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  1. This is absolutely not true. I recently finished both Zero and Super and they are way, way, way easier than Dread. Super becomes an absolute cake walk towards the end, and zero is not a hard game at all!
  2. I've said this before... the current version of the Witcher 3 is awesome on Xbox Series X. It runs at 60 fps, all the time and I think it 4K? It looks amazing, and it a well functioning and mature peice of software. With the "smart delivery" system, I'm not sure I want CDPR deploying a broken early access version of the "next-gen" game over the top of it!
  3. Like announcing out of nowhere that a long rumoured vapourware game actually exists, and it revitalises a franchise and is the GOTY? Amazing! I’m totally expecting nothing less than Half-Life 3
  4. Immediately do a fast 100% run... Then a hard mode run! If you're loving the game (like I am) don't drop and move on. NG+ time!
  5. I'm almost certain that it used to be a month's head's up. As much as Gamepass is cool, this is my slight friction with it. I'm a player who tends to have just a couple of games on the go and plays them to completion... so there's been quite a few periods where I'm not really playing anything on gamepass even though there's lots I do want to play. It's time that's the premium and I absolutely have less fun having multiple games on the go and dipping in and out and not wrapping them up. I've always got an eye on that "Leaving soon" section, in case something I want to play is leaving. It's even got me coughing up to buy certain things that are leaving soon... like The Messenger. I just finished the whole Mass Effect trilogy on XsX and it was properly glorious... then followed by Horizon: Zero Dawn and Metroid Dread. Something on Gamepass will probably be next. I did play through 12 Minutes and really enjoyed it, even if I seem to be one of the few.
  6. I've been slowly working my way through TNG, and currently up to the end of S4. The jump in quality for S3 is truly massive. Once it starts, it's pretty much hit after hit... all the way through both S3 & S4. S1 is an outliner. It looks different with literally everything being on set, and is a fairly dull "reboot" of TOS in tone, I feel. It's fine, but consistantly quite boring. S2 is probably worse, with some absolute howlers, like that first episode with Troi's Alien-baby. But then, it's got some absolutely incredible episodes like - of course - Measure of a Man. Time Squared is great too. But loads are absolute dump. ...although! Polaski > Crusher. ...or need some chocolate.
  7. Once you’re caught, you’re basically dead, but nailing the party feels fucking awesome, which is the point. It gives you then another chance at survival. …and you’re not meant to get caught in the first place.
  8. I focussed almost everything on new games - even though I have a nice retro solution, the new is the thing that interests me the most… and I don’t think we’ve had it as good as now. The biggest change in my gaming habits is I stopped dropping games too quickly and frequently and find really concentrating on what’s good about a game I enjoy and seeing it through to the credits. I finish and/or Platinum more games that ever and I love doing it. I also try to have fewer games on the go at one time. Just a bit of patience and I enjoy myself even more.
  9. Odyssey is almost certainly my favourite of the 3D Mario games.
  10. I've been assembling my retro set-up over the last 6 years and you used to be able to easily aquire an NTSC N64 in great condition. I got my NTSC-J unit plus 2 immaculate pads off this very forum for £60 maybe? something like that but that was 2016 or so. Retro prices have gone through the room in recent times and it doesn't look that cheap any more. ...also, after aquiring the console you should then get an Everdrive and never look back
  11. The fixed camera Resident Evil games are pretty much Metroidvania’s if you think about it…
  12. Hey Bulldog is on there, and an absolute choice cut. It’s also the one song that’s pretty much responsible for ELO’s entire career.
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