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  1. This was literally why I chose to buy a Sega Saturn over the PlayStation back in 1996, because Sony making a console? Yuck! That sounds like it’ll be as bad as the Philips CD-I !
  2. I’m absolutely loving this new play through and my opinion of the game hasn’t changed a single bit since I first played it. Also I very much enjoyed the TadTones. It’s a deliberate change of pace, a palette cleaner between dungeon courses. 3D ZELDA RANKING TIME 1. Breath of the Wild 2. Ocarina of Time 3. Majora’s Mask 4. Skyward Sword 5. Twilight Princess 6. Wind Waker WW has, and always will be in the bottom for me. Absolutely beautiful aesthetic married to some very slight content. It’s still great of course!
  3. This is PSN+ rather than PS Now? This is a very shit month, far more so than usual
  4. I recently played through this all in couch coop and it’s honestly proper GOTY contender. It’s incredibly well paced and constantly entertaining and I couldn’t recommend it enough!
  5. I strongly disagree with John Lineman’s comments on the controls here, while agreeing that yes, you need to calibrate the centering on the Switch version MORE than you do on the Wii version. Which makes me actually like the Switch motion controls LESS! The Right stick camera control is absolutely not important - or at least isn’t for me - and the game was designed with Z-targeting camera placement in mind. I use that then let the camera follow link just like in the original and it works just as well as ever. The right stick camera option I only use when surveying a room, it’s totally not necessary to be engaged all of the time and the sword actions on the buttons work SO much better… so much better! Ive noted that if you engage the L button right stick camera, then disengage it won’t automatically start following link again. You have to do a further Z reset.
  6. I absolutely love this, even more than I remembered! What was always my favourite thing with this game was that it felt like a reimagining - in 3D - of the likes of LTTP or LA, where there’s not so much of a distinction between the open world and the dungeons. The open world is a dungeon, with loads of chunky design elements and shortcuts to unlock. I tried out the motion controls (which I never had a problem with) but I far prefer the new “buttons only” controls and the sword slashing on the Right Stick. Feels tactile and you still get all the slash direction strategies. It’s so good having it on a hand held, still firmly my favourite of the GameCube/Wii Zelda games.
  7. It’s so good at 4K/60fps, I’m a bit concerned that the upgrade might be a step back, maybe new bugs introduced or unwanted artistic changes. This is where smart delivery might mean you lose access to the prior version as soon as the new one is released! I’m not sure I like that.
  8. I reckon, going by the prior gameplay reveal, the elevator pitch OG the game is basically “Breath of the Wild x Halo” going for a massive open world with dynamic objectives. This is probably a task that looks like they’ve bitten of more than they can chew.
  9. What we need for maximum 2011 rllmuk thread nostalgia is the trifecta of Moz, Napole0n and Joyrex to return and constantly dump on the game ad nauseam.
  10. Buy another Saturn! I have three of them, for example. @Jei on this very forum sold me a barebones JP one without a drive specifically for ODE fun.
  11. Sell some stuff and get a Terraonion MODE.
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