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  1. Anyone got a human number for Microsoft? Three controllers since release of the X, all gone down with the same RB button failing. I want to rant at them and return one (one is already returned to Game so lol if I see that again). Am I playing Xbox wrong or is it a fundamental design flaw?
  2. I really like the way it blends in with the black when put in this sort of cabinet. It’s mostly then the panels popping in a dark background and it doesn’t look as big as people make out. End of the day, they made a design. Xbox’s design philosophy is, let’s make a box for our box. 100% functional. The S bangs though. Because it has that circle.
  3. I'd love to stack 3 years worth, got in too late, but it is an exploit which takes the piss, so it's really up to them how they wanna manage it. They don't have megazillions in the bank to subsidise like Gamepass, and they were idiots for even trying. And like not using pre-paid electric meters and having cheap credit, its a certain type of customer who benefits over the other, making it more expensive for everyone in the long run.
  4. Totally understandable if it was Elden Ring
  5. Jim is a manchild, thinking he’s allowed to play games as a negotiated reward for feeding himself and not living like an animal. Marlene wants him to go to bed at the same time to do the sex thing. And ‘doesn’t have to concentrate’ probably means he’s not even playing something good or challenging. Probably Destiny 2
  6. That Jim sounds like a right weirdo nerd. I’d love nothing better to spend all my free time playing games but you have to round yourself up, spend time hanging with the Ms or other people and not radicalise the boy. Marlene is probably bored out of her head. But then they both read the Guardian. Awful couple.
  7. I don’t know how this isn’t as explosive as it sounds, Facebook CEO suppresses popular rag paper which threatens to print unflattering story. Penalty for refusal probably she gonna fuck up their algorithm for good. Obviously something that Musk goof will be doing similar in the future or will CoD be the ironic spark which brings down the western capitalist social media-driven society?
  8. That’s unlucky. I bought it about 6 months ago. There’s always PS Essential for £99.99 rrp.
  9. I trialled some free PS Now once specifically to see what streaming the Metal Gears was like, it was so lame and laggy I immediately went and bought HD Collection and Revengence on Xbox for £7 in disgust. So factor that in.
  10. Has anyone down the maths on the conversion value proposition of 3 years of PS+ stacked with 3 months PS Now versus the £1 Gamepass deal? We need two binary data points to make meaningless comparisons plz. Is it £69.99 RRP?
  11. thanks for this. I just did 3 months. Have Plus till Jan 2023 but there’s currently no way to stack and exploit right?
  12. Got put off Final Fight for the same reason, was so obviously that Mayor Mike Hagger was making a political case for yet another term with his draconian law and order enforcement polices and the demonisation of the Mad Gear Gang.
  13. A “catalogue” of 400 PS4 games sounds amazing until you remember it’s gonna be 20 versions of WWF 2k and the like. Giving away the big hitters such Spidey and Returnal would’ve been good value if everyone didn’t have it already anyway
  14. i think they’ve made it easier overall as part of their design (grinding and summoning etc) but have not really made any adjustments or options for people with specific needs
  15. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/04/elden-rings-platinum-trophy-stat-is-shockingly-high Good! Maybe it’s because it’s a good game and people wanna play it lots but the way it makes things ‘accessible’ for the masses must also factor.
  16. Keep politics out of football schools theoneshow games mob will be in for a big surprise when they see how much external events have influenced Call of duty or Battlefront.
  17. That’s the joke lol well done. You don’t think there’s a certain subsection of these sort of fans who like fostering the image that the game is elite and rock hard and would shit the beds if they made it easier in the options (rather than how it’s made really easy ingame anyway)
  18. Changing the default button layout on a controller is an accessibility option. There’s varying levels of adjustments that the supersweats are ok with. You put a magical necklace in the game which doubles your health, which can be found by opening a wiki, it’s fair fair. Same as farming a quick 60,000 Runes off some sleeping baddies. You put in a health slider in the options, that necklace will be clutched in real life.
  19. It’s weird that 14% finished Control. Recall the helpful god mode on that, which I switched on as it was getting a bit tedious. Maybe because it was free on PS Plus? Anyway, sad to see people fall off Elden Ring because of perceived difficulty. I’m really, really, shit at it but good at perseverance:
  20. Oh it definitely happens in here too (anytime “git gud is used sarcasm or not plus the examples I gave above”). I had Elden Ring sat on my SDD for a month because I was scared of the commitment. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. edit- was reply to Doctor Shark. My last word And yes the majority of the thread is lovely and some of the stories of progress and discovery is actually beautiful.
  21. Yes, the game is super accessible and that’s amazing. It’s no Ghouls and Ghosts or even Metroid Prime where your skill level is the barrier. There’s ways to finish it. The myth that they are super hard games for cracked players who need to learn all the patterns should be busted.
  22. Yeah that’s the point, there’s no barrier to killing General Radahn, you either come back strong or use your Phone a Friend. But early in the thread, it’s humblebrags such as “OMG only 4% have done this boss lol” or “if you think THAT was hard, wait till you get to MBOM!”
  23. Don’t think telling players to ‘concentrate’ or ‘learn the patterns’ is anything but helpful tho and excludes a chunk of the population. I’m old, can’t concentrate, have no reactions and have no patience. The implication is that the advice giver has all those things and you should too. It’s a scary barrier of entry which some From Sweats are happy to perpetuate. Yet I’m toying with all the end bosses, through perseverance and efficient levelling. There’s people in the big thread posting running commentary mocking the % of players beating bosses (even though Platinums on these games are a case of brute force following a Wiki), posting of acronyms and the If You Know You Know nudge winks. On a game 12 million people have. However, I agree, most players are very helpful and pass on great factual data, the co-op element of helping people is beautiful, the messaging system has saved my skin or showed me a path so many times. It’s an incredibly accessible game I’m sorry. Stop telling everyone it’s hard so everyone can play!
  24. Let’s be clear people in here are very helpful and it’s lovely to share. Really lovely. im talking about the element, and it does exist, not so much here, of people making out that these games are super hard and only the most hardcore can participate. Also
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