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  1. I often deliberately don't fast travel - or at least - fast travel to a location half way there, as I love traversing through the beautiful scenery. I feel it's totally part of the actual game, much like Breath of the Wild, where the atmosphere and it's chill out vibe is half the experience. I also absolutely loved Death Stranding for this. GOT is very sereen and chilled out, punctuated with the combat that when played well is nicely measured and impactful with each strike. It's easily one of the best games I've played this year.
  2. I've been hard in for this, until last week where I just thought I really don't need it. I have a Gamecube with a Gameboy Player, GBI and a CRT and It amazing, and I really don't need to get this as well.
  3. I would agree with this aye! Once you're tooled up and unlocked a whole bunch of stuff from the character progression trees and all that, it really gets into the flow of a fun sand-box game. It was one of my favourite games from last year absolutely, but it totally took a good while to get cooking.
  4. I love both, but preferred Zelda.
  5. RGB modded N64's can have a dark image without an RGB amp. I have a Tim Worthington RGB mod in mine with the RGB amp and it looks glorious.
  6. UK gamer poll, 1/2 of those asked plan to buy a next-gen console within 3 months of launch with 84% anticipating PS5 and 15% for Xbox series X. https://www.mcvuk.com/business-news/over-half-of-gamers-intend-to-buy-a-next-gen-console-within-three-months-of-launch-with-the-ps5-the-clear-favourite/amp/
  7. I have the plus version. It's got bug fixes, online (which obvs doesn't work) and analogue pad support. It's a slightly better re-release. It's nothing like the complete rework of the 2nd version of Daytona.
  8. Moon Pirates & Space Monkeys are purely there to give the film some action beats and wake up the audience, but they come out of nowhere, go nowhere and feel totally stupid & contrived. Man, it’s sooo shit.
  9. I also very strongly disagree. Which means I agree with Mr. Gerbik...if that makes sense...
  10. I also own original games, which I plug into the NES cart slot. I have an Everdrive which i use on both my AV Famicom and the Retro USB. Nice try, but it's a new slot that just needs a bit of use.
  11. It's still just a brand new cartridge slot. Use it more.
  12. The slots are just new, unlike every NES that’s had millions of carts rammed in them. I’ve used an Everdrive with mine with absolutely zero problems.
  13. The retroUSB AVS is great and a far more affordable solution. I have one and enjoy it very much. https://www.retrousb.com/index.php?cPath=36
  14. I love me a bit of Hard Sci-fi and was absolutely going to see this in the cinema - sold off the trailer - but never got round to it. Watched it the other night, and yes. It's utterly fucking woeful. Been a while that I've seen a film quite this crap.
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