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  1. The Court was dropping 334/335 artifacts like sweets the other day (I was 330 at the time).
  2. If you need to rank up Variks for the better chance of loot and for 3 of Coins, advice is to grind PoE today as I doubt the free gift of Small Arms will be there on reset. Also got a PoE exotic (Lord of Wolves etc) after the reward screen each time I completed which was a bit cray. Just concentrate on killing the bosses. Ranking up factions, vanguard and crucible is always dropping stuff we need which is nice. They fixed that for us.
  3. Out of frame were the Fantastic Four and the X-Men watching trailers of upcoming Justice League movies on their Surface Pros
  4. Challenge mode PoE is pretty doss too. Did it first time x3 without dying. It's fun though, if you get that type of satisfaction from score attacks.
  5. Have an oxy CP if you guys wanna rustle up 5/save for later
  6. Gimme a shout if you have something on- need to chump oryx
  7. Done the sword quests? They are pretty grind but the solar uppercut sword never gets old... 310 is pretty tidy level for a HM raid? A few weeks of challenge modes and you'll be shooting straight up the power ranks.
  8. If I'm ever about to be hit by a car and my whole life flashes in front of me, half of it is going to be made up of images of decoding blue engrams at the cryptach. Livid.
  9. ah no worries. Didn't get anything going then my internet started being idiotic. Will see if anythings going on before the reset tho
  10. From about 6:45pm. I've barely been on all week and am allowed a good few hours on this. Anyone up for it?
  11. Something like 300pts for a pick up and 400pts to drop them if they don't make any yards. Fuck it, it'll be fine in a fireteam. We did it not too long ago for the Red Bull quests. Just take it in turns to collect and dunk. I also got a Red Spectre from the weekly the other day so looking forward to taking that out to the banner. It's an amazing high impact high rof auto and absolutely minces everything.
  12. Xx..Rand0m..xX has the spark Xx..Rand0m..xX has lost the spark And repeat. Just let someone who knows what they are doing grab it instead mate...
  13. Yes! We can now form a whole team of 320 defender Titans and never leave our bubbles.
  14. Yes! Finally completed Destiny too. My fireteam are infuriated with me...
  15. Cheers guys- good efficient run, and even Gogo was efficient once we identified the issues and re-assigned some duties over (crikes...Destiny sounds like working).
  16. Yeah, randoms are hit and miss so know what you mean (basically need anyone who's an adult, doesn't demand to go 'left' every time and brings the correct or equivalent equipment and settings along). Got 4 including you so far (we've all played together) so will see. Maybe on a bit earlier in an hour or so.
  17. Anyone working from home/feckless/abroad fancy doing the Gogo challenge today at about 3pm? Need a 320 chest more than anything that exists.
  18. Yeah fireteam + Omnigul strike. Gimme an add if you need a hand Any daytime raiders about for challenge? Don't feel like doing any work today. I'll put something in Online.
  19. Miniskirts? Towels? Nah...SRL gear all the way!
  20. Yep I'm only jesting. Some of my best friends are Warlocks. I would say that Hunter orbs and Titan bubbles provide better utility for others in the raid. And I'm a bit salty as when I mess up on the HM raid I don't have the magical infinite lives cheat mode to save me from forcing a wipe and the disappointed sighs of my peers.
  21. When's the Warlock's me me me self revive ever useful in team activity ha? (ok mass wipe resurrection after we killed the sisters that one time maybe)
  22. Varies between nothing, strange coins, a shit ghost or something decent. Highest I've got recently was a 305 gun or some 309 legs. It's quite random.
  23. Ah yeah the weekly. I used the doctrine trials auto, it proper sprays faces with the bullets. Found the Hand Cannon part the biggest pain. I do like keeping on top of the weekly crucible bounties- means you can pick up your 17 strange coins (or shit ghost) as soon as you log in on Tuesdays.
  24. Yeah I deleted that. You don't need it to unlock the weekly crucible bounty access anymore - think Bungie may have done a half-patch. Which is great because I wasn't looking forward to the next quest step which was probably something stupid like kill 30 guardians with a No Land Beyond or something.
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