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  1. It’s seamless, swapping between PS4 and PC all the time and will be doing the same for 9 days between XBox and PS5. You gotta set up the cross save properly tho and likely need the expansion on each format if you want all the content available.
  2. Casually rocked up to Bezos at 9:30 after barely waking up. Can’t wait for Zelda: Age of Calamity in November
  3. It’s an absolute travesty all that IP left on the table. Especially Solid Snake. Bethesda should buy Konami now they have £8 billion knocking about.
  4. There’s a few “say Xbox has got no games now motherfuckers!” Knocking about. Which is totally fine. I’m happy there’s a console war, it means that consoles launch at £249/£449. Lads pretending they are above all that pettiness tho...
  5. A lot of people showed their ass with their initial response. It’s megaton news yeah, but ‘fucking great news’? That response is partly driven by being provided with more ammunition in the upcoming Console War, no matter how much they wish to deny they are enthusiastic participants of the War. Sony weebs getting upset that FF16 or Demon Souls no longer being 3rd party exclusives also need to chill the F out too.
  6. I think 12/18 haven’t touched ps+. It’s a an alright first day freebie, and a decent intro to anyone who only messed with Xbox all last gen?
  7. Seems like a genuine question, answered excellently. Was trying to see why everyone is thirsting so badly for this, now I know. No need for the pile on. Hope this is good, I’d want to get into a new type of genre I don’t pay attention to, but the edgelordness of it all (Fucking this fucking that, family 1st latin/Chinese ninjas/boys in the hood tropey stereotype gangs, robot transgender hookers with a heart, endless PC spec talk) puts me off a little.
  8. Is Astro Playroom going to be good? Last gen gave us Resogun for free and that was all that was worth playing for ages.
  9. Between her trans serial killers entrapping women in “safe spaces”, Irish bomb fetishisers, “halal takeaway bags” and Cho Chan Chinaman, this game will have more bigoted stereotypes than the average Call of Duty game.
  10. Yeah I think RRP is a myth. Also, a lot of cross gen games are doing the free upgrade thing, so those games on PS5 will cost the same as they are now. Which is a better deal than last gen:
  11. Same, would’ve gone shopto same as last time, but went Bezos, shopto really should’ve given out links to people who preregistered or had an account history. They owe me £0.01
  12. No way would they have gone as low as they did without XBox shooting it’s load first. Sony must be livid, the £599 rumour must not have come from nowhere. Thanks console war!
  13. Controllers are £50 there. That is way less than Joycons and will expect them to go lower. Each console launch has always seen an uptick in prices as they think they can try it on, the market will soon settle down. And as someone still traumatised from buying £80 Streetfighter 2 and £60 rrp SNES carts, the last few years I’m actually making money
  14. Yes I agree that it makes hardly any tangible difference but incremental changes makes everything better. If you had a capable router and the old iPhone can connect why shouldn’t the new consoles etc
  15. I see that having the best cutting edge technology only matters when we are talking about the number of ‘flops’ one may have
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