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  1. Yeah tipping in the real world is full of the same navigational traps and dramas (black cab - yes, everyone in America - yes, anyone in Asia - offensive, lollipop disco guy - no, hairdresser - no, bartender - depends on the round)
  2. Tipping culture is getting a bit out of hand for this lovely game. Enforcing tipping etiquette, broadcasting how much one’s tipped and tip shaming is all a bit gross. Proper I’d like to speak the managers vibes. When I had my island open for the Turnip dramas, was just as appreciative of a x2 99k bag drop as I was if someone left a spare bike really.
  3. Tidy! Yeah was struggling to fill the island up with tat which wouldn’t wreck the place to get the 5 stars. Got there in the end by just having little mini scenes dotted all over the island. 100% wholesome.
  4. @Lyrical Donut please can I have all your arcade machines
  5. Yeah my cheating buddy had been time-travelling like Marty McFly in a bee suit and had the shop unlocked ages ago. She had a 50 inch TV in there today for 100k. F that. @NexivRed would love a camera if you haven’t reached your order limit yet. Need it for 100% wholesome purposes
  6. Thanks for opening up! This is the last time playing the Turnip Game, the admin and greed is too much for me to cope (say this every week)
  7. Completed Animal Crossing! So UNIMPRESSED with the prize I already knew I was about to get. Isabelle doesn’t even congratulate you like she does on the original. Not to mention the rewards from SEASON OF THE EGG was just padding designed to pander to the hardcore players and streamers. Must say after pumping 180 HOURS into this ‘game’, this will be the CLUSTER-F that kills the series* *lies
  8. What have you done donut, you better reload an old save...
  9. To all those complaining and ranting about eggs in the most chill game ever, just learn to live with the idea that they are just Dab-level shit fish and that you can make an egg party dress that you can flip for £7500 if you have three of each.
  10. Aye, only running the two state channels
  11. They shouldn’t worry, the cultural revolution is alive and well at thePeople’s Republic of Llanmikey
  12. Can make blossom floors if anyone wants to bring the ingredients along (private special corner not included) Also the naked dog has a gig tonight, everyone please come but spare some change if passing by hobo alley (and don’t set fire to the 5G masts).
  13. Happened to me after an night of chopping all my rivers down to acute right angles. Absolutely fuming
  14. Yikes that notice board is horrendous, charging entry to get in, these people....
  15. It saved when I went turnip buying. Dunno if it’s a risk or not but in the interests of good queue etiquette
  16. can I join the turnip greed queue too please? also lads, always leave by pressing minus to skip a cut scene or two. We can see the ones who don’t!
  17. Can make blossom wand, lantern, petal pile, branch, blossom wall if anyone wants to come over with materials I’ll make them up
  18. Vic the alpha bull has moved in and the plot next to him is for Tipper the cow. They are just gonna be at it non stop right?
  19. Yep, buy, anyone in an earlier time zone. No idea either but dunno if there’s anyone on here out west.
  20. Can you find an American to sell too?
  21. Been caning it since it came out and still haven’t unlocked terraforming, tbh not really fussed with upscaling to God/Dubai powers to that extent. Feels off, prefer this game to make you think about your decisions and stick to it and within the rules that were given at the start. Also, @Lyrical Donut thanks for the gift of the bears, can now complete my bear family (bear milkman notwithstanding).
  22. Pleased to have bought a meth lab for my chill out room
  23. More time on Destiny! (PS4)
  24. Oh yeah, shit, don’t worry as Miles harder to come by. Lemme know if you need anything pricey from the Nook Miles store and I’ll send it over.
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