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  1. Eww Bounding Into Comics is a proper I heart the Joker movie Comicsgate hatesite. Star Trek obsessives are the least chill, thought it was alright, loads of stupid shit. The last show I watched was when TNG was on bbc2 but a lot of the nostalgic bits gave a bit of a thrill e.g. Data death chat, taking control of a Borg ship, space fleet face off, Picard arguing or playing dress up and clowning around. Killed a few hours when we all have nothing better to do with our time.
  2. I have an entire wrestling ring in the house now
  3. Got a beard and it’s never coming off
  4. Lol this game is about two boys who never got over their mother issues and another lad who calls up his missus before the final boss fight and asks for permission to get stuck in. Sorry if you think this game is all about the lads lads lads and sorry you can’t string a SSS combo together and I’m sorry if it’s triggering all the times you got your lunch money taken but a game which one of the main characters special powerup is reading William Blake, I’m thinking you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here
  5. The haunted sister or whatever she’s called is the best video game character since Welsh Nia from xenoblade
  6. The main disadvantage is that you’re playing against PC nerds. On controller my aiming is fine and actually doing better than PS4 versus, but know the opposition are flipping and spinning on a sixpence and point n clicking between my eyes in an instant.
  7. Swear the season pass thingy progressed when I played it on the notPS4. I found by access the Vex thing and campaign and stuff but the season tracker and artefact was trickling along
  8. Left it hanging on chapter 8/9 to go back and S rank the earlier files and string this game out as long as I can. Am I close to the end?
  9. If just messing around (I.e. no one on your team is forcing you to go Admin Well) it’s the Chromatic Fire frock. Running around popping elemental firefly explosions is always pure bants. Getaway Artist gloves are also good fun.
  10. Only ran through twice and the first time was matchmaking and it was like yeah, we were doing ok, supers everywhere, then the level 740s come along and wiped the floor. You are right though, that it didn’t feel like a win when we got to the end. Also was told to go for the cheapest upgrade ASAP as that’ll opens up a lot for you to play with.
  11. Can never fail the ménage à six. If you’re terro it just takes longer. If you’re good or have a secret Whisper, then you can rinse through and not have as many rooms to sort out. Think it’s pretty cool so far. Nice and chill. Bet the drama comes from the Heroic version
  12. Revoker sniper ‘missed shots return to the magazine’ ultimate Whisper troll
  13. I like that there’s these weird Exotics for the Sidearm and Sword perverts out there. Yes buff them up in PvE why not, should be seen as a reward for actually using them.
  14. I’m fucking shit at the game and still think a few of the super buffs trivialise content so it’s not just slayerage. He raised a good point about infinite tethers turning all groups which don’t include a 20 foot ogre into trash adds. Only just got the Warlock exotic which explodes heads. It’s great and unique. Using it everywhere. Exactly as an exotic should be. Doesn’t need a buff really, maybe make more orbs. Halfway through a Forge I switched to the infinite bomb Skull hat. Because Imma scrub and it was easier and faster to stop shooting and throw bombs. There was a massive gap in utility between the two and they need to reconcile this. It can be argued that bombs are just as fun as exploding heads and they are until they became the default option forever. Also, Whisper, it’s still going to do double the damage of most other snipers but now you have 18 bullets (and prob 21 with a hat) instead of 9. It’s gonna be fine. Unless we wanna defend our rights to sit in the back and methodically activate the perk 8 times in a row.
  15. Riven ‘blind’ and ‘legit’ I’ll agree. But that’s just one fight. Reckoning runs, the last boss on Scourge, Last Wish big Ogre, pvp, there’s always the specific equipment requirement. People are constantly instaquitting matchmaking the Reckoning if they see a Titan. That’s the reality and I’m sure there’s numbers in the Bungie computer backing up what everyone is using and wearing too much of. I’d love the solution to make everything else better and louder, but to do that, more encounters will become easy-mode no matter how well they are designed. The Shiro-Chi race is amazingly well designed but it'll take a different approach if we didn’t all have infinite wells and orbs and tethers. And when everything is buffed up there will still be some more equal than others. It also doesn’t help the casuals and first timers. At the moment who out of all us pro grinders would go into a raid with 4 first timers at max level but a set of average gear? We’d hate it.
  16. Only recently found out that the Skull of Infinite Supers was a thing and been having the time of my life bombing literally everything in the last few weeks. So will be sad when it goes. But it’s obv that everyone’s loadout for the endgame content is the same, must equip Whisper, must use tether boots, must have a specific type of shotgun, must have Warlock...it’s boring. Been also guilty at thinking why tf is the next guy shooting a trace rifle at the boss, just because they are not clued in on the meta. There’s a fine line between “feeling all powerful” and making all the content trivial and an administrative route. Understand it’s part RPG and that’s the point, but it’s also a shooter. Can imagine the gatekeeping due to exotic requirements makes it more inaccessible to casuals and new people. So seeing all these crutch items being calmed down a bit may be a good thing. Use some different guns lads.
  17. Fk...should’ve gone into comp. Salty over-equipped tryhards are a personal favourite
  18. I’ve been well into the Prime and Reckoning cycle grinding for armour rolls. Liked the progress of it, better armour, better Prime experience. And also don’t forget the glorious 3 weeks of infinite grenades, arc turrets, captain America shields and avoiding the crucible
  19. Been rinsing Zero Hour, think it’s top quality content. Repeat and repeat till your learn what to do. Thing is, if they banged in like two big boss encounters in it, it could’ve counted as a full raid. Think this season bangs regardless, Prime, Reckoning and this mission. Better than last season with its duff Forges and mediocre raid.
  20. Hail Hydra Cap was explained away in the movie as Loki shenanigans.
  21. What’s that comic book story where one of the space gods is all “we’re sick of Earth’s heroes messing about with the timeline, STOP IT”. Needs to happen in the films for all the Thanos SnapBack truthers who can’t let go. Nice way to shoehorn in some Galactus or Eternals action maybe. Also, some more geekery nods that were cool: -Captain Marvel giving War Machine the side eye -Hydra Captain America -Tony Stark leaving enough of himself via all those tapes that he could come back as an AI for new Iron Man
  22. The Revelry armour is a legit eyesore, especially on a fat Titan. Like pantomime comedy armour. Doesn’t even have the enhanced perks to make it worthwhile. New gun is alright, if you fancy one hit body shotting everything. Very easy to get don’t really grind for anything but you can load into the Castellum and tick off at least 3/7 off what you need
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