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  1. @me @droodling @Capp @pledge can have 2 more. Up for it @Hexx?
  2. Oh have that Titan exotic helmet which marks people who shoot at you and gives you an overshield on kill. It’s a bit of a cheat at armour really as demonstrated by going 34-1 on Iron Banner the other day Saladin has an episode round about halfway which is brilliant
  3. could spam some invites out tomorrow see who’s about. But if Scruff etc can three-man it...
  4. Blind Well is like a bar crawl in Magaluf during off season. Keep moving venue to venue until you finally find one with some people inside. Then up getting smacked about by a giant hairy bollock at the end.
  5. about Spires. Was a tidy little romp that. Cool, yeah let’s sort something outbur probably not on properly until Sunday eve
  6. Ha no worries, good work! Did you have a choice of rooms with three?
  7. Hey, now that our light levels are reasonable, anyone wanna form a regular raid gang? Looking to get going this evening at 9. Leave interest below!
  8. Hi Destiny fans, anyone fancy carrying me through the raid later? Looks like we need to Clan Up for one of the engrams. Must have 2 of each class and all the warlock sun umbrellas. Not really, first bit’s easy. I’ll stick something in the online folder see if there’s any interest.
  9. Ha it all sounds like tremendous admin and relatively relaxed about getting the Whisper, there are just as many other guns to bang out the DPS. I hear the Raid final boss only takes damage from Edge Transits with Field Prep.
  10. If there’s a Whisper carry on the table I wouldn’t mind a piece of that. And anyone want to grind 2 Clan weeklies? Level 600 engrams apparently then.
  11. Yeah, most of this stems from the unconsciousable anxiety of leaving unclaimed bounties left over come Monday evening
  12. A Cat what? A minor annoyance in the whole Dreaming City thing, it’s so dense and impenetrable. Didn’t even know it existed and that this was where the real loot was kept up until about a week ago. You’d really only know the entirety of what’s going on and what you need to do is if you had read up on it, spent too much time wondering aimlessly or somebody walks you through. e.g. the Corrupted strike is an absolute banger, one of the best they’ve ever done. They don’t explicitly make you go off and do it tho. Suppose it’s just the same as never getting 96 exits on Mario whatever, where you have to invest the time to see the best bits, but sometimes it’s just nice to have your hand held.
  13. Like 90% of Destiny’s too-earnest storytelling, I was probably zoned out at the time
  14. Nah, that was the one. Was like, great now I know who the Big Bad is.
  15. Furious with Bungie and their massive cutscene spoilers right? Did the world’s first completion open up that adventure mission with the courier or was that something I did? Spent a good few hours figuring out the 1st encounter yesterday. Underpowered as hell, but by those timings, think we could’ve got it done in about 24 hours too.
  16. Forgiven this wacky new infusion system because I’ve just unlocked the new Striker SuperTitan
  17. Lol that was fun getting the crit spots on Argos using a grenade launcher.
  18. Well looking forward to spending the rest of season 3 losing in Crucible being repeatedly Graviton Lanced in the kneecaps by a series of no-aim gothlords
  19. Possibly will as you need to have a specific thing equipped for the Stem admin to count as part of a quest?
  20. I have a PS3 Hori fightstick and a Madcatz SFIV wireless pad. Would I be able to get them working on the PS4??
  21. yes lads. Been awaiting for the call up! (if space)
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