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  1. I’m gonna jump back in. Haven’t touched for months and months and having a look right now. Everyone else is maxed up to the eyeballs in Masterworks armour and have no idea what guns are even cool anymore or even what I’m supposed to be doing. This game is like a rubbish ex and soon enough will remember the reason they were ghosted in the first place. In the meantime, add me up on @mikeylrocks
  2. About 1 in every 5-7 rare crystals. I’d fancy the new Torna blades but guess they hidden behind the RNG too. Waiting till I have a full party until I start wasting all my legendary crystals, as there is nothing more disappointing in life than a legendary Core coming up Generiblade
  3. yeah started a NG+ which I slightly regret as I'm not going to get all my Drivers and Blades back and access to the megabosses until the story says so. The story is so sweepingly grand though, so much happens that you've forgotten about from the first playthrough. But at least I know where I'm going now.
  4. Haven’t fired it up since before the last update but happy to jump in!
  5. Level up! Didn't do any specific grinding bore, think it was just mostly starting fights with most I came across as there’s no way I was ever gonna fight any boss goon without being 5 levels higher than them.. Btw Nia is the greatest fictional character of all time.
  6. But Mario Run is amazing though
  7. Can’t wear any of that peasant planet vendor armour so playing the slots and sharding away is the way forward. Knew those 500 New Archeology tokens would come in handy. “Guaranteed” “better” “rewards” also on reset too?
  8. Midnight Coup + Galliard or FWC scout for Masterworks + Rampage max orb power. If only people would stop stealing my kills. However the thought of needing and grinding for 50 masterwork cores per armour set per character is giving me indescribable anxiety.
  9. Around Sunday eve if there’s anything going!
  10. Preordered the starter pack. Going to have hours of fun, can't wait! Last bit of cardboard I messed with got me the Ultimate Warrior's WWF Title Belt. And nerd adults love building things, from Lego, to Gundam toy mechabots to RC cars. Labo is going to be massive. Spent most of the day pretending to be a space wizard alien going round in circuits pew-pewing the same thing over and over again so that I could get a different coloured decoration on my hat. If that isn't infantile I don't know what is.
  11. Sweet, see you later. It’s pretty reasonable to figure out most of it so I’ll stfu unless it’s hour 3 and we are still doing the opposite of what we are meant to!
  12. Need a six? Done it before so cool if you want a blind.
  13. Did the last last level but with assist mode on and I’m too ashamed to show my face at the Mushroom Kingdom ever again
  14. Who are the misfits who asked for the Nightfall timer to be taken away though? Nightfalls are supposed to be rock.
  15. I did grind for 10 Masterwork cores to put into an Origin Story and it gave me the total of 2 extra bullets for my magazine and a worse reload speed. So had to grind for 3 more for a re-roll
  16. Oh yeah, the Dawning engrams were from grinding out Strikes and were different from gifts? Whole event passed me by until Sunday but at least Mayhem Clash for two weeks was cool.
  17. Well, it’s tremendously sad that the game is so empty as there is is plenty of cool content that hasn’t been touched. Sorry if that comes across as some apologist shill, the game is full of flaws, always has been, but it’s not always Eververse’s fault. The Vex sets from Tess I’m on about, only calling it that because it looks likes the VoG armour. Plus got all the yellow emotes and a pile of exotic ships and sparrows and no silver spent. Not much else needed from her. There’s also new raid armour, prestige armour, perfect masterwork rolls and lost prophecy quests to be getting on with if wanted. And I guess new faction rally and IB sets. These are all independent of Eververse. The Dawning set, dismissed the possibility of getting any nice full outfits so didn’t bother at all, I handed in my first gift on Sunday, got a sword, thought this is cool, believing every engram is gonna give me a sick gun after all, so spent the rest of the evening farming for resources and exclusively getting rubbish ships. What should I have been expecting?
  18. The Eververse griping is about 60% manufactured drama. Yeah, it feels like the game and especially the events all revolve around Our Tess, but in reality, there is nothing that you need from her and the stuff that you want, you can aim for them through the grind/sharding. Got the Vex armour sets for x2 characters and haven’t spent a penny on Silver for example. They made an attempt to give you better end game guns though the Masterworks and Lost Prophecy quests (and there’s a cute little side-quest within that too which was moderately cool). Its not there yet and maybe never will be but a decent Masterworks combo, the right mod loadout, gives a noticeable difference to how badass you want to feel. And the running around planets scratching for resources and rage-decrypting in the hope of a 1/100 Masterwork drop has a completely nostalgic Stockholm Syndrome feel to it. And the new raid, agree with above, it’s pretty spectacular and holding down defence on one of the levels is just about as hairy and just as full of alien-mass murder as defending confluxes on D1. It’s better than the House of Wolves thing that we got.
  19. Lads, feel free to pop an invite if you see me on the roster. Always happy to raid/bang aliens
  20. best art. And also, the time when you could master a Street Fighter without a 400 page phonebook-sized directory with frame patterns in 6pt font
  21. The Raid is pretty cool though. And spectacular in places. Highly encourage anyone who was put off by the Pat Sharp shenanigans of the first one to take a look. They should have led with that.
  22. Add me up, the heroic adventures are a blast. Nice difficulty level to them at the moment with inertia on - dont know if it scales but even at 322 and two of us, we died a few times. And guaranteed rewards/new guns at the end from a new verse tablet.
  23. This is cool as hell. Just asked Alexa to tell me about the clan status. The Ghost replied, people have done barely anything and "where is everyone"?
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