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  1. We've had it before actually. My pick is a controversial one, which is the Extended Cuts of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. It is true that almost ever additional scene in there is really cool and interesting - which might give a false impression - but the structure and the pace of the films are completely ruined with all this extra stuff in there... especially as it's giving constant repeat information, I think possibly by design as Peter Jackson could cut lesser scenes and keep vital plot details intact in other scenes. There's so much repeat set up for Boromir for example.
  2. Why not both this time out? This is what I've done as it's nice having options. You're a big fan of FF7r no? There's that new update to it coming soon and I imagine when part 2 is launched it'll have the same exclusive window as the prior. To avoid these issues on PlayStation (as much as you can), stick to physical disc purchases on that machine.
  3. I own an NTSC-J machine, that has one mod which is a Tim Worthington RGB board. It has an Everdrive 3.0 and plays every rom.
  4. I love Day's Gone, but I would rather they took everything they built from that game and used it to make something a little fresher. Yes, the settings and - elevator pitch - of the whole game feels a bit of a Frankenstein of other games from PlayStation Studios. ...but I'd like to see them get the support they need to make something cool, and not just sidelined as a support studio as suggested by that "report".
  5. As mentioned, it was a genuine misunderstanding and I do apologise, but I didn't want to delete the post as it was unfair and basically wanted to own it and not just delete it out of existence. Your posts don't annoy me for what it's worth, you just bore the brunt of a feeling of sometimes not quite seeing eye to eye with the general rllmuk vibe, which can be quite "complaint" driven, and negative... rather than how I remember it to be, which was a little more celebratory. But that's from my point of view, and people are obviously totally entitled to all and any opinion, I'm not trying t
  6. No, the Vita wasn’t dead. Games were still being made and released for it and this store shut-down came out of the blue for the devs & publishers! Audi from DF has talked about it. I find the suddenness of the closure really quite crazy, even the Wii store got a full year’s heads up!
  7. Ah! In that case I do apologies to Moosegrinder, if it was actually intended at your post! Certainly, in this case quoting would help! I guess I'm a little short with this stuff, as I'm finding some of the rllmuk vibes to be a bit grating and negative, very much of recent. ...really down on games that I often wish I could be playing right now, but most of the time I'm stuck at work during the day. Opinions are opinions though and I'm not trying to police anything, people are of course entitled.
  8. Just laughing at my post it’s really very helpful no? It just comes across as rude. I was offering another perspective that might result in discussion with some who don’t agree with the OP. For what it’s worth I would clump yourself together with a few other poster’s who’s constant “discerning viewpoint” I find to be quite grating.
  9. Games are better than ever, the last generation was by far the best for me and this next one has only just started.
  10. Hopefully to PSVR2. I also hope that the RE4 remake rumours were actually reporting on this VR version. Capcom need to get on Code Veronica remake, not RE4!
  11. Man, I remember doing small things in the game, like putting it on easy - so I wouldn't die immediately - then just moving the targeting reticule over the Covenant and observing that the targeting speed would slow down just a little when the enemy was in the sights....or the fact that this would only happen when the enemy was in range and the reticule would turn red. It was an absolute revolution in "game feel" and I was marveled at it.
  12. I don't really doubt that the fix works. I mainly wanted to make a joke about Angel's "excellent" advice.
  13. Sounds like the time Angel (who?) was persuading people to remove the rubber from the sixaxis sticks with a knife to improve the grip. It did not improve the grip.
  14. Where are the normal places on the internet? Here?! ...err...
  15. I've got one, they're already out. I bought it for RRP off Amazon. They're prob just completely sold out, like everything is.
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