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  1. Wanted: approx 3 more raid buddies for fumbles in the Darkness starting at around 7-8pm tonight. Would prefer to have GSOH, their own guns and at approx 270-280 light but it's not that important. Even Warlocks. Would need at least a couple of hours spare to Groundhog Day it until some progress is made though.
  2. 2 hours! Are they going into every single hunter in the game and applying a un-racisty shader on anyone who has the gauntlets? Thanks Bungie!
  3. ^ I'll do the NF? I need to kill 42 more dregs whilst jumping about in the air first mind
  4. Yeah, I've been trying to log in for an hour now and having no luck. Knew I shouldn't have taken that "sleep" break.
  5. They sometimes do like a bit of a duck and a weave and the shields down dance is very familiar, but because of the lack of a say, Legendary mode, most of the time I was overlevelled and overpowering enemies through having better guns than them. The scale and pacing would be very familiar though.
  6. Rinsed the story mode. That's a huge top-quality single player campaign which I'd recommend to anyone who has ever Halo'ed. That's excluding all the other bells and whistles like strikes, raids, side missions, MP etc to get stuck into.
  7. Not gonna lie, felt slightly religious awaiting the countdown timer to hit zero and be allowed to enter through the gates of heaven (but actually at-capacity hell)
  8. Nooo! Bloody digital unlock timer. And currently in a legit deserving timezone at the moment.
  9. 13th! A week to max out our levels on all 3 classes and to find that elusive supergun that you won't swap out for two years. Has everyone being organising their raid groups or gonna rely on their in-game clan admin options to sort it out for you?
  10. Bought x2 a minute ago at 25 pounds, got greedy for more but now back up to 42. Thanks for the heads up anyway dude.
  11. Amazing, but sometimes you just got to bring the invincible hammers to a knife fight
  12. Feels the crucible is a bit more claustrophobic and intense. Maybe it's because I'm not using my beloved Mida, but as soon as you're spotted, it's bang, dead. And it was much much better being the 4th best player in Destiny 1 than the 4th best player in Destiny 2.
  13. mikeyl

    SNES Mini

    Hype doesn't always equal sales, it generates newspaper and TV reports and provides a golden halo around everything Nintendo does. At a cost of their most loyal fans, who will move on to the next thing they put out anyway. Fair enough. Just cancelled my order with Very (thanks for the link mind) because they are an absolute ballache to deal with.
  14. mikeyl

    SNES Mini

    How much are the King of Fighters and Street Fighter Zero cartridges worth these days do you reckon? Because I just found out that mother has flipped a job lot (including consoles and a ton of games) for £20.
  15. mikeyl

    SNES Mini

    Yeah I magically got a confirmation email! Great fun. Spend half my life on creaking websites trying to beat others to buy trainers or overpriced tshirts. So glad computer games falls into this category now too.
  16. mikeyl

    SNES Mini

    Balls, shopto gone for me. Re: Super Tennis. Image rights? Guess The likes of Wagassi are more on the ball these days!
  17. Yep guys gimmie a shout if there's anything you need a hand with!
  18. I'll need to do some raids if there's any going on this evening. Put something in online! It'll be a breeze if we can get someone ridiculously overpowered like @Lyrical Donut or equivalent - all we'd have to do is occasionally shoot squares or something.
  19. Yeah make the Supercell a priority, also minces the Thrall mobs at the start of Crota. It should be an easy drop. Just rinse 3 of coins?
  20. Yay! In. I have a game on at 8pm if anyone wants to come explore Crota https://www.the100.io/game/921481
  21. The thought of getting back and learning all the new raid challenges and forever chasing all the ornaments and weapons is giving me the fear. But going in and going in hard. 9pm weekdays anyone?
  22. there's a mega easy way to get to Lv99 real quick, especially if you're doing the dungeons.
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