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  1. Really wanted the boots but I accidentally picked the double turrets. But they’ll probably come in handy for the rough stuff.
  2. Well the campaign was absolutely absolutely brilliant, just wait till you get to the end. Oh my! Spectacular campaign. It’s what Halo Infinite should’ve aimed for,(gunplay + levels + a story). Gotta say, did 2/3rds of it solo and it is way more fun than as a team. Perfectly pitched challenge, not unfair, just got to pay attention. May even be easier, as a team you’re losing revive timers, more adds and too much chatter to really take it all in. Now time for the real grind to start!
  3. I remember a lot of missions in Beyond Light, the one where you get the sword and the grenade launcher, the scope of the missions were so huge and expensive looking but they were one and done and you never go back there again. Incentives to go back may sort that out.
  4. I’m determined to ignore everything until I’ve done the campaign (except start the odd Weapon or Bounty administration labour).
  5. 2/3rds of the way through the campaign. It’s so long! Surely all that Sony money can be spent on more repeatable experiences? But did a few missions solo and they were the most stunning things I’ve done on Destiny 1 or 2, the bits I done solo we’re actually way more fun then crashing through everything as a fireteam, the Legend difficulty just about right. Looking at you mission 11. Top tier Destiny.
  6. I bought a £40 Ps5 rugby game the other day despite all evidence of history clearly setting out that rugby will never be any good as a computer game (even you Jonah Lomu). This will be the one, this will be the one that can transform, Madden-style, a complex sport with every single rule, tactic, play, position and player accurately represented and fun to play. Spoiler, it wasn’t any good.
  7. Ha yeah everything about Destiny is irrational, already sacked of Horizon for a TBC date but I think I need a project plan for the next few weeks.
  8. Love a dodge, love a dodge roll. Love a dodge roll when the character flashes and you get a few seconds of invincible to lay some smack on some goons. Dunno why parry I can’t get my head around. It’s more or less the same reaction window. Maybe it’s to do with waiting around for the mans to strike first and not being in the thick of it.
  9. Totally up for this. Gonna be amazing. Also hilarious as there is new Destiny tomorrow and a two week grinding race to be as Raid competent as possible. 25 hour days plz.
  10. Yes, perseverance through grinding is an elite skill.
  11. Cool didn’t even know you can pick/customise characters like that. My other favourite mechanic is over-levelling so that I can brute force tricky encounters. Does this do that?
  12. Scared I’m gonna catch a hiding on this. Never get on with From games as the worst mechanic for me is that I’m too impatient to parry and block. As someone who rinses stuff like Devil May Cry and Platinum and sucks at the fighting in Bloodborne, Jedi Fallen Order and Monster Hunter, is my pre-order a big mistake?
  13. omg the guy saying this is a cynical move to lock in family member subscribers for the long term and it’s worse for them because it’s more expensive. Lad! You share your sub with eight people!
  14. Wasn’t that the Gambit prime mechanic? As a Gambit 3%er always thought Prime was fairer and faster. Also need to do 24 Gambit matches this week to accidentally get the Guilded Dredgen title. I’m alright thanks.
  15. Lol you do understand the difference between that and the toxic nature of whatever CD Project are peddling to it’s audience of millions of altright incel nerds? It’s ok, you’ve backed yourself in a corner. Tried to assume all relationships are heteronormative. Backed the transphobes because their game is so coooool. It’s ok to not be as right-on as you think you are.
  16. Use your imagination! You call make the villagers call you whatever you want and dress them exactly how you want and then when they threaten to leave then you can shower them with false praise and cheap presents and if that isn’t the idea of a perfect relationship then I’ll probably need to unlock my basement.
  17. But maybe centering relationship narratives around gender and doing heterosexual sex may be superficial too. The thing about AC is you can try and bang Raymond, you can try be their buddy, and it doesn’t matter if you are a boy/girl/dog/cat whatever.
  18. In animal crossing, you choose your fruit. That’s it.
  19. how. Because I’m being mean about Cyberpunk?
  20. I haven’t gone that far into the game because I can’t stand the whole thing but the developers are no angels. They make a big deal about choosing your gender but in the most stupid of genitalia options but yet your gender is determined by how deep your voice is and the only depictions of positive trans characters are eroticised sexbots? It ain’t just the social media guy.
  21. we all know, the game who’s edgelord advertising made shit puns about the genitalia of trans persons, then when called out on it, responded with “did you just assume my gender” jokes and a cock size slider.
  22. What is it about that TERF-Simulator Robot 2000 game which brings out the most thirsty of takes? Remember at the time graphics tarts were telling us all how beautiful it was on their £3000 room heaters whilst ignoring the fact that cars had human torsos and that you could complete it with one button.
  23. A “pro” version would require more of a leap than just a little bit more shiny puddles. Bollocks to these mid gen refreshes which tuck up the early adopters.
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