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  1. Exactly, there was a lot of talking about Nadias operation at one point. There was more than the comments above too.
  2. Yes, some games to drag on a bit. I'll probably be lynched for this, but the latest for me is BG&E. I like the game, but when I was going around the Factory I eventually just wanted it to end. Not the game, just the level, if you can call it a level. Then I got to the Slaughterhouse and I'm getting that feeling all over again. I would have prefered if these locations were smaller and maybe have a couple more to compensate for them being shorter. I have not played the game for about a month because every time I think about going back to where I am in the Slaughterhouse, it just puts me off.
  3. When did they find out about Nadia? I seem to have missed that.
  4. My local Game Stop have it down for October. But I can't remember the exact date. Something like the above anyway. This is marked on display boxes which look like official display boxes rather then ones they made themselves.
  5. Wasn't it Activision (If I remember correctly that they did the games) that sued, not Viacom? After all, Viacom own Paramount. They would be suing themselves. Even Fox managed to figure that was dumb when they abandoned plans for Fox News to sue Fox TV over a Simpsons episode.
  6. It's not there. Or it wasn't earlier when I checked.
  7. I can't remember the movie, but there was a row of young scallies making noise and using phones and throwing popcorn during the movie. The manager came in and asked the guy who complained who was causing the trouble. Almost the entire audience turned to the scallies in unison. He told them to stop or they would be thrown out. They did not stop, so the manager stopped the movie and brought up the lights before ejecting the entire row of kids from the cinema. Also, don't go see a movie where there are 100+ Spanish students queueing to see it too. Bloody noisy lot. I got caught with them 3 times, due to me being in the cinema before them. They sit all over the cinema and shout to each other across the room.
  8. So is Around The World in 80 Days going to be shit? I'm not expecting the best thing ever, but I'm hoping it will at least be enjoyable. Although I've already got some enjoyment from seeing some pics of Arnie looking exceedingly gay in that black wig.
  9. Only one old game on a cart, for that price? Bloody hell. Although I would not have been surprised if they were full price either. I'm used to them overcharging for GBA carts. Which is why I've not bought any for a very long time.
  10. Oh shit. They are making up a song. We don't need another Insania.
  11. She was singing at that parade where the Green Goblin attacked the company people on the balcony.
  12. So we can look forward to Half Life 2 and Doom III previews in the Retro section?
  13. Zipstick was king. Mine lasted for years, on both C64 and Amiga. Never had to buy a replacement. My cousins also had them and one had an awful temper while playing games. Regular flinging at walls and floors for his Zipstick, but it survived it all. So the limp wristed remark belies it's toughness.
  14. So lots of people have explained how they think retro is a system no longer made or supported or similar. That applies to consoles. But what about PC? It's still made and is older than the majority of retro systems. So what constitutes a retro game on PC? I was also surprised to see Half-Life in the Retro section of Games TM. I wouldn't have classed that as retro yet. But I'm not sure when something on PC becomes retro.
  15. I've just seen an ad for the Music Monthly section of The Observer. It has little animated versions of famous bands in alpahbetical order, like on Sesame Street. And the music on the ad is Sesame Street inspired too. I quite liked the ad.
  16. The BBFC have passed Doom III, uncut, rated 18. Seeing as it has now been through BBFC, surely the game must be finished? If they made changes, they would not be able to use this certificate, would they? http://www.bbfc.co.uk/website/Classified.n...bb?OpenDocument
  17. It's interesting how well it is going for him. I thought he would be the first out, on the second week, after the original bedsit plan. But then Kitten got herself kicked, delaying what I thought would be his departure. Then the bedsit thing delayed it even further. And now, as you say, people have others they will want to get rid of more. I still don't think he will win, but he could go much further. And a bit OT, but I saw a sign in the local chemist today for "Armani Mania." Made me think of "Ahmania," if that's how you spell it. Somehow, I thought Dan had a good chance of winning. I'm not sure what the fuck will happen now though.
  18. I suppose they expected arguments, but not a table being overturned and people getting physical. Whatever, I can't see them doing this again Will this be the end of BB? I can't say I'd be sad if it was. After all this, it's bound to go back to it's boring old ways if there are more series.
  19. I don't see much wrong with someone who is trying to fuck everyone else getting fucked himself.
  20. Yeah, even on the first night they said that Dan, another gay, doesn't like queens like Marco. But at least there's not been anything made of it by Dan to Marco, that I have seen at any rate.
  21. Why? It's the truth. Some people take things too seriously. People sometimes make jibes about Irish being agressive drunks too, but we don't generally fly off the handle when someone does.
  22. It was blatently a joke. Even I could see that. Okay, it wasn't funny, but it wasn't exactly racist. It was a joke. It seems to be okay to go on about England football fans being hooligans, but don't dare say anything about Scots. And that other bit...it comes across a bit like "because my mum said so..." (note the winky smiley, in case you think I'm being entirely serious)
  23. She passed that point for me when she was moaning and crying about not having any fags. I know it is hard for smokers. But she isn't the only one. Nobody else was being overdramatic about it.
  24. Yes, it is a game, and she was playing with him, getting her revenge. But Victor isn't enough of a man to take it. Neither is Jay. They both proved that even before the incident, by being miserable twats all night. You seem to think it is okay for Victor and Jay to play with others, but as soon as someone starts playing with them and the react badly, they are heroes. And I object to personal insults.
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