any kind of complex engineering.
  22. But would that not imply that the Nemesis system is also missing from the PS3 version? It's my understanding that the Cell processor is actually in many ways even more capable than the Jaguar cores in the PS4/Xbone. Even though those consoles experienced a huge jump in GPU and available memory, their CPU's weren't much of an upgrade.
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