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  1. Don’t get me wrong it’s probably well worth over a tenner a month depending on how you use it (I think it’s good value at the moment despite all I’m doing since the S came out is playing Forza and Destiny and the first 40 minutes of a pile of average games whilst constantly scrolling the Gp library). The vibes in the past are that somehow, Microsoft are our friends and give us all this for £41 a year and don’t expect anything back in return. It’s as disingenuous as Uber ruining taxis.
  2. This is effectively a rise for Gamepass because of the way we are all doing the upgrade thing right? The Xbox fundamentalists always talk about the perceived “value” of GPU, but it’s not sustainable long term and they will fuck you eventually.
  3. The best way to play it is with mouse and keyboard
  4. First of all I’d be absolutely livid that Virgin were holding onto that data for way longer than necessary, which allowed access to old transaction emails (that’s from my GDPR e-learning module at work, which I passed by clicking Next repeatedly and guessing the answers).
  5. Sony are clearly idiots in all of this, and the flaw in multiple email addresses being valid is a gaping flaw, but surely the 1st problem and where the actual blame lies is that the email account got compromised? Once your account is gone, the electrothief has access to every single password reset link they can get out of the inbox?
  6. Nintendo are a shitty company because they try to make bank off the characters they created whilst making wholesome games for people of all ages but Microsoft are the best and can afford to subsidise your Gamepass through supplying missile guidance systems for the US Military. Gotcha.
  7. Wait what, we now hate Nintendo because they won’t let you pirate their games? Nonsense. Disney comparison on point, imagine what Micky Mouse would react if I just started a 24/7 stream of the original Star Wars. And the other point about them becoming stale because they don’t make new IP, apart from the big 3 (which has innovated in each generation), there’s Pokemon, Splatoon and Animal Crossing etc. And you also actually used the term “intellectual property”.
  8. I guess just in time production doesn’t work in such a way. Where would they store the millions and millions of stockpiled consoles? Even then they’d all be hoovered up on release.
  9. Yeah major beef with limited items that you want them to make more to meet demand. But if they made more then they wouldn’t be as desirable anymore. With consoles it’s completely different, if you really really wanted one you would’ve got one, if you half wanted one, now you have to wait. They’ll make more. Spinning this into some sort of console launch disaster is wild, there’s probably some sort of threshold where the makers are happy to not quite fully meet demand as it keeps the desirability factor up.
  10. agree! Resellers will jump on anything in high demand. It’s pathetic, the margins of profit them make on some of their nonsense can surely not be worth the admin. Whisky scalping is my current fury.
  11. Fair, ok. But did anyone here, who really really wanted a console when they announced them, not get a console? edit @Popo
  12. I’m serious, if you really wanted an Xbox or ps5, you would’ve have been all over many of the pre-release opportunities. I thought the short pre order window actually helped. I managed to get both an Xbox and ps5 for release day (and a second ps5 I flipped for cost) because I took it semi seriously (sitting on the shitter having an Amazon link sent to me), anyone in here (not the general public) were just too causal or driven by FOMO. Trust me, I hate resellers, spend my life begging around for fancy trainers, getting the new consoles was a breeze in comparison
  13. The pearl clutching about scalpers is unreal. The fact is, if you were serious and wanted any of the consoles, you could’ve got one if you tried hard enough. DIY ukhotdeals resellers jumping all over it and driving up aftermarket prices shouldn’t concern anyone here.
  14. Maneater was some banter for about 30 minutes, going around chomping up rednecks. Then the map opens up and it’s an open world shark game! Coming off the back of Days Gone, Forza and Ghosts of Tsushima I’m just exhausted with map discovery and skills trees. More open worlds! When’s the next revolution in computer games. Anyway gonna lay off A Shark Fin’s Creed for a while.
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