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  1. Wasn't there something in maybe the second episode about how he just became disillusioned with constantly doing things for Khonshu and having no freedom and was convinced to betray him by Ammit and switch allegiance?
  2. No time travel involved. She's a completely different person who just happens to look identical. Which happens a bit this season.
  3. I’ve convinced myself Wong is the real power in the world. Most times we see him, he’s going or coming from somewhere, no doubt pulling all the important strings. Respect the Wong.
  4. Well, in the few minutes I just watched, it was said that it definitely doesn't look like a car park and they seem to be pretending the marina is real.
  5. There's swearing, if that's an issue.
  6. Mike Hagerty, who you should recognise from various places https://deadline.com/2022/05/mike-hagerty-dead-friends-mr-treeger-seinfeld-actor-1235018164/
  7. From the look of that hand tattoo, maybe he's also trying alchemy to generate even more on the fly.
  8. They've announced Jack Huston as Lasher in Mayfair Witches.
  9. Outer Range ended with more questions than answers. And one that was answered was obvious anyway.
  10. It's now officially picked up to series.
  11. One character conformed by the actor that won't be returning for season 3. Other than the obvious.
  12. We’ve already got the giant metal vagina to return to from the start of the season.
  13. That one scream is going to be a meme, isn’t it?
  14. I think that was the purpose of the crash.
  15. Some old Planet of the Apes sequels have gone up.
  16. There’s a credits scene this week.
  17. The second Suicide Squad spin-off being worked on is about Amanda Waller, with Viola Davis reprising her role. It's not a certainty just yet and they say it won't be as much as a comedy as Peacemaker was.
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