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  1. I really like Bob Chipman, when it comes to Film Critics. He writes film reviews on The Escapist and Geek.com. With the latest trailer, he touches upon this idea - which I also disagree on - that Lucasfilm had absolutely no plan during the production of these films and were just "winging it". I think it's quite absurd, and I'd imagine a lot of the pieces will fall into place with this 3rd film. https://cache.escapistmagazine.com/20190315112939/BIG_PICTURE_EP259.mp4 Doesn't look like there's a YouTube link, so that links the best you get.
  2. Kevvy Metal

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    The even mention in that DF Switch look, that the PC version can be set to 1440p from the default of 720p, but they could barely tell the difference due to the nature of the look of the game.
  3. If you actually want to tag me for some reason, like some actual discussion then do it properly... otherwise fucking stop this shit, you child. Insinuating that I’m “Mental” because I like to talk positively about this film does not do many favours for rllmuk reputation as “2nd cuntiest forum ever”. Also feels like you’re edging towards breaking the forum rules there.
  4. Yeah, I’ve repeatedly said that people are entitled to their own opinion. I’ve never refuted that. And yeah, the idea that they had no plan whatsoever is totally clutching at straws in my opinion, it’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion, but people are entitled to think that if they like. The flat earther thing was a wee joke. I guess some people are a little sensitive. Do you wish for for me to go away so all those who dislike TLJ can express their dislike in peace? Also, it’s you being aggressive here.
  5. It’s not even remotely a direct insult to anyone, especially here. One look at YouTube shows a litany of videos made by people trying to push this narrative. Stop being deliberately antagonistic.
  6. The idea that's being sometimes banded about, that Lucasfilm would have no overall plan for the new Star Wars trilogy, at all. That there were never any discussions between the various big players making the films at all is some full on flat-earther style conspiracy type stuff. They just would not do that. So, Rian Johnston had carte blanche to make his film and take the story in whatever direction he wanted to but he didn't convey this vision to everyone every step of the way? ..and the next team weren't immediately taking this into overlapping pre-production? The final shot of TLJ and this move that the new films are push towards - that the old traditions of the Jedi and Sith are a thing of the past - is totally going to tie into new, free force user's called "Skywalkers". You can see it coming a mile away.
  7. Well, that's the next gen console-wars already sewn up!
  8. Man, so this. yes. The same with the supporting characters from the prior films, like Luke. Rey is the new blood hero. Luke is there for Mentor support, not the star of the show.
  9. Might want to actually write that what you've hidden is a proper ep.9 spoiler!
  10. Kevvy Metal

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    Having briefly looked, i think it may have stemmed where I - somewhat facetiously - asked Dirty Harry Potter if he had a problem with Rey's character or character arc or something, because she had a Vagina. Because I found the reasoning to be some what tenuous and I was getting annoyed. I've continually said that someone disliking the film is totally fine and their prerogative. Insinuating that everyone who dislikes it is either a misogynist or a racist is utterly ridiculous.
  11. Apparent, in the old Legends / EU canon, Sith could not merger with the Living Force and become a Force-Ghost. With the Disney take over of course, the Canon reset.. so it could be possible. I personally quite like the idea that Snoke was essentially a puppet for Palpatine, controlled from a-far. I wouldn't be surprised if Palp's is basically a Ghost haunting or some how stuck in the wreckage of the DS2 (hopefully on Endor). Kinda like Sauron in his Mordor tower. Maybe Kylo Ren has been groomed to be the next vessel for Ghost Palpatine.
  12. Kevvy Metal

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    I have literally never said this, and would never say anything like that! What i will say, is that it will give me great pleasure reporting RubberJohnny for some false accusations. The one thing I did do in that TLJ thread, for some perspective was use the term "spergs" when frustratingly pointing out that a lot of people on the internet where getting hung up on the sillies of things. It was pointed out that it was inappropriate and I at least owned that and apologised for it.
  13. Nonsense. Luke has probably the most interesting character arc in the whole film, and it's a great send off for him. I like that it felt like each film was giving a send off to the original three characters, and making them the mentor focal point for that one film, before exiting stage left to make room for the new characters. I'd presume that Ep. 9 was originally going to focus on Leia and her transitioning the responsibilities of the Resistance to Rey/Fin/Poe but of course, this is unlikely now with the passing of Carrie Fisher. But yes, Luke. He has that tried and testing Jaded Mentor character arc where he feels he's lost all hope, and everything he believed in was flawed (The Jedi Order) and it take seeing a new perspective through fresh eyes to feel inspired again and take up his position as the hero he once was. He is literally Mr. Miyagi, it's the exact same character arc as seen in the Karate Kid, and countless other films. Miyagi care's not about Karate, and all his teachings to Daniel seem like Miyagi is taking the piss and is cynical to it all. We see Miyagi go through an arc with Daniel, it opens old wounds like the memories of his lost love.. and he grows into the mentor role at the end of the film. He begins to believes in his student and himself. Luke's the same thing. He's broken.. then he rises to the challenge. When Rey leaves Achto he's basically at his lowest point having revealed his past sins and then re-adjusts his view point. The force projection scene is pretty much the best way to have the character return, but not fully or completely literally, as he's no longer the young man he was. Drinking green milk, and all the other comedy stuff YMMV but it all landed for me as Star Wars has never been a humourless vacuum.. the prequels in particular are full to the brim with goofy stuff. For some balance, my actual TLJ gripes which are all nitpicking - Leia flying through space. I get it and like the entire idea.. but yes, it's a bit cheesy seeing her literally zooming through space. It could of been done a bit more tastefully. I like Casino-planet, and think the theme behind it is a great addition to the film. I don't think it hurts the pace of the film, which i a common criticism. I do think it feel a bit contrived setting up this scenario where the Resistance fleet are basically totally fucked and Fin and Rose can quite easy nip into a little shuttle and fuck straight off. But I guess this is dealt with, explanations on how the could nip off undetected, and there's certainly a temptation from Fin to ditch the Resistance, but Rose keeps him in-check, which all adds to his arc. There is a tonal clash with it though, i feel. Alien-Horse racing through Casino-planet is a bit cringe. There's some cool weird stuff in there but it's a bit :/

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