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  1. Seeing 6 threads in a row on this I might as well bump. Let’s be clear, I won’t play a better game this generation, but reading the threads, it’s seems a lot of From veterans are very proud of their ability to boot up From games. The gate keeping part, which they never tell anyone, is that the games are fucking easy. You just over level and brute force everything if you wanna complete it. The advice they give to new people stuck on bosses is always “learn the patterns”, it’s never, over level the hell out of yourself and you’ll have a great time feeling like a hit trading Goblin God. But the community, and anyone who uses the absolute cringe sarcasm or not “git gud” meme, would prefer to foster the myth that’s it’s some elite club that only the most hardcore are good at. FYI “learn the patterns” applies to every single other game in existence. You can tell it’s east by the finishing levels and times of the triumphant screenshots posted when the game first came out. A light level an hour? Yeah congrats.
  2. English Kojima contradicting the subtweet of Japanese Kojima’s contrary image is exactly what you expect from Kojima
  3. Yeah think I was getting a couple of Runes each time and couldn’t see the point. Don’t really know how summons works at all. Is it level based? The one time someone came in they got squished and had to do it myself anyway. And no one ever summons me to do a boss. I got gud for them! (levelled up)
  4. I got summoned into a threesome in the starting area and then dudes kept invading one by one so they all got onehitted with my rot breath until someone on my team died and it kicked me back to my world. What was the purpose of that?
  5. I’m going around smashing up dragons when I see them and I feel very bad doing so. In addition, will this mess up quests and storylines later on in the game (I’m lvl 50 atm)?
  6. Oh yeah, £84 vs £50. £34 RRP extra for the equivalent of Now if you’re really that keen to play Borderlands 3. Think I’ll dip out (ends up getting the Premium).
  7. Ignoring the PS1-3 stuff, the Plus Extra tier is pretty appealing? It’s basically the same price as current Plus with all the NOW PS4/5 games you won’t play.
  8. mikeyl

    Edge 370

    Stop with this Bayonetta slander and acknowledge that the Switch 1+2 pack is an Edge 20/10
  9. so good. Nailed it. I recorded the last bit. I think I talk too much.
  10. Sparrow straight over. Glaive. Go straight into director and restart. It may be much quicker to do the mission first though as the yellow bars count towards the pinnacle so you will end up with about 70% when done.
  11. Oh yeah we had someone typing in the PC chat. No place for note taking in a computer game.
  12. it’s ok the higher the level you are the easier it gets. If you just want the pinnacle, just run in can kill the first unstoppable and repeat 17 times.
  13. Probably if you do a LFG with some indigenous Australians you can’t call it by the coloniser’s name It is a lot of names yeah. I don’t think you “have” to have everybody on the team memorise them all. Like Last Wish, if you nearly get away with saying what you see as long as you are on top of everything.
  14. What? Double Jesus and It’s Culturally Inappropriate to Call It Ayers Rock Anymore What’s It’s Real Name is part of the fun. Simple puzzles to break up the Glaive stabbing process.
  15. From their victory lap https://venturebeat.com/2022/03/02/housemarque-looks-back-on-returnals-success/amp/
  16. Anyone's Dualsense have a problem in First Person Shooters where when you aim down sights the reticle suddenly jerks left? Happening a lot. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it but it may be user error . Have a new HOT PINK controller in the post anyway so will soon find out.
  17. For 75% of Guardians its the best game i've ever played but just didn't bother finishing it? Jazzed for Final Fantasy 13 and a 3rd today. Absolutely rinsed the first two, thought they were great, especially the battle system. But this and new Destiny and Edam Ring and GT7 its simply too much.
  18. Oh my. Running a variation of this and it’s taken my Hunter cowardice levels off the map! Just permanent invis and permanent stun locks. What a farce.
  19. Feels like the first issue in ages where they’ve got in on a new hardware launch, giving Steamdeck like ten pages and not put it on the cover? DOA (Early Q3).
  20. Before damage phase on smashing the last crystal it’s safe to just loiter and pick at everything. I don’t think he enters the side room. The ads are a pain once in the middle tho. It’s hectic yeah.
  21. With the Scorn boss I just waited in the dark until my super was up like an absolute coward.
  22. no worries was doing Deep stone Crypt for the extra power drops but swear it’s bugged because we were shit at it lol.
  23. Digital Xbox SX and the one time I buy a multiformat game on the X it’s the other console they say I should’ve have got it on. Old enough to remember the wild cries that the extra flops or whatever will be putting the ps5 in the dirt. Not that I’d notice the 10 fewer frames a second anyway.
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