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  1. Don’t play Castlevania 4 whatever you do! Rllmuk will cry at the frame-rate when you chop up the sand people! ...or do anything really!
  2. Absolutely worth bumping the thread for!
  3. Unless you count having games that are PAL optimised in terms of resolution (but obviously not refresh and frame-rate) having terrible overscan that hides loads of the screen...as suffering. https://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/post/146372446412/the-complete-european-sega-saturn-60hz-guide-to
  4. I have this - http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/pre-order-gscartsw_lite/ It's amazing and will solve any issues you might have with sync. Go big or go home imo.
  5. It will be a rare release. That’s all this collecting malarkey is about and why I dislike it so. I got a Jap copy recently for about £15 in perfect condition, and it’s not in horrible 50 hz.
  6. I follow that Colt guy on Twitter. He's an absolute fucking clown.
  7. Heeey! Sonic 4 actually came out and Eurogamer gave it 9/10 remember!
  8. Apart from the - completely apparent even by just looking at the frame-rate graph - constant frame pacing issue.
  9. Reviews are borderline pointless in 2019.
  10. Hard Corps is incredible in its Japanese incarnation and broken hard in its western one.
  11. I loved this film as a kid, and the sheer crazyness of it all, especially towards the end. That sequel though, fucking hell it's got to be one of the worst things I've ever seen.
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