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  1. ...or spending more time modding it than playing it.
  2. I will pour one out for Davos if he has to eat a ban, but I do wish that kinda silly rule wasn’t in place. Call someone a cunt or tell them to fuck off and that’s you, sometimes out of context. There’s been many times I’ve wished I could deploy it, so hats off to Davos. A hero.
  3. Wait...I interpreted the Bruce Lee bit to be Cliff day dreaming, it hard cuts to him on the roof doing Rick’s dirty work rather than being on set. That was why it was so ott.
  4. Byleth is awesome, why the sadness?
  5. Loved me that EDGE 6/10 delivery game!
  6. Death Stranding is by far and away my GOTY, and I found Star Wars to be... fine. It's quite unfinished and a bit of a very poor man's Sekiro. I can't agree that Control's combat is lackluster. It's not at all and I'd even go as far as to say that it's combat sandbox is the main draw. There is a bit of an idiosyncrasy with it that I noticed early on though, basically you really don't want to be aiming down the sights unless you're shooting at a distinctly far off target. There's a nicely tuned helping of sticky reticle auto aim when shooting "from the hip" and when ADS there's pretty much none. There's loads of combat in the game too.
  7. Also, so fuck? How long have Nintendo used their Logo? They always have.
  8. You could get it now, enjoy it and upgrade to whatever new Xbox system that suits you in a couple of years? Likely trade in the Xbox One X to get some money off the newer machine. I personally usually get a next Gen console 1 year after release, around Black Friday time and will be doing so again. At that point the thing is no longer in that "new tech" zone of over pricing and has a fair amount of software on the go.
  9. Has no-body ever read rllmuk GOTY stuff before? When Wiper did the whole thing it was absolutely brutal. i never agreed with the approach, and it used to wind me right up but have since used it as a learning lesson that not everyone has the same opinion as you and that's fine, even if they are incredibly wrong. See also every Star Wars thread in the films folder. If you didn't have a GOTY thread contributor write a little something about each game then it would just be... a dry list?
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