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  1. So I bought Megaman ZX legacy collection off the store. Was reminded it was a bit bobbins and actually the Megaman X game I wanted wasn’t in the collection. Still played a level, got an achievement but knew I wasn’t gonna really bother with it so chanced a refund a few hours later. Gotta say, fair play to Microsoft, they put the refund through within 10 minutes.
  2. It should always be one Mario Kart per console. Keeps the player base intact and everyone knows exactly which Mario Kart you are talking about when you rock up for a game.
  3. I’m looking forward to playing some of the Mario Kart Tour tracks on a controller. Some of them are fantastic, the London one where you smash through Spitalfields Market for a start. Is anyone really expecting 48 new tracks to be as polished as the original release ones? That’s two games worth of content they are putting on their Expansion pack. Trojan horse or not, Animal Crossing DLC + Mario Kart + Golden Axe = Gamepass Killer (but not really). Which is good as the AC content was a bit lame and was feeling salty about the £20 I dished out
  4. Those Hive Titans are really stressing me out
  5. mikeyl


    Yes! Like John Wick or Judge Dredd. Also, did Sleeping Dogs catch any of this kinda shit? Maybe not but I remember it being quite authentic, dotted with irrelevant minutiae and local cantohiphop soundtracks.
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    You can’t quote that article without quoting this but tho However, the criticisms others have for the game cannot and should not be written off because, essentially, “Some Chinese people gave it a thumbs up.”
  7. mikeyl


    Is there a game which isn’t “perfect for GP”? Literally said about every game people don’t want to buy on release. Also, can seeing what @Wiper is getting at, whilst not cultural appropriation it’s a form of cultural approximation (cultural tourism?) which could have probably been thought through better. Imagine if Black Panther was made by an all white crew. Beds would’ve been shat on.
  8. This game would be so cool if you could visit each other’s Americas, Animal Crossing style, and go fuck yeah, that’s a nice piece of infrastructure you’ve built over there.
  9. I didn’t understand a thing about that weapon crafting. Sounds like even more additional admin that will put off new/returning players. And then all the nuts will just chase the exact same roll as everyone else anyway. Cheesed the gatekeeper challenge the other day, we are so shit. Great fun though, it’s the kinda stress not seen since Hard Mode D1 raids as 60% of the game you’re just chewing though everything and not worrying about your life. The 40% exotic primary buff is gonna make it even more so.
  10. https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/21q3_sonyspeech.pdf boring ass earnings report, summary - They are into Destiny. Live service live service live service. They actually gonna pay like two billion and the rest is on HR and employee retention because, live service. Only 11.7 million PS5s will be sold in financial year 2021 because chips are down. You all watched Spider-Man. No one is buying a Sony car.
  11. Paid like £90 for the new Destiny on Xbox. That’s a bit less than what Sony paid to get it off Xbox admittedly.
  12. To give new/returning players something to aim for, Destiny should have a mode where, like the start of Metroid or the challenges in Returnal, they give you a locked max curated loadout of the best of everything so you can just smash though a mission feeling like the king they think you could to be but without the 50 hour grind. There’s so much cool stuff in the game which a lot haven’t seen. Also conversely, a pvp mode where you can’t use your fusion rifles.
  13. Remember, if you query what £70 billion gets you its because of the value of the asset and “you know nothing about how a business actually works” but if it’s this lot doing the buying it’s lol they should’ve just put an ad out on reed.com
  14. If you assume they are paying £10 a season every quarter, plus the cosmetics shop and the extra £30 they made everyone pay for one dungeon……..and then the maths are every bit as nonsense as when we were trying to figure out how many Gamepass subs Microsoft needed for their ROI over in the other chat
  15. yeah fuck that it’s based on Reddit impressions or some nonsense. But Bungie did announce a mill’s worth of preorders for the new expansion and that sounds like a lot of crackheads.
  16. https://mmo-population.com/list is this accurate? That’s a lot of whales they can sell PS exclusive Astrobot ghost skins to.
  17. can’t hold it in Donut, buying Destiny on three different platforms every year is unsustainable
  18. Maybe Sony get all those backend studios they hoovered up to make Destiny Content. Which would be excellent. Or Bluepoint to chip in on a remake of Hal- ……Destiny 1!
  19. Bungie keep jumping from rich partner to rich partner, with the next one thinking, “yes maybe this is the one I’ll settle down with and allow me to at my creative best”
  20. basically modern media, clickbaity headline, dig up an ‘analyst’ to support it, become facts.
  21. Don’t think Arcade is that Dead in Japan, arcades seemed buzzing enough when I was around in 2019? Pandemic restrictions must have been a nightmare but the Tokyo City Street Kids and bored businessmen must need something to do to avoid their tiny apartments. And Sega was selling off their buildings to another arcade operator (https://soranews24.com/2022/01/28/sega-name-to-be-removed-from-all-of-its-arcade-branches-in-japan-as-part-of-rebranding/amp/) so maybe years of inaccessible twin stick Gundam fighters to come yet .
  22. lets lol at Microsoft overpaying by 17% not that it means anything to them https://apple.news/AKA_vhntXS5-IHp3Lr5tduQ some analyst lad also doomongering about monopolies. It'll go through. Capitalism always wins.
  23. It’s a bit like HBO max vs Cinema rather than Blockbusters vs Netflix tho isn’t it? So Sony execs will see Spider-Man making the most bank ever for them vs the Matrix and think nah, not for us yet. Also related to nothing, I’ve got too many coffee subscriptions and I’m sitting on a backlog of 3kg worth of beans yet still going into Starbucks every day.
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