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  1. Anyone fancy a raid today at 6? Either Garden of Salvation or Deep Stone Crypt and VoG. Need one possibly two. No exp required.
  2. Who decided that this, designed for word processing and spreadsheets, an unergonomic lawsuit in waiting, sitting upright in a very specific way so you don’t get RSI, was a viable method to control anything? Controllers are supposed to be an extension of your body, the interface mimicking the movements of a person, a steering wheel or the spaceship. When using a keyboard and mouse, how are you supposed to feel like you are conquering worlds? Only the world where doing data entry is king. It has hundreds of buttons!
  3. Thanks for that info. It’s the same with Hades and Streets of Rage. Caned them on something else but no way am I starting from zero again (maybe I will).
  4. Is Hitman cross platform save? Remember the admin convolution of getting the cross gen save working on PS so will definitely be looking forward to doing that again.
  5. It may be ok as we’re now all essentially playing with 5 mod slots, but yeah that’ll only work if they make the costs of inserting them cheaper. Still a hassle tho. They need some sort of automated thing like how you auto tune your car in racers for those who really can’t be bothered with mods.
  6. Happy to help if you see me on (and you don’t get someone who hasn’t done all that stuff yet). yeah that masterwork bobbins sounds nonsense. I don’t want to feel like the 3000 headshots I had to get for the Sleeper catalyst is now wasted effort. But on the other hand, I’d like some more of the yellow guns to shit out orbs.
  7. I mean fuck it, 45 minutes of my day once a week, not really expecting much. Is what it is, a reaffirmation that Boba Fett is the most ridiculously overrated character in all of the Star Wars. And to be fair if we are gonna be stuck on drab sandy Tatooine again and again, at least they are bringing us some primary colours this time. Hopefully he’s gonna proper smash some shit up in the future with his new gang of street kids
  8. mario kart tour does rpg. There’s no way you can nonstop combo your way through courses without 1. An rng cart 2. Levelling up (also since we are here, please please please two more people add me so I can get a challenge done 385883037886)
  9. Been absolutely caning Mario Kart Tour on the phone. Some of the courses on that are wild, top tier Mario Kart courses. Would loved to have played something like this on console, minus the roulettes. They might nick the progression, combo and scoring system from it, but only for single player. Can’t fuck with the purity of MP with that shit.
  10. Nice one, thought that’ll be the case and it’s just made things a lot less wirey and more convenient.
  11. I’m sticking my 65w laptop charger into my headsets and controllers. Is this bad?
  12. Lol Days Gone is one of my faves and that is despite all the Days Of Anarchy Blokey Bikernerd cringe. Main character is also a dull looking white man so can see why Sony wouldn’t want him on the side of their PS5 packaging as their flagship mascot. Maybe the franchise can be the world they created with a whole new cast.
  13. Lol you really went with the you can’t say anything these days
  14. SJW Klaxon!!! Who unironically uses SJW as part of their day to day vocabulary Just put her in the infinitely cooler Sniper Wolf costume and blame the weird Japanese attitude to women on their collective trauma of the indiscriminate dropping of atom bombs on their civilian population.
  15. Amended and done! Thank you @Treble for dealing with this administrative nightmare and sorry if you felt any of my comments were too mean x
  16. We need rules! Otherwise it’s just shit lists. But anyway, you’re all right and this is my revised list 1. Fortnite Battle Pass Season 28. Websters Dictionary defines ‘value’ as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Well they should just put a picture of the 28th Fortnite Battle Pass! 2. Destiny Celebration Ornaments Pack. Says what it does on the tin. You pay some real money for some fake cosmetics then pay some real hours of your life to actually unlock them. 3. Sleeping Dogs (£2.99 edition). Understand that Sleeping Dogs was inaccessible to most gamers at its previous sale price of £3.59. Hopefully this finds a whole new audience for taking dates up to a pro-colonial pre-crackdown Victoria Peak. It’s GTA but supercharged, neon and foreign.
  17. It was daft for those two games too. It came out when it came out. If that VR Half Life game came out on PSVR+ in 2022 it’ll be daft for that to win GOTY too. It’s just cool to have a completely new list, so you ain’t repeating what the other lot said the year before. And who the fuck here wants to fondly remember 2020 anyway.
  18. Well then for what group of players is the relatively simple thing of celebrating the new games that came out this year specifically accommodating?
  19. yeah, but we are really talking about Hades here, which came out on the most popular selling console as well as on PC. If it wasn’t a GP game and it came out on PS4 only this year, there wouldn’t have been any new votes. It’s as if, same with MS Flight Sim, nothing exists until Gamepass says it does.
  20. yeah but then we start talking about Gamepass debuts, PC ports, Directors Editions, Next gen updates and it’s all sorts of drama. Just go by the year the game came out based off its first published wiki entry. If a game is that good you should have been in on day one superfans…
  21. Hilarious as it may be, the possibility of Returnal winning two years in row would be daft. New year, new winners, new list! (I fucking loved Hades btw, in the format it was intended).
  22. The opposite, I love Returnal because it taught me that there’s still life left in my deteriorating old man reactions. I’m not about to one credit Ikaruga or anything, but it was nice to play a supposedly ‘hard’ (it ain’t that hard) shooter that you’d think you’d never get past the first level of and feel like a king.
  23. The rules are arbitrary and fucked because let’s face it, it’s to accommodate people who only played Hades because it was free on Gamepass. By following the debut to new audience rules, I’m putting in 2 out of 5 as my GOTY because I love them so much even though I’ve not touched them on PC. Game of the Year A1. Returnal A2. Days Gone Guardians of the Galaxy A3. Forza 5 A4. Halo Infinite A5. Final Fantasy Remake Outriders Rereleases of the year B1. Death Stranding DC B2. Yakuza Like A Dragon B3. Hades Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Not the creeps at the games companies, animals will always be animals. It’s the complete lack of consequences that’s disappointing. Z2. PS5 output apart from Returnal. Really barely touched the beautiful machine this year. Z3. The second half of Halo Infinite after the excitement wears off Sound Design of the Year S1. Returnal S2. Radiohead game S3. Outriders Visual Design of the Year V1. Returnal V2. Forza 5 V3. The Ascent Writing of the Year W1. Guardians of the Galaxy W2. Hades (Xbox edition) Returnal W3. The Grunt comms officer in Halo infinite and the Grunt comms officer only. Format of the Year F1. Xbox (ps5 had Returnal but Xbox had a near constant stream of Gamepass 7/10s to keep going all year) Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Housemarque
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