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  1. Nice, yeah getting your light up is fairly trivial by just playing the thing, do some power engrams, do the real super-power engrams, fill in the gaps with some more power engrams. Barely played last week and up to 649 now. New raid drops can do one though, 9 hours work for 2 terrible looking helmets.
  2. £2.79 pissed against the wall then (a wall I can’t run and jump off properly)
  3. Bought the Ultimate Edition because that was the price of a London pint. Any single player dooddads extra with that? Can’t believe this was passed up so may times, love a single player campaign. Furious about the spoiler a few posts back about the Marty Mcfly gas tho
  4. Yeah wouldn’t stress about the meatball, you’ll just have another gun that sits in your inventory because you’d want to use Sleeper. But shouldn’t, because new mystery gun is way more fun. Got four y2 exotics from last two raids, but still like 20-0 on Thousand Voices. Game be trolling.
  5. How’d you get to customise the raid clear emblems? Was talking a lot of nonsense last night about needing to clear it 10 times - turns out not to be the case but was also doing the raid totally blind...drunk.
  6. The best thing about Gorgon’s maze is going back in at 400 light two years later and rinsing those busybodies silly with the purple swords.
  7. Yep definitely - no one needs to be ragged on because they fucked up a 20 minute boss fight at the end, no need for that stress. Leviathan is so bad for that. I’m down on VoG because by the 3rd clear I still didn’t know what was going on. Proper carried.
  8. Made a list of the top ten raids: 1- King’s Fall- ship jumps, relay bit, good number of boss fights. Challenge modes, story embedded as part of raid. Touch of Malice lols 2- LW - 2nd encounter best encounter of all. Gotta remember stuff and real coordination and timing needed (but also allows scope to think and readjust on the fly), everyone contributes plus a whole bunch of other spoilers 3- Vault of Glass - big scope, lovely weapons, Age of Triumph version best version. Vex are fun. Pacing. Can be a passenger for a lot of it though 4- Wrath of the Machine- engine run’s great, aesthetic is great, that exotic gun and all the raid armour banged. Best part is the challenge mode version of the last boss 5- Crota - lamps were great (basically anything with a drive of urgency and opportunity to chain supers). Like acting like the big man hero with the sword at the end 6- Spire of stars -nice and chill pass the parcel bit, opening encounter pretty hectic, last boss is good fun 7- EoW - Smashing up a giant hydra is pretty cool I guess and looks amazing but most of it wasn’t that original or that inspired 8- Leviathan - no bosses, boring but also so mechanic heavy there were little opportunities to chat shit with your fireteam. Suppose pools was ok but only 4 encounters so pretty small raid. And to avoid doing the same thing 4 times you can go get lost in the pointless corridors of the underbelly. What were they thinking?
  9. “Fuck Donut” * the revive token will wipe us before it’s done ”someone get Donut”
  10. Yeah those modifiers are pretty harmless especially if you coordinate guns. Also getting to choose which mission with the most meltable boss is a bonus too.
  11. Curated rolls? Yeah got a Wardens Law from the 100K nf (was surprised by how easy doing the 100k was and would recommend that people skip straight to that when doing their weekly nightfalls for the double/better drops).
  12. Nah, the most annoying, soul-daggering sound you will hear is the high-pitched squeal when the Thousand Voices drops for a teammate
  13. Was pointed out that a download of this is available free via the Bungie rewards on your Bungie profile. Get it, put on your best FWC gear, pop a Tincture and you’ll be having the best Space Disco
  14. Yo someone to talk to! The whole thing was pretty epic, loved the pacing of the whole thing. Super-golgoroth was practically a cool-down encounter. And wasn’t expecting about 4 last stands. However, when you feel the need to write down call outs then I think the mechanics may have gone a bit too far.
  15. Just having a mess around the Whisper heroic mission for the chests and the synth-techno main theme remix in there is absolutely banging and the best thing about the game. Another example of Bungie gatekeeping the most premium content for the terminal-nothing-better-to-do.
  16. As hilarious as doing the Ascendent in a three was yesterday, just did it solo and it was the totally different but lovely, challenging, shit-your-pants experience. Also managed to get the 4 Knights needed for that bounty I've had sitting for ages too.
  17. In a meeting right now but trying to do a doodle of a grid of 9 with the orientation moving about and it’s making my head hurt.
  18. Gambit seems to rank up at a fair lick and the drops when you move up a category are alright. But no idea what’s going on in Crucible tho, I’m at Legend, am I supposed to reset now? Will that mess up the quests? What’s fable? As ever, you need a phd in analysing Reddit to figure out any of this. Never gonna do the Luna’s Howl, not even gonna pretend to think I’m some sort of headshotting dead-eyed pro master (in reality only winning out because of a +8 Resilience). Spray and pray Tigerspite thx.
  19. Inadvertently completed like 1/10th of the Luna’s Howl questline and then looked up the other requirements. Nah mate, you’re alright. Also done a discord group as that’s what all the cool kids seem to be doing https://discord.gg/Eq4aksZ Log on to discord and sign up using your PSN for all your raid administrations and SOS calls when you’re soloing a nightfall boss.
  20. I’ll be in. Earlier the better I’ve done a discord group as that’s what all the cool kids are doing https://discord.gg/Eq4aksZ Lon on to discord and sign up for all your raid admins and SOS calls when you’re soloing a nightfall boss
  21. Happy to double duty on a second char if there’s anything organised in addition to the 10:30 ones.
  22. fyi second character spammers, the second chest in the raid you can change character and go back in. Got a 500 cloak for a Hunter who's staying forever 385 yesterday but its a chance to get a gun with a decent roll.
  23. Cool. Bust off all the Petra stuff beforehand and the occasional milestone and it should put you up at least 10 levels
  24. Fair dos can, can work something out. I’m around grinding most Sun-Wed evenings. Who’s around tomorrow night 10.30?
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