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  1. Their support page is quite cool, just set up a notification for when they sort it out so can get on with my day. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  2. Apparently disc based games work eg Destiny. So the S is F’d
  3. Nothing but love for Xbox. Except right now
  4. Anyone else unable to access all their games? Getting bounced straight out from login to Store on everything. Few others having the same problem. Sounds like a Forza update broke everything (perhaps they need to take it off the store for the Precedent, like Returnal right?).
  5. On my second run through (this time not skipping every cut scene) and the story is quite underrated, liked how it progresses, and the post post apocalyptic vibes. Kinda like Horizon Zero Dawn. My aim was to reach world tier 15 before doing the post game, as that will give you max chances of decent loot for the post game. Did this by clearing everything in area before moving on, but still way short of WT after that even.
  6. Not everyone has a gun that does circa 1,000,000 damage
  7. We need a 4th (or 5th) Returnal thread on this, Returnal: should Sony be selling games that need patches? Following on from Returnal: it’s probably too expensive, Returnal: it’s probably too hard and Returnal: played it, it’s decent
  8. But there’s legit speculation in here that Gamepass are buying Nintendo so that they can sack off 30 million Mario Cars full price sales for the promise of Day 1 The Medium
  9. 70% deep into the post game and it was only then that I discovered that the whole process of staying alive was using guns which give you health back on shots. Thanks @Scruff! You should’ve definitely led with that 20 hours previous.
  10. It’s because the Warlock doesn’t have a double tap to save for the fat thumbers out there. Favourite jump, once you commit you can just float gracefully and with precision to your destination. With the exotic though, WTF of course Warlocks won’t be using the rift for helping other people, it’s their emergency lifesaver when they are getting smashed and yes they will sit on it thanks.
  11. If Returnal doesn’t sell for £70 rrp then it would’ve not sold for last gen’s £60 rrp either. It’s pretty much AAA, all the costs, staff and resources they put into it are undeniably up there on the screen, so dunno if putting it into the budget/expansion category like a 2D platformer, Uncharted Lost Legacy or Resident Evil remake would’ve done it that many favours either.
  12. 5 man VoG? https://d1.raid.report/pgcr/6471807018 You boys are professional
  13. It’s just not comparing like for like I don’t think. A fair price comparison is not MCC vs Returnal, it’s Returnal vs Halo CE. Same with Mario 3D all stars vs Mario 64 vs Ratchet and Clank. Older games are always gonna be better and more value for money, but the majority of the people are probably looking at the next fresh thing.
  14. someone must have had to pay for a £300 Xbox and a £50 Halo at some point and that’s why there’s a Master Chief Collection 20 years later
  15. It’s mostly mind tricks yeah. Eg it actually took your mate 30 games to make up the savings to cover the cost of a PC. As purely a current gen game machine, a moderate PC with 30 games costs (£1200 + £1500) more than a PS5 and 30 £70 games. This also ignores the discounts, free shit, resale value of discs, 3rd party games and auxiliary uses from the Sony console. Games shouldn’t be £70 rrp no, the market will decide eventually, think it will go down once there’s more choice. E.g. Returnal’s competitor if it was late in the gen would be a Call of Duty or a Halo Infinite, an
  16. Drop it down to easy until you get a few upgrades. It’s either that or fall off it via frustration and lack of progress. Must whack it back up after a few hours/unlocks tho. The Hardcore Player Of Games Community may disapprove because you ain’t playing on sweat level 6 but the difficulty is just a time gate, the only hard thing is patience and slowing yourself right down. You’ll be playing on easy mode soon enough once you start using the big guns or your health bar has been doubled.
  17. Thing is, you can buy a Dreamcast, a PS2 and a GameCube right now, and a PS5 and still have change left over for a “£70” game and this still wouldn’t be near the cost of a top spec computer. Comparison of a specced up PC to a PS5 and their “£70” games as a value for money proposition falls apart instantly because of the high cost barrier of entry and the niche benefits.
  18. A “top spec gaming rig” or a £450 console plus 31 £70 games?
  19. I’m not a black American comic book tv nerd so am unable to understand how much something like this would resonate. I am surprised that Disney Inc. would go to these subject matters though (even the refugees and American terrorism). Whether or not it has landed with precision, they don’t talk about this stuff in the usual comic book fare. So it’s a worthwhile show. Do a Captain Cymru though and I’d cream.
  20. The lads who did Titanfall 2 now stuck in a forever loop of making Apex Legend skins even though they made a ‘critically acclaimed’ game that no one bought.
  21. Just did a search for Returnal via the PARCEL10 code on eBay and bought it for £61. Don’t usually do disks but at least I can flip it with zero risk when I inevitably get stuck on the 2nd boss. Thanks hype!
  22. Forget about transmog. So lame compared to the absolutely banging shaders and ornaments from Guardian Games!
  23. All the bleating about £70 games. It was never £70 for anyone here unless they were being a complete goon. Seen it for sub £60 and missed it which I’m now furious about because the hands ons make it sound well hype. So where’s the best place to buy this? Shopto PSN vouchers?
  24. Top tier computer game horse (1. Argo 2. Epona 3. D-Horse, if you wanted the top 3).
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