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  1. I had almost expected them to get rid of Games with Gold, put far more of a focus on Game Pass as their subscription service and get rid of Xbox Live Gold entirely, make the online gaming portion free. This completely boggles the mind as to why they would do this. Even having weird multiple subscriptions is confusing to the general punter, so why not consolidate?
  2. A £10 increase in August after MS literally did the same before them. Not quite the same as bumping it to *checks notes* £86!!
  3. None, they just offer the same thing for literally half the price.
  4. ...as mentioned in the other thread, a huge number of users just want to play COD/FIFA/Fortnite and have no interest in an "all you can eat" games service.
  5. Worth noting that this has just been announced for the US Market. UK/Europe markets get their own price adjustments. Going by this eurogamer article. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-22-microsoft-announces-xbox-live-gold-price-hike#comments ...so it *might* be the case that there's no change at all in the UK or Europe... but still! thinking holistically, a price increase from $60 to $120 in the US is absolutely insane. edit...maybe I'm wrong and it is getting a global price hike.
  6. Yikes! I've been eyeing up the GPU trick for a while now, but wanted to actually get my hands on a XsX before subscribing to it all. I can't imagine the -lots of- people who buy a console to just play basically COD/FIFA/Fortnite and have no interest in Gamepass being all that happy.
  7. One of the greatest videogames ever made, and continues to be. This version has an alternative movement option as well as the original tank controls.
  8. No, in practice it's a tiny difference. It's plain to see that all three versions are very good, and very close. I was pointing out that there is a performance advantage on the PS5, which no one was talking about. It's been a while since I was involved in game development, but the frequency of Xbox titles going for a higher resolution really seems like a certification requirement. Maybe not, but it's so frequent.
  9. I was originally commenting on this summary of the video, which is a bit selective, as it choses to omit performance. It's actually - Series x - 4k, 60 fps with dips Series s - 1080p, 60 fps with dips PS5 - 1800p, locked 60 fps My prior jobs have been working as a developer for Microsoft first party titles, such as Crackdown 2 & 3, and the Master chief collection, so have familiarity with their certification process. I'm fairly certain, going forward this is going to be a very frequent occurrence, where the Xbox version shoots for that 4K resolutio
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