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  1. I also own an LG OLED, and the inbuilt scaler is fucking incredible. The best I've ever seen in any TV. If you think scan lines work and look best at 720p, don't be afraid to use that resolution and let the TV scale. The setting that Lorfarius posted are the Firebrand X ones for 1080p resolution, and they're spot on! I personally don't use scan lines on any flat panel, so I prefer the 1080p settings.
  2. As much as I would not want searing white HUD turned to max on an HDR screen, that's not the colour that fades the pixels the quickest. This problem is present with any streaming platform in HDR, with subtitles. I have to change the colour and opacity so it's not searing white.
  3. Right! Kevtrisgate has been cleared up a bit from Bob at Retro RGB. He reached out the Kevtris and the situation is, that there is now a team of FPGA engineers with Kevtris acting as the lead engineer, therefore giving leadership and guidance to a group of other engineers and this is how things are rolling at Analogue. So he might not of programmed the PC-E core himself but he's certainly overseeing it. This probably also applies to the cores used in the Pocket, as there's quite a lot of them.
  4. I have a theory, that the "mid-gen refresh" machines this gen appeared with the main motivation to "make games look good on 4K sets", or at least that's the case with Sony...who are in the business of selling TV's too and likely wanted some games content that looked really good at 4K. Microsoft responded with the XOX which was almost an opportunity to relaunch the console with a games first focus and everything that they've been building up to now. Sony did something similar with the PS3 Slim being a bit of an image refresh. In short, I'm taking a hunch on there not being a mi
  5. You could also right now get the Series S, and enjoy that right now a next gen machine for £250 and it'll look great on your 1080p TV. If an upgrade to a Series X is desired even a couple years down the line, I'd imagine the upgrade process would be pretty painless.
  6. If you love scan-lines, the AVS has one of the best implementation of them. It's a slider in the menu so you can get the opacity of them set to however you like, and also they look just the right thickness with the 720p output. I've found Game Gear and Master System games to look particularly not set right on the Mega SG, with a lot of blank screen left unused till you tweak the whole thing. Luckily there's a Firebrand cheat sheet for all this, but setting it each time the fireware updates can be a right PITA
  7. Is the "you're wrong hah!" really necessary? Well, if you're wanting to be pedantic, I'll re-phrase it as it's set with a very usable setup straight out of the box, with 720p being the most useful and compatible resolution for scaling to any TV, and the best resolution for using scanlines where they look correct and interpolation set for just the horizonal axis exactly as you'd want. It's a bit more like using the RetroTink 2x which has everything you need straight out the box in comparison to the OSSC with it's highly customisable processing. It's certainly easier than having
  8. Conversely, I've had one since launch and I could not recommend it enough. Highly accurate FPGA solution with zero lag, and looks fantastic at 720p with horizontal interpolation. It's basically set just right out of the box, which is never the case with the Analogue products that need tweaking to get them just right, and then it resets with every firmware update. I've never had a single problem with either the NES or Famicom cart slots, although I've read that some short pin carts don't work correctly in the NES slot, which RetroUSB offered a replacement plug-in slot for free
  9. I bought - and still own - an AV Famicom with the RGB board bought from that very place. Good customer service. The mod is fanfuckingtastic and looks incredible. I also run it into a PVM and OSSC simultaneously, and it looks incredible. I also own a RetroUSB AVS, which is a very well made and well programmed FPGA alternative to the Analogue NT.
  10. Ditfive! Im pretty much jonesin’ for the PS5 at this point!
  11. I really wouldn’t give any credence to the opinion of someone who’s literal job is to be reductive and cynical about absolutely everything.
  12. It was me that said that! Yes, lots of Japanese games seemed to have been designed with a scripted or semi auto camera in mind, and if you don’t fight it, you’ll have a much better time. See also - DMC, Bayonetta, The Last Guardian... lots of games.
  13. They literally said that the OS in the video wasn't up to date, could change and "may have some wrinkles" right at the start. Also, are people forgetting the state of the Xbox One OS on launch? Where the engineers took bets on it even working in time?
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