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  1. If you can't tell whether it's real or not, does it matter? *Westworld
  2. Spent over an hour taking down a turtle. That's objectively tedious by any measure, but there we go, love it. Of all the games to Platinum, this'll be the first one.
  3. The other big pitch on that video was that they should all dress up as baddies and infiltrate the centre of the Death Star. And then moan that they never see anything new.
  4. Ok cool, £4 million pounds! Shared between Apple, Nintendo and the Irish Government
  5. The online thing is a ballache but can happily load up a level, rinse for green coins between tube stations, update via wifi. Unless you're going through the Eurotunnel.
  6. Rift on your own is...ok. At least if you play well, you can make a significant impact on the score. There will always be goons who don't know what they are doing, but a sneaky slam, stop a runner, take about 10-15 kills, that's more than a third of the points. You'll always win some lose some in these games but I reckon you have more control over the outcome than say, Control.
  7. I think Marvel Comics is feuding with Marvel Films theses days (vs mode) so I think X-Men/Fox characters are back on the table. Never got the Mr Fantastic/Dhalsim obvious re-skin, a fourth would be amazing.
  8. ^ That's some exceptional work. There are a fair few Iron Banner 400s knocking around so 400 is no guarantee of anything at all. Had a brilliant cm fail the other day, got Aksis down to 3.1%, supercharge hurts him by 0.1% which was enough for him to go back to the middle for last stand and wrecking the teleport sequence....cheers Bungie
  9. Did the challenge mode yesterday..... it was alright. Was quite stressful as its absolutely zero room for error, key thing is chat to a minimum, switchers switch and be ready to turn around and leg it to the pad. Wasn't fun like the Oryx challenge modes as Supercharging is a bit of an unnecessary mechanic in the scheme of things.
  10. I should be up for that if you need.
  11. yeah loved the Extremophile, was my go-to from when I was humble and 335 to 385, then weapon snobbery kicked in ("I'm not using something you can buy in a SHOP!") and it got sharded. Your one has a nice roll though! Hidden Hand is like magic.
  12. Was dreaming of some leg engrams. But when he sold arm engrams the other week I bet we all just took the piss. Maybe they can limit them to one and done?
  13. Yeah weird choice, gating off people to either pvp or the raid. Got a 387 rocket launcher and a cool camo ghost from the Dead Orbit package earlier, so ain't too bad and I've got a shed tonne of Spinmetal to rank up again by 10pm anyway. Now, anyone need a number 6 for HM later?
  14. Just decoded a few purples and they were all 385. Gonna now stop worrying and go claim my Dead Orbit package
  15. I accidently double-tipped yesterday by handing in the weekly Iron Lord bounty - those things are massive! Missing out on an unclaimed faction package is a terrible feeling of loss and regret.
  16. Well that's annoying, cancelled some real life fun activities just to prioritise staying home to decrypt engrams... Now what can I do until 10 which doesn't edge my faction rep over? VoG?
  17. If there's space going! I got off a plane from Hong Kong this morning so I may/may not be on full cylinders and super wide awake tho
  18. Grinded up to 365 in 5 days to make myself raid ready. How long did it take first timers going in blind? And anyone want to form a gang and have a crack tonight?
  19. Ah guys, can I be put on the subs bench for these? Away till October but once back I expect it to dominate the majority of my life.
  20. I'll be up for some afternoon raiding if there's one going today! After finally being accepted into the Rllmuk 2 Superelite clan after slumming it in Rllmuk 1 since the start.... they take away the clan features with the update. Which basically amounted to some text under you name right?
  21. I wanna get back in to some Raid funs if anybody fancies it tonight. Add me up. Also - can I be approved into the Renegades bad boys club please?
  22. Apologies for any missed invites recently but am around later if you need a hand!
  23. Yo! I'm around after 7 today- if there's a thing on. Wanna do with my alts and redo challenge mode as we messed that right up last night. Add at @mikeylrocks
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