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  1. Kevvy Metal

    What Type of Player Are You?

    Out of those, I'm definitely an "Achiever". I like to play within the rule-set of the game and master it and rinse everything from it. I'd say that there's a side order of "Explorer" in there too, but not too much. Basically my favourite type of game should be Metroidvania's.
  2. Kevvy Metal

    Nintendo Switch

    Everyone's disappointed with everything now-a-days so I wouldn't hold much credence.
  3. Kevvy Metal

    Nintendo Switch

    ...and it's awesome!
  4. Kevvy Metal

    Doom - 25 years old today

    Yeah, it was meant to work with 70Hz capable monitors.
  5. yeah well, that but next iteration. designed more to fit your hand rather than snap onto a tablet.
  6. Look at these examples, the benefit of using a wiimote was often mainly in the pointer aiming. It was amazing. But you sacrificed the use of a 2nd analog stick. So the next thing is kinda here but but not widely adopted by Sony and Microsoft - accurate gyro aiming included in a controller that's more of a standard form factor. The Switch has this and it's amazing in games like Splatoon. I'd split the standard controller in two, a device for each hand, and both have great analog sticks and accurate gyro aiming.
  7. Kevvy Metal

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    That'll be because it's not a botched mess. The 50Hz thing regarding retro-games in PAL regions makes my blood boil, which is why I'm jokingly being pedantic about it. The UK basically got trash versions of games almost up until the introduction of HD resolutions. Sure 60Hz became an option on a lot of PAL games but still buried under some "hold B on boot" nonsense.
  8. Kevvy Metal

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Defo get a SD2SNES, then very patiently get original carts. All the carts I have have come from forum trading like this place! Just don’t buy the ones I want!
  9. Kevvy Metal

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    That linked video is crazy! I did not expect that level of ambition from this title and it just looks like a crazy huge space-pirate videogame. See, this is the thing... They're making a massive open world space faring game that's totally online, but they're using the IP of an odd-ball PS2 title from eons ago. It's not the "BG&E 2" you might have in your head, being the sequel to said PS2 title. Instead this is their new open world space thing and they've attached an old IP to it, as new IP is risky because no fucker buys them. It looks amazing! I'm very impressed by that demo.
  10. Kevvy Metal

    Your Retro Grail Items

    To add to this, my grail item that I now own is my PVM 20L4. Took a little while to calibrate it and get the geometry as close to spot on as you can with a CRT, but this is just the most wondrous thing and I'm loving revisiting old games in RGB with a 800 TVL CRT. HD Remasters? hah, nope. I'd take this over that any day!
  11. Kevvy Metal

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Easier meaning "plays correctly" is almost likely totally true.
  12. Kevvy Metal

    Doom - 25 years old today

    Actually! The super good console port of Doom is the "Doom : Classic Complete" version. I think it's on both PS3 and 360.
  13. Kevvy Metal

    Doom - 25 years old today

    This DF Retro video on the console ports is great! Worth nothing that the X360 and PS3 versions are actually a bit different with the PS3 version being super cool!

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