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  1. I need to do VoG to get the gun if there's slots going! I'm about 50% clueless about how the mechanics work though.
  2. I'll take an Oryx Cp if going! Just did the exotic sword strike. It's a bit cunty that quest, there was a random dude going for a Void and two of us were going for Solar. When we both whipped out our fireswords before the boss...he still helped us out though, send him a thanks and offered to run it through again
  3. Something like that yeah! All good in the end tho Done the paradox Ghost shell hunting. Total ballache trying to make sure you never wipe. A fireteam for revives would've been much better.
  4. True, but the first time I killed Crota was when I was invited over to witness the LAN disconnection glitch. For me, it's quite fun strolling though previously tiresome or overwhelming sections just lobbing hammers at everyone. You kinda get some schooling on the mechanics without any pressure now. Does 3 of Coins deliver anything decent from them?
  5. So that's why I was collecting sweets on Destiny all week
  6. What character are you using? Warlocks I found to be relatively slowass compared to the Hunter or Titan. You also get agility exp options when you level up
  7. I'm up for some Spindle action Edge of Tommorow style. Need something to infuse my 1000 yard stare!
  8. Very productive raid today. Thanks guys! Got a Ghost, auto rifle, machine gun, arms, artefact, shader, miniskirt and most imortantly, now access to all my 310 engrams. Lovely. Happy to do trials with any other beginners. My k/d is around 0.8/9 so dunno how miserable that'll be
  9. ^ add me up if you're short!
  10. I'm a tiny tear away from 300 because of a poxy 285 ghost. I'm sure that's not how averages work. I'd literally kill for one. And have done, over and over again
  11. Yeah I'm mad keen on the captures- makes the difference between 100 points per kill and more than double. Part of the problem was that they never mixed the teams up, so kept rolling up with the same mob every game
  12. +2.0 kill ratio for 4 games in a row on IB last night. 4 losses! No idea what the others were playing at... Got a ship and another Titan towel after getting to rank 5. 3 purple drops in total. The pulse rifle looks like a mega balanced Red Death, will probably be ok once I infuse the hell out it
  13. I can play if you need a 295ish virgin Titan to boss around
  14. Thanks for the ps4 Community invite! Loving the Mayhem Clash fists and swords spamming at the moment. What a game mode
  15. Yeah well happy to run through the levels with my levelled up badboys as it's a) quite cool to redo levels that you previously solo'd on you're own and b)the 3 of Coins modifiier makes every boss feel like mom's new boyfriend at Christmas (you might get an awesome pressie, you probably won't)
  16. Something soft like 250! I'm around 290 but get swamped about 2/3rds of the boss down. There's nowhere to hide in that room
  17. Anyone free to help with/need help with level 41 Phobos? It's been kicking my arse
  18. yeah I keep running out of ammo! Might change the perks up. Or get some armour with more auto ammo capacity.
  19. New Suros is lovely I think, now optional to shoot fast and inaccurate or slow and in the face
  20. Ha they gave me my first Thorn today. So pointless. But I do have a big red dragon on my banner though, which is amazing!
  21. BOUNTY SEEKER MIKEYLROCKS, THE HELLMOUTH RAIDER Boring! Top 1% for crucible and iron banner though. That's a high five victory for perseverance. Ready to get back into this after stressing that I wouldn't finish off Metal Gear in time. Question, if I bought this using my HK account, I can still play TKK on my normal PSN profile right? Everything TKK was locked out last night, asking me to purchase
  22. On Tuesday I was well livid that the 2 buddies I mega carried through a nightfall both got etherics and I ended up with coins. Come Friday its Karma Chamellarhorn. It comes and goes
  23. Were the betas selected at random? I've been lying to anyone who'd listen that's it's based on PSN history plus all the rep I accumulated on II at the Mumbles beach arcade all those summers ago
  24. Just did Qodron for the first time with a guy who didn't speak English and a guy who didn't have a mic. Took us about 5-6 goes before we figured out to sulk in the left corner, and rotate roles to admin the crowd, pile on the silver goblin asap and chip away with snipers and rockets (Efrideets Spear was taking good chunks out of him). Thought it was loads of fun.
  25. I usually love the Iron Banner, but as a level 32, I'm gonna get pumped this time around aren't I? He better be selling some top armour
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