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  1. Nah the sliders are perfect. Enemies on Hard, scissors and tissues on Everywhere. Lets you play the game like Rambo 4 if that’s what one wants. If it was default Hard, the mass market would simply give up at level 2
  2. Or have put the game on hard mode because it’s the edgy thing to do, then complain about the gameplay. Playing it on hard is fine if you want to spend the entire time waiting behind a chimney and tediously creeping about in case you get a one-hit fail and not having enough resources to make cool as F limb-shattering traps and explosives. Play the game with the full set of tools available first and then have a pop about the ‘gameplay’. edit- reply to DbL
  3. Joel’s last thought was seeing Ellie pinned to the ground and thinking yeah, her and Tommy gonna get got, everything he did was for nothing. Mans had what was coming to him and the irony and final punishment for him is he wouldn’t have factored in the humanity of the Wolves in letting Ellie and Tommy go because he wouldn’t have/didn’t do the same thing.
  4. ^ everything spoilers
  5. Ew, reclaimed or not. Master race is language used in Nazi ideology and what it ultimately symbolises is horrific as F. So edgy lads. Title change?
  6. If I click on this link will my YouTube algorithm be ruined forever
  7. I usually get on in the evenings but always available for daytime when I stop pretending I’m working from home. theres a Rllmuk clan but don’t know the details. I’m in a toxic PC clan but they just talk about settings all day (JOKING @Lyrical Donut DON’T KICK ME)
  8. Cool. You’re on my friends list so I can beg when I see you online. The old max routine was, do all the weekly powerfully, then nightfall, monster hunts, then GoS. Then disappointment. Still the case now?
  9. I spanked about 2000 crucible tokens and a couple of raid drops before realising that blues were the real Gs of getting past 960. Who’s still playing on PS4? Hate it on the PC and wanna do some min/maxing later.
  10. I’m like 960 light, and want to check out the dungeon, what’s the best way to level up fast these days? Raids?
  11. I think it's cool, you can leave a few out and it's ok, but Isabelle has taken a firm stance on some of the industrialised sharing which is gaming the ecosystem and ruining the longevity.
  12. These came in our weekly veg box and legit don’t know what to do with them except for that one thing.
  13. Thanks for the add! I was too busy hunting out the desktop for the sig!
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