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  1. Hasn’t but I don’t ‘own’ Forsaken on xbox (have it on ps and pc) so don’t have access to Last Wish or the Shattered Throne but all the equipment is available to me. But I did have to rebuy Beyond Light because you couldn’t access stasis even though you have it on another platform.
  2. I’m on now and wanna do normal on my hunter for a thing. Join up!
  3. Nah I don’t have Forsaken on the Xbox and can access my Last Wish exotic and guns
  4. What, last episode absolutely stuck the landing. Cried laughing then I cried sadding. Wonderfully inventive action too. And then oh shit the mid credits literally best thing ever commuted to film.
  5. I mean, it’s 50% percent a 10/10 game. The most fun was getting the high value targets. Plenty of combat options and a duck and dive boss encounter at the end. But I’ve done all the beacons, which were anticlimactic, an empty room, and now not that fussed about finishing it? How long is left? The problem with the screenshot, it’s beautiful and you think you have the whole world of freedom to explore, not an area the size and variety of the Brecon national park.
  6. that was about 200+ hours, think the rest was Pokemon Sword and Hades. 2020 was a banger year. Then two new consoles came out.
  7. It not that hard honestly, the example I gave in the reply, the first thing you can do when looking for a Microsoft Xbox Series S was to look on the Microsoft store. Google would’ve probably taken you there. And there it was, Xbox Series S in stock. Looking for an X and a PS5 was harder, but I was sent from the Microsoft store to Currys for a (shitty) bundle. All of that took about 5 minutes and I was only looking to try win an argument lol
  8. I’ve actually saved up Xenoblade Remastered and Fire Emblem for two years thinking it’s something I should keep for my next long haul flight or maybe a Eurostar journey. Oh.
  9. With chips and electronics, I’d imagine every office worker in the world needing to ramp up their chip consumption by ordering in their wfh setup. There must be at least double the number of shitty iiyama monitors in the wild now than pre Rona.
  10. I’m shocked by this drop off. Feels like I’m cheating on them. What happened in 2020?
  11. Yeah F the bundles but that was me taking a 5 minute look. But I think it’s probably more demand being unprecedented rather than poor stock, especially if the ps5 is doing PS4 numbers and with a close second placed competitor. No chance of these sitting on shelves in the medium term.
  12. Without turning this into a stock checker thread I just added a Series X elite + controller bundle at currys by the way. I think the ps5 bundle there is also doable edit- no planning, stock checkers, just looked. Obviously the bundles are trash but I guess you can flip them
  13. I think I might have got lucky, fancied an X all of a sudden on Monday and just googled and it came up. The problem with all these stock checkers and Twitter links tho, and being put in a queue, is that this is the exact same route as 90% of people and scalpers are waiting on. And if people want an S and can’t get one then they are not trying hard enough https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/configure/942J774TP9JN
  14. Had a PS5 and a S via Amazon on launch day. Decided I wanted an X on Monday, got one delivered on Tuesday. Now hovering over the OLED Switch buy it now buttons convincing myself that I definitely don’t need one. For me, talk of constrained supply is over exaggerated and plays into the manufactures hands. The perception of scarcity is creating the demand and who knows if they would’ve sold way less if this synthetic demand was not there. Roll my eyes when they say it’s impossible to get a ps5 or whatever. They ain’t trying hard enough. Anyone who really wants a new console will get one.
  15. How can I right click this if the image won’t load?
  16. So I’m just transferring a pile of Series S games onto the Series X via usb. Its exactly the same game right? I’m not better off redownloading them?
  17. Same. Consoles should look like consoles and not be embarrassed enough by pretending to look like company IT equipment
  18. This obviously opens up the possibilities for special edition consoles and I’m already hot for how YouTube bedroom streamer disgusting the Kratos Vengence Limited Edition is going to be
  19. In the far future! The sex robots in our lifetimes will be drab antivaxxers who will probably vote Tory
  20. If you don’t think the black and pink PS5 is the coolest looking console ever you are lying to yourselves. It’s like something Nintendo would make if their target market was sex robots from the future.
  21. Let a black man who made half the grid take a knee, ask about representation in the sport, talk about carbon footprints and embarrassed three King Arabs in a row with his rainbow helmet become the greatest ever? Never going to happen was it. Stopped liking F1 for 20 years because of this kind of moral dubiousness. Won’t be back next year unless there are real consequences to that rubber banding shitshow.
  22. lol don’t get me started on how I bought the new dlc on the one platform where I don’t have to access to all the subclasses, therefore necessitating the need to buy Beyond Light a third time. I should’ve got 50 achievement points for that alone
  23. Nothing beats the feeling of slowly nursing ten marines across the countryside to an enemy installation only to turn around to see they’ve all being headshotted by one particularly horny hot-eyed Jackal.
  24. I don’t care if it’s worth it or not, and for those who put in the time, no mistake, it’s not a negligible amount of time if you end up getting £150/£50 MS credit, but congrats. No one is telling anyone to stop doing it or whatever. It’s not ‘free’ though, by any definition (or theory of work).
  25. What’s being described here is literal work, the exchange of labour for a commodity (with an added loyalty trap that further restricts agency). My actual job I do mostly fuck all and get rewards out of it too. This year I made about a tenner, and that’s me thinking I grinded like mad, even playing a level of Just Cause or whatever. That’s work.
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