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  1. Haha, you were first on the list but was too busy spamming limit breaks in FFVII! Yep would love to see a video of the clutch climax from another perspective other than my dead corpse. Will be up for later (prob after 9) if anyone wants to watch me try grab a gaze for the first time ever
  2. Great stuff on the warpreist lads. Really happy with nearly everyone jumping about 5 light levels for about an hour's work. Not so happy about getting another daft rocket launcher though. Even snuck in carrying a random 290 to bump over Oryx on NM. He must think this raiding lark is easy.
  3. Cool. I'll be logged in on a mo. What's your psn, mine's Mikeylrocks
  4. Yep 9 pm or a touch earlier if I'm back in time. Will try and rope Carlospie, Wretchard and Olimaru from here so may be needing 2 more. No checkpoint, but all decently levelled so should be quickish. And don't want to miss out on the chance for more mouldy shards right!
  5. We need a gang or anyone bored enough to give a helping hand for HM + warpreist challenge before the reset. After 9? Admin in the online folder.
  6. Ah yeah, I'm crying because all the other gear is 310 or over anyway. Guess I could have situational specific clothes, but it's just minor annoying that exotics (and all the admin in getting the Strange Coins so that I could get the Three of Coins so that I could pop for a drop) are mostly as effective as Blues were a month ago
  7. Amazing! What am going to do with four 310 Alpha Lupi(s)
  8. My exotics are all stacked in the vault and ready to decode into all the awesome new old gears
  9. Ahha guys, was doing some Court-related admin whilst seeing who was around to get a raid going - unsuccessfully. Was really empty today.
  10. Oh shit, I thought I sent an invite earlier but it may not have gone through
  11. mikeyl

    VoG - PS4

    Yep I'm good Sunday (we actually did it last night so I got the NTTE bit done- if anybody needs it then I won't be offended to tag out- otherwise happy to do again)
  12. I'm usually available and play fast and loose with Raid group loyalties. See me about pop me an invite
  13. mikeyl

    VoG - PS4

    yeah it's shame they don't just redo the loot table. Do that and they'd double the volume of things to do on Destiny in one stroke.
  14. mikeyl

    VoG - PS4

    yes please, I vaguely know what to do. Gjallahorn everything right?
  15. think we have a normal Oryx or WP on hard we need to clean off?
  16. I feel like I've let you and the LFG redneck down my not staying alive enough through all of the Warpriest encounter. Kyuss, join our group! Guaranteed no-prizes and dying on the same boss for hours on end too. Also up for the old raids if there's any going
  17. For a first timer he did great and we cleaned everyone out more or less first go. Apart from the jumping but that's totally RNG
  18. Haha that was level 320 japes. But yeah running normal is a bit pointless if you're just in it for the loot.
  19. All I'm saying is that, unless they are all just loitering in a room or corridor, it does a degree of skill to clear out more than one or two on a map. It's not just mindless idiots like me pressing one button and hoping everybody dies. You have to judge where people are on the radar, point and shoot, chase, look round corners - all the while the timer is running down. A sniper or a primary can still do you in the back by the time it takes for you to turn around. And one class has to be best at something right?
  20. Hammers are amazing. It's a special move called Supers, not Averages. They should clear house if everyone is grouping together. Much like the Nova Bomb, Bladedance or the Fist of Fury. It's not that easy popping a clanger out in the open too. You'd still have to work for those kills.
  21. I think exotics are guaranteed to drop at 310 when you're above 311 and have a higher chance of dropping at 310 when above 300. Online folder raiding interest check btw. Still need VoG too
  22. Randomly bumped into you on the Banner playlist! You shot me and ran away.
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