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  1. Ha they gave me my first Thorn today. So pointless. But I do have a big red dragon on my banner though, which is amazing!
  2. BOUNTY SEEKER MIKEYLROCKS, THE HELLMOUTH RAIDER Boring! Top 1% for crucible and iron banner though. That's a high five victory for perseverance. Ready to get back into this after stressing that I wouldn't finish off Metal Gear in time. Question, if I bought this using my HK account, I can still play TKK on my normal PSN profile right? Everything TKK was locked out last night, asking me to purchase
  3. On Tuesday I was well livid that the 2 buddies I mega carried through a nightfall both got etherics and I ended up with coins. Come Friday its Karma Chamellarhorn. It comes and goes
  4. Were the betas selected at random? I've been lying to anyone who'd listen that's it's based on PSN history plus all the rep I accumulated on II at the Mumbles beach arcade all those summers ago
  5. Just did Qodron for the first time with a guy who didn't speak English and a guy who didn't have a mic. Took us about 5-6 goes before we figured out to sulk in the left corner, and rotate roles to admin the crowd, pile on the silver goblin asap and chip away with snipers and rockets (Efrideets Spear was taking good chunks out of him). Thought it was loads of fun.
  6. I usually love the Iron Banner, but as a level 32, I'm gonna get pumped this time around aren't I? He better be selling some top armour
  7. Yeah loved that. Thanks for nursing my 32.5 hunter and his peashooters through it all. The gun is great, perks ain't all that but has great stability to just knock out headshots over and over. Makes we wonder why I've been fighting against a Ghelons Demise all this time. ^Sbrandon- up for 32 PoE
  8. Cool! Yeah I'm still a 32.5 so will need to get that Armour Core for 33 and to be alright at the LV 34 PoE. Not sure if I'm around at 1 yet. Just switched on now
  9. ^ I'm around for any sort of threesome guys. Add me Mikeylrocks on psn or if you see me online. Need to get an armour core at least. Thanks!
  10. I'm 6 radiants away from 32. Been a bit of a slog, but as soon as you get your first purple you're well on your way. Did it with two Iron Banner pieces, a lucky engram exotic helmet and although I haven't completed a raid from start to finish, the one time I cleared the bridge section it dropped the chest I needed. So probably in three weeks time, after doing the first freebie chest on Crota raid three times, I'll finally be ready to join the big boys club!
  11. If you don't mind babysitting (not done the middle bits before) I'm up for it later! 31.5 hunter mikeylrocks
  12. Worse thing I've done soaked in gin! Was thinking for ages why the Plug One.1 fusion rifle was so happy to give up 4 Radiant Energies
  13. Never play destiny drunk. Woke up this morning to find that I sharded my Black Hammer thinking it was a vendor weapon. Full of morning after regret
  14. ^ gonna add you and anyone else. I got to 31.5 through mostly a lot of solo grinding and crucible so would be happy to shepard through any tricky missions
  15. Ah, maybe playing footie till about 11 Thursday. But I'm always on, grinding away. Jump in/send invite anytime. I have good guns and a shit aim
  16. I'd be up for any raids anytime if anyone will have me. I've done the boss but everything else I've not seen! Also never finished VOG Lv 31 hunter psn: mikeylrocks
  17. Haha. I've rarely done raids so when I was invited to do the last boss on Crota's End and was told to wait whilst a teammate went to "pull the plug", I thought they were on about some in-game function under the temple
  18. Is it possible to do the Venus Vault of Glass on your own? I think you gotta stand on the platforms and they turn white? Does it need 3 people? Translation: please help my Lv 26 hunter go shard and energy farming, I'm ps4: mikeylrocks
  19. not sure. I think the NBA app is only a available in a few countries, there's a list of 8-10 countries PS4 supported and US and UK aint on it.
  20. anyone who fancies the NBA game time app for the PS4 (league pass is on Free Trial this week too), sign up to PSN Hong Kong and download from there. Slow as hell though, maybe my connection. PS4 games are like 30-35 pounds too
  21. Thanks for the Assassin's Creed heads up. In an ideal magical world, it'll be downloaded and waiting for me when I get home. And belated thanks to the cool guys who've added me through the friend thing. Add me @mikeylrocks if you want to see someone be rubbish at NBA 2k
  22. Yep, but make sure you ask for a game with the voucher code inside. It'll have a sticker. The genius who served me refused to believe PS3 to PS4 was possible "because of Gaikai"...
  23. PS4 is in the building! Sanjay you hero. PS3 NBA 2k14 is £20 at Game if you wanna do the upgrade by the way. Was very weird buying last generation on the Day of The Future.
  24. "Your order is due for delivery on 28th November" Shopto, you're blowing my mind. Doubt it'll come tomorrow though, don't think DPD would've picked it up yet?
  25. I've banged in a 2nd PSN Hong Kong account. Dunno if it's good, i.e. How quick games come on (ps4 ain't released there till 17/12), but maybe worth a look as games/ps+ is just as cheap and you get to see the Jap titles too
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