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  1. Top tier computer game horse (1. Argo 2. Epona 3. D-Horse, if you wanted the top 3).
  2. Is Gamepass on Nintendo the new Nintendo should go 3rd party
  3. Between the Transformers, Godzilla and the Jeagers, Hong Kong’s been ruined more times than by Colonialism. Did smirk at Zavala’s “evacuate the city” plea with a quick cut to a TITAN shelter tho.
  4. yeah tbh I haven’t and don’t think I’m inclined to do any of this single player, had a quick peek, and maybe it was the World Tier, but it was a bit of a squishy drag. Literally have no idea what’s going on but can see it gets better and better the more numbers go up and the more purples you own.
  5. On the contrary, play it on easy first for a few hours so you can get through to the good stuff quickly. The game becomes amazing when you’ve made a few unlocks and have access to your full toolbox.
  6. All the best Hunter exotics centre around being able to be a coward better, either by running away faster or being a sneaky wee dodge machine.
  7. Definitely loads of scope to just be on add-murder duty on Last Wish, wouldn’t need a video. Unless you want to do the last boss legit like a time-wasting psychopath.
  8. I’ve got 120Hz enabled on most things unless the choice is for prettier, but to say that you can’t go back to under 60 or refuse to play some of the best games ever in the format the creators intended is wild. It’s an artificial made up barrier.
  9. I know it’s not a dedicated Gamer Chair with cushioned lower back support, but also the shitter.
  10. Problem with the PC crew is that they know they’ve overspent on a ridiculous Microsoft Excel machine with nothing to play on it so are always desperate to play other manufacturer’s IP and insist it’s the best version because it’s what their Excel machine can now do. It’s ok, I have like 40 3D blu rays because I convinced myself 3D Blu ray was the best and not because I had to justify my tele.
  11. Are you saying that old Charlie Chaplin films would be better in colour?
  12. Also, and although it may be my brain-damaged, poverty stricken upbringing talking here, playing a pirated version of Zelda on your £2000 PC completely disregards the overall video game experience you are supposed to have, the packaging, sitting cross legged in front of the big tv, or sideways in bed. The absolute synergy between the official controllers, the screen and yourself. Playing on the shitter. Playing on the shitter at work.
  13. A fucking brain injury, because people who don’t give a fuck about FPS are what exactly? Say it. It’s not ‘unacceptable’, it’s been fine for the majority for ages and will be again. It’s niche elitism where you’ve all convinced yourselves that good games are now shit games because they don’t meet some spoilt kid criteria.
  14. No, because it doesn’t fucking matter. Get over yourselves, most of the computer games I played on PS4 were 30fps, from Destiny 1 to Last of Us 2, and I had a whale of a time. They weren’t invalidated to the overwhelming majority because of some imperceptible frame rate boost. Shiny beautiful graphics is what matters to the masses, for the screenshots, for the TV spots and for the pure eye candy. Get over it. Looking forward to the shiny graphics arms race restarting with Last of Us 3 etc and we can marvel once more at artistic merit rather than frame rate militancy.
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