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  1. I did turn off both Blur & Motion Blur in post-processing - which is usually just keep on - and it seems to have cleaned up the image a bit. also yeah, this version I feel is distinctly a hand-held mobile version of The Witcher 3
  2. I don't think it looks bad at all, but when you're out side it's defo running at it's lower res of 540p but does truddle along at 30 fps. Cut-scenes or dialog scenes, the res is usually up higher closer to 720p and the frame-rate is a bit choppier. It's pretty amazing tbh.
  3. It's basically v-snyc'ed (so no tearing which is good for me as I hate v-snyc off) and it's mostly 30 fps with occasionally dips to 20 fps when it goes over budget.
  4. I "finished" this on PS4, but by playing it a little "wrong" which was to not really pay attention to the games many systems and kinda b-line through the main quest which meant I finished the game in around 50 hours! This is so much more enjoyable for me on the Switch. Slow paced RPG's generally now feel at home on the Switch in portable mode, and this feels great just milling about and doing all the rich side quests. I love it, and I "get" the game far more now. You're basically Batman.
  5. I owned one that I've used every day since buying it and I've not experienced ANY of these problems. *touchwood* The screen looks nicer and is much brighter than my launch machine, the joycons work fine and as does the d-pad.
  6. I hated Halo 2 when I played it on release day... in my early 20's along with the short-sightedness that that age gave me, which basically made me profess it as the worst thing ever. Because it was different from the first game. Replaying it as part of the MCC, now in my mid-30's, I was greeted with a great game that's actually the longest, meatiest and most diverse of all the Halo Campaigns. I now think it's really, really great. ..that cliffhanger ending though.
  7. It’s like one of those “here’s what a year of smoking meth does to you” comparisons except it’s Cuphead.
  8. I’m finding recent reviews of games, films and music to be really gonzo, self obsessed and hugely reactive. I don’t know if it’s me getting old but I don’t remember it being quite this bad. Perhaps the internet’s tiny time to print is feeding bad hot take reviewing...
  9. I’ve not played this game or anything but life’s too short to give a fuck about reviews or some general consensus. if the shit is fun and feels good, let it!
  10. I have never played the Ghostbusters game so have zero opinion on it, but! That EA review was written by Damiani. He must barely have two brain cells to rub together and is in general a dullard, reactionary cynic. He's kinda like the embodiment of an endlessly moaning and entitled gamer. So yeah, there's that. All the other Easy Allies reviewers are solid, but that guy? jeez.
  11. See another thing with this fucking game -and this is not a subjective thing, it’s literally functional - throughout my play-through, I’ve had an enemy encounter not trigger to finish four fucking times... I’m running about the enclosed area and there’s no enemies left but it doesn’t trigger the exit, so I have to reload the check point.
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