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  1. Yeah get a US/JAP model (with an RGB mod if you can stretch to it), then buy an Everdrive and live the dream!
  2. The Switch version is not vastly worse than the Live Arcade version - although I think Benny may be being facetious here, which is kinda funny in context of the prior discussion. Nerve Software developed the original Xbox Live Arcade version and the Switch version is likely just a port of that. The XBLA version also has the weird judder thing where it's attempting to run at 35 fps on a 60Hz display so it bounces between 30 fps and 60fps constantly. The other issues like scaling and slowed down music seem to be new to the Switch. PS3 Doom Classic Complete is by far the best console port as it was done by id themselves after the Bethesda acquisition - it's weird that this version was not covered in the DF Retro Doom console version comparison video. It properly runs at 60fps, and can can actually toggle run rather than using an elastic band on the LT trigger like I did with the XBLA version.
  3. Yeah I likely will just restart. It's really excellent so It'll likely be really enjoyable playing through the start again.
  4. This is counter to every impression I've read or watched. From Mylifeingaming to Smokemonster to Gamesack to MVG etc. There's input lag, audio lag, inaccurate audio, odd inconsistency with the original hardware and bad image scaling leading to shimmering. There's no tweaks to any game - as seen in the Sega ages stuff - which was one of the main criticisms. It's still not bad for a £70 box, but the Analogue SG is still by far the best on the market today. Or real hardware, a CRT and an Everdrive.
  5. I'm playing the Blue Lions and just scrapped by a fight with no one left. Literally I have Dimitri and Mercedes left alive. Have I boned it all?
  6. The story cinematic stuff in that trailer looks so much like Destiny. Right down to a wise-cracking cyborg and hover bikes! The actual game, it could go in lots of ways from the gameplay section. So who knows really! I'm not actually going to express some sort of judgement this early, that would be silly.
  7. That's the Sci-Fi shooter redefined right there!
  8. Why's no one talking about the Indie World Showcase?
  9. My initial comment is both a bit snidey at EDGE's reviews and also quite facetious.
  10. They're just great aren't they! Lets all have a swim in the sea of subjectivity!
  11. Wolfenstein: Youngblood (which is absolute shit) is 1 better than the excellent Day's Gone!
  12. Churn. I am dyslexic and it's constant fun.
  13. This is sort of par for the course with No Man's Sky though. The first build of a new major update is always completely broken and it requires a good bit of patching to get to a stable state. Churn, churn, churn. All of this stuff is for free of course, and they do get there quickly so it's all good! Best to be patient.
  14. Yeah, Andorra. Didn't bother reading up on it, as I just assumed this would be a safe tax free purchase. Can't wait for Brexit! (sarcasm btw).
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