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  1. Simplest solution is to steam all your games on Xbox and buy all your games on PlayStation but I guess this place ain’t there yet.
  2. The good Boba Fett! Halo! Dumping all your shit in the hold like a Ryanair luggage limit! This is Podracing! It’s like they made the first four episodes and old Boba Fett intentionally lame just so you can marvel at the obvious upgrade again.
  3. Aloy15 code will knock a tenner off RRP in Currys if you are not into £70 games
  4. Dunno, just playing Fantasy Super-corporate Strategies like most in here.
  5. Haven’t we determined that CoD is irrelevant and we should brace ourselves for the shitstorm from the phone fanboys when they take Candy Crush off the App Store and make it exclusive to the Gamepass mobile app/windows mobile
  6. Or 1/18th of ending world hunger for good according to Bill
  7. Ha no, it’s the exact opposite, I’d imagine a significant number are aware of £30+£1 and Microsoft are for now, in collecting the numbers needed for “scale”, willing to take the hit on. That’s not the price of games though
  8. Well I pay about £40 a month for Sports. I’d probably be happy with £20 and still think GP was a deal (as long as it keeps it’s existing output).
  9. check out Mr Business Businessman here, it’s not the insult you think it is. I don’t think it that controversial to consider whether we are we still in the introductory offer stage of the Gamepass project and not what the long term price to consumer and to other providers will be. It certainly won’t be £30 + £1 a year.
  10. lol? The gist of that gamefaqs post was that Sony and Nintendo always used to ‘moneyhat’ it’s exclusives in the past so why not Microsoft. It’s not unreasonable to point out that Sony and Nintendo’s investments were in the context of computer game supremacy and the $ involved reflects that. As we are all keen to acknowledge, MS ambitions are beyond that, and unsustainable if they were intending to make money off Xbox sales.
  11. yeah. But regardless of their end objective, we are all being subsidised to play Gamepass so always find the “best value in gaming” line to also be shallow and short term
  12. yeah I think this purchase is mostly not about Xbox Series X. In fact getting Microsoft into the hands of everyone has been the same strategy since the start, just poorly communicated for the XBO. Maybe the judge ruling in Apple v Epic have given them a framework for a strategy to go all in and also get some of that sweet 30% pay to win dollar too.
  13. Saw a thing about how Minidisc actually did all right in Japan. Loved my little massive Denon import that I couldn’t charge up due to lack of Japanese charger. But still cooler than a Zune.
  14. You don’t become trillionaires by wiping out £70 billion purchases. How will they make all their money back? “More subscribers” seems the go to, but that’s an awful lot of subscribers they will need at the current pricing and loopholes. Maybe they can sell all that data they’ve been gathering about our cake preferences from the Microsoft Rewards daily quizzes.
  15. With Sony it is a fair competition and sustainable in the market it was in, they built up that position though brand cachet and eventually, games. Did they piss up all their Walkman profits propping up SCIE? If anything it’s the opposite. The market is distorted with Microsoft, they are subsidised by their dominance elsewhere and the numbers being spent is not supported within its own industry. Enjoy it whilst it lasts (and I will, this months GP absolutely bangs) but £70 billion plus the rest is a lot to make up.
  16. I boycott Uber as even when it launched with its £2 fares we could all tell what it was trying to do, massive subsidies to kill the competition. Well it’s done that and now Uber is overcharging as it wants. They will all get you eventually, all the tech companies do it, even Disney went up £20 in a year. Yes yes yes GP is amazing value at the moment, it’s not going to last forever, imagine reacting with so much joy that your favourite company smashed £70 billion on games you don’t really play and thinking they won’t try recoup those costs elsewhere.
  17. Imagine if Sony just took it out of the algorithm to save on the lols. I have a suspect feeling about Horizon Zero Dawn being 5th most played on my list 2 weeks before the sequel releases. I only played the DLC this year and no way way that was 25 hours worth of DLC
  18. I was logged in already so took me direct to my results
  19. Everyone do this and show us how many CoD hours we’ve all put in! https://wrapup.playstation.com
  20. Obvious Day 1 server dramas not letting you in. Is this worth keep hammering the OK button for? I thought Rainbow Six games were all about shooting brown people/freedom haters so intrigued by this premise.
  21. Reminder, you can try out the max powered weapons by doing the challenges at the console. Remember the envy and power fantasy the first time I got hold of double turret Hollowseeker when all I was used to was Level 5 pistols
  22. probably but it would be a wild piece of knowledge to know they have different studios yet not know the publisher. I choose to believe he thinks they put out the same CoD every year lol
  23. Most people aren’t in tune with what’s going on. It’s like asking them who their favourite movie studio is. The casuals will just keep buying PlayStations to play CoD until they can’t. I can see PS6s being fucked unless they change their strategy but not at the moment.
  24. Copium? It’s not unrealistic to imagine people who play one thing only. E.g I know plenty of 24/7 Destiny nerds who know nothing of other games. Maybe it’s time, sunk cost, obsession or finances. Anecdote- I tried to laugh at a CoD exclusive player I know and this was the chat (he still won’t buy my spare series s for half price)
  25. If I only play one game and one game only (and these people definitely exist) it may feel like being the biggest High School Musical fan and subscribing to Disney+ purely for High School Musical content instead of just buying the DVDs.
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