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  1. That expansion trailer, can only see one big room to keep coming back to. Doesn’t look too raidy. And the Vex are now influenced by the Space-Dubai gold everywhere aesthetic faux-pas which ultimately brought about the downfall of the little Bhudda Callum
  2. Sweet Biz and Actium War Rig + primary ammo synth would be magical
  3. What we don’t love about this game is the PS4 crashing last night right when we were about to sack off the Raid boss. Restarted just to hear party chat screaming to join back in ASAP and the general confusion as to if they should pump that last bullet into him or not. Bloody Titan.
  4. @Dave White and @Hoodedclaw have been rumbling about taking a look, and I’m always happy to help if I can. It’s the coordinating and setting aside times which is the real Challenge Mode grind though.
  5. Titans are fast. Imagine how much faster they would be if they didn’t have two shopping trollies weighing them down at the neck at all times.
  6. Started a Titan (the best ones). But infuriated by the lack of fashion options available to me right now. It’s all massive shoulder pads and trousers that make my arse look too big. Coupled with the garish new-money shiny shaders and I look like I’m in an episode of Dynasty starring the extras from a Vanilla Ice music video. So yeah, show us your tasteful minimalist Titans.
  7. Haha Ben that’s absolutely amazing. I’m like the JD Sports of FWC compared to that get up
  8. Forget the Raid, the endgame is all about coming correct in the fanciest outfits.
  9. Oh, I got too many raid auto rifles, which is a pretty good rifle when I’m not pointing it at the ceiling. Most of the armour set was picked up over 2 runs via chests (!). Nameless midnight is a blast but it is pretty slow handling I think, and takes a few more shots to down bad guys over the handcanon.
  10. Looking like an absolute baller over in Space Dubai Also, the Better Devils handcanon is lovely, max out the reload and it’s sort-of firefly makes it very Fatebringery
  11. Anyone grinding for kinetic mods, the trick apparently is to line up as many components as you can and then just spam like hell. I was doing it as and when but my mate got like 9 kinetics from 40 components and I got 2 from 12. Which is alright I guess.
  12. 1. Yes and 2. Yes (but be careful if infusing an exotic, it’s always a +5, so if you’re infusing into a purple without a +5 mod, you may be getting less than you think) edit: as above
  13. Anyone wanna go chest hunting in Leviathan? Have a few keys I need to get rid before they disappear.
  14. happy to sub in anytime you're short, I've done it but still loads of bits I'm not 100% familiar with
  15. yeah probably (so I caveated), but some stuff, like whether the raid is long or short, easy or hard are also objective and can be measured. Like it's no big deal at all, until we're trying to convince someone new to join us in the boring old 6-hour impossible raid.
  16. I think saying whether it is a slog or not may be considered a spoiler. People may get it into their heads that its some sort of epic 6 hour journey across the universe where the reality is that it probably only takes about an hour (then followed by 4 days on the boss fight).
  17. Checking out the murderers PvP hall of fame here https://destinystatus.com/psn/mikeylrocks/clan Because who doesn't like a scoreboard!
  18. Hunter, 291, skill is open for others to decide as I'm way to humble to say that I'm an absolute murderer
  19. Available to sub in most eves. Gisa shout if you need a mans!
  20. Fusion rifles are dope these days. I'm mean only the Exotic and the line long range ones. The exotic is especially handy on all the yellow bars that jump out at you.
  21. I think I got as far as you guys and it took us 6 hours. That's nearly a full days work. Wages? About one rubbish engram p/h
  22. Sorry mate couldn't get the numbers so nothing got arranged. On the plus side, I've got nothing decent from 4 hours of raid-fumbling with some other lads
  23. Remember when they used to have infinite lives? At least they offer minor utility these days.
  24. ^ Looking at putting a mob together for tonight for approx 8pm if you and everyone else wanna join up?
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