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  1. Everyone do this and show us how many CoD hours we’ve all put in! https://wrapup.playstation.com
  2. Obvious Day 1 server dramas not letting you in. Is this worth keep hammering the OK button for? I thought Rainbow Six games were all about shooting brown people/freedom haters so intrigued by this premise.
  3. Reminder, you can try out the max powered weapons by doing the challenges at the console. Remember the envy and power fantasy the first time I got hold of double turret Hollowseeker when all I was used to was Level 5 pistols
  4. probably but it would be a wild piece of knowledge to know they have different studios yet not know the publisher. I choose to believe he thinks they put out the same CoD every year lol
  5. Most people aren’t in tune with what’s going on. It’s like asking them who their favourite movie studio is. The casuals will just keep buying PlayStations to play CoD until they can’t. I can see PS6s being fucked unless they change their strategy but not at the moment.
  6. Copium? It’s not unrealistic to imagine people who play one thing only. E.g I know plenty of 24/7 Destiny nerds who know nothing of other games. Maybe it’s time, sunk cost, obsession or finances. Anecdote- I tried to laugh at a CoD exclusive player I know and this was the chat (he still won’t buy my spare series s for half price)
  7. If I only play one game and one game only (and these people definitely exist) it may feel like being the biggest High School Musical fan and subscribing to Disney+ purely for High School Musical content instead of just buying the DVDs.
  8. Is it really an appealing deal? £70 to keep vs £15 a month for as long as you subscribe? Don’t forget we are talking about those who only play CoD and nothing else.
  9. Old enough to remember the great Forza Early Access scandal as well as their £2.50 map unlocks. Micro transactions and DLC are not core to the experience but we can’t be certain that MS isn’t trying to make whales out of all us and playing on your FOMO to recoup costs where they can.
  10. Hah it’s the yellow ticker on Sky News at the moment, pushing out all the current affairs dramas. Thing is we can Fantasy Football buy a bunch of possible games companies on behalf of Sony, won’t be as big as buying the makers of Candy Crush
  11. yeah depends how much they are losing with this loophole. Eventually we’ll be unable to stack and we will all have to pay the full price. But if they keep adding and adding IP then full price will be acceptable or people will have to make choices (see you later Apple Arcade subscription).
  12. How many Rewards points is $70 billion though
  13. Challenge of reacting to this news, whilst it may be a little hilarious, without pushing it through the prism of what Sony are doing lads. However, we know so many casuals who only play CoD and CoD only now without a console to play it on if they went all in on PS5s. There’s also no way GP is going to cost £30 a year at this rate.
  14. Buying companies to detoxify them is the best kind of takeover however. Haven’t played a AB game for ages
  15. Lol is it ok to unboycott Activision Blizzard now? Same with Bethesda, sounds amazing but there’s nothing in the IP library (apart from Titanfall 3) that appeals.
  16. Anyone fancy a raid today at 6? Either Garden of Salvation or Deep Stone Crypt and VoG. Need one possibly two. No exp required.
  17. Who decided that this, designed for word processing and spreadsheets, an unergonomic lawsuit in waiting, sitting upright in a very specific way so you don’t get RSI, was a viable method to control anything? Controllers are supposed to be an extension of your body, the interface mimicking the movements of a person, a steering wheel or the spaceship. When using a keyboard and mouse, how are you supposed to feel like you are conquering worlds? Only the world where doing data entry is king. It has hundreds of buttons!
  18. Thanks for that info. It’s the same with Hades and Streets of Rage. Caned them on something else but no way am I starting from zero again (maybe I will).
  19. Is Hitman cross platform save? Remember the admin convolution of getting the cross gen save working on PS so will definitely be looking forward to doing that again.
  20. It may be ok as we’re now all essentially playing with 5 mod slots, but yeah that’ll only work if they make the costs of inserting them cheaper. Still a hassle tho. They need some sort of automated thing like how you auto tune your car in racers for those who really can’t be bothered with mods.
  21. Happy to help if you see me on (and you don’t get someone who hasn’t done all that stuff yet). yeah that masterwork bobbins sounds nonsense. I don’t want to feel like the 3000 headshots I had to get for the Sleeper catalyst is now wasted effort. But on the other hand, I’d like some more of the yellow guns to shit out orbs.
  22. I mean fuck it, 45 minutes of my day once a week, not really expecting much. Is what it is, a reaffirmation that Boba Fett is the most ridiculously overrated character in all of the Star Wars. And to be fair if we are gonna be stuck on drab sandy Tatooine again and again, at least they are bringing us some primary colours this time. Hopefully he’s gonna proper smash some shit up in the future with his new gang of street kids
  23. Anal sex is hilarious, we get it.
  24. mario kart tour does rpg. There’s no way you can nonstop combo your way through courses without 1. An rng cart 2. Levelling up (also since we are here, please please please two more people add me so I can get a challenge done 385883037886)
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