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  1. When you play a PS4 game, the game is actually downloaded yeah? None of this streaming business, unless you're playing a PS3 game?
  2. Worth pointing out that they properly labelled that controller a concept and it was maybe...18 months prior to launch? The PS CEO man recently said that PS5 launch for “holiday 2020” is still the plan, so it’s only 7 months away!
  3. I gave it a bit of a google and it looks like they've not confirmed that yet? I might have dreamed it or something.
  4. That sounds like pretty bad luck because the two I use work extremely well, although I’ve had three pads in total and the first one just fell apart in no time. My current two are a Black v2 and the 25th anniversary one. Both are pretty much the most durable pads I’ve ever had. In saying that, I have two.. not for 2 player but to have one constantly on charge because of the shit battery. That’s number one improvement I’d like to see with this new one. The voice comm inbuilt mic is a GREAT idea though!
  5. I think they mean "base controller" as in the plain black one that comes in the box.
  6. PSVR is unbelievable. It is of course, going to be entirely optional. I think the new controller looks cool aye! I quite like the slim nature of the DS4, which fits my Trump hands nicely... and this one looks a bit bigger. Cool aesthetic though.
  7. RE2R is a 9/10 experience for me, and I loved drinking it all in, but the things that RE3R have “lost” is what actually makes it good with it’s own flavour for me. It’s at least an “8/10” for me, if not the same score. A big gold star or “Recommended” or whatever for them both! I don’t feel RE3R is the lesser game or gimped.
  8. In a world of 100+ hour mega games.. this is exactly what I’ve been wanting. Short and to the point like games used to be with speed running potential. Platinum trophy might actually be achievable unlike some other games that require you to new game + something with a huge play time
  9. I'm also loving this game, Resident Evil 3 Remake. It's been a good few years since I last played the original, so no idea how close I am to the end but I imagine I don't have a whole lot left. I really, really like that it's not exactly like RE2R. I like it's much, much faster pace and that the Nemesis encounters are a bit more cinematic, especially in comparison to Mr. X. If they made the game too puzzle heavy, it wouldn't be like RE3 and would be too much just like RE2R... and if Nemesis was just like Mr. X, he'd be just like Mr. X! I like what they've done here with the game. It's faster and tighter and it just asking to be sped run.
  10. RE5 is one of the best games ever, IF played in Co-op. Otherwise it's quite frustrating with an idiot AI partner. In Co-op it's super fun. RE6 is totally stupid, and super long. It's great if you're willing to put in the time to learn how to play it to it's fullest potential. It's prob better in Co-op too. The Switch port is - apparently - a bit undercooked according to DF. The PS4/bone/PC version is prob the one to get.
  11. Ah I see! I do very much agree that RE6 is a blast, it’s a totally Barmy action game that has to be tongue in cheek.
  12. Now, as much as I LOVE RE6, and I do love RE6... I think this patching business with the game is kinda...all in your head? The PS4 version is higher res and 60 FPS but it’s really no different to what launched on the PS360
  13. I’ve read you say that before in this thread I think... and I just have to really strongly disagree. The main story for me is the main draw! and it’s excellent and silly and melodramatic and amazing, I especially found in YK. Don't get me wrong, the side missions are beautifully daft and great, but for me they’re palette cleansers to the main attraction.
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