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  1. They've been doing it since at least 1988. Probably before then. Fucking him/her right up the arse on TV all over the world.
  2. I got a bit confused there. I wasn't sure if it was still supposed to be drama, or if Lauren was going off on one for real.
  3. They have obviously been affected. Shame, because the two brothers look like they could have been decent blokes.
  4. Bloody great. Their lives are based on a load of lies, which, inevitably, they cannot keep straight. So many contradictions over the years.
  5. Slyly taking the piss? It's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. Imagine if she got on Big Brother after she auditioned. Now that could be good, or tragic, or both.
  6. Wow! These doctorates they have, they gave them to themselves! Set up a college and awarded themselves doctorates from their own college. No wonder they all have doctorates in metaphysics.
  7. Let's all point and laugh! She is 20, but looks late middle age, or as the narrator just said, like Tatcher. At least he didn't need to change the hair to become Lauren.
  8. LOL! The family resumé. They are all fucked up.
  9. Sweet Jesus! As a woman, he makes Nadia look good.
  10. Was it the new girl who changed him? Brought out something in him. Or maybe it's just a temporary thing. And I can't stop looking at your avatar. It's hypnotising.
  11. Just watched Blade II on DVD the other day (first time since getting a 5.1 setup, and it was bloody great with that on). It was a long time since I saw it last and it turned out better than I remembered. But I do like both Blade movies. I suppose the second is better, with some great set-pieces. And I love the jaws on the super vampire things, and the way they are tough as nails. And the ambiguity about Whistler the first time I saw it.
  12. They're, like, totally jammin', dude
  13. Why do I feel that watching this will be like watching a train wreck? Bah, I'll be watching it anyway, I'm sure.
  14. JohnC

    Film 4

    I assume this is DD or Credit Card? Is it legal to change like that without warning under those circumstances?
  15. JohnC

    3dFX Lives!

    "That's no moon!"
  16. Tonights show, showing Vanessas eviction. They got pretty pissed off over the booing Vanessa got. From crying to shocked to anger. And Jason blaming himself for it.
  17. They have had TV ads for a while now. The first I saw was probably in the run up to last Christmas. I've always found that they dispatch orders quickly. No problems with them there. But it still takes a week for the packages to get to me, which is not their fault.
  18. I've just seen her. I know I shouldn't judge people in five seconds, but she looks crap. And the accent? And this is before I read any of the other posts about her here.
  19. I bought a Saitek Cyborg 3D Force a few months ago in PC World. It's great. Is it the one you have? I paid €35. I was happy to pay that. Last time I looked at force feedback sticks, they were over IR£100 and they are still generally much more than the €35 I paid. I must say my selection was also rather limited by me being left handed. Most sticks are made for right handed people these days. So I was delighted when the only left-hand compatible real force feedback stick I could find in town was also cheap.
  20. If you couldn't use dual layer discs on Xbox, most DVD movies wouldn't work. So it does support them.
  21. One of my cousins hates to play Final Fantasy games, but he loves watching them being played.
  22. I've read something about a movie called Baise Moi. French I think. Apparently that is very rough indeed too. Also has graphic rape scenes and they don't hide anything, even showing penetration which is not normally allowed. It's hardcore porn, and more, but gets released because the people who made it say it is not porn, it is art. The "story" is something like a woman gets raped and goes on a rampage for revenge against men, or something.
  23. Depends on the situation. I'd generally just go on, even if I have used all my health items in a battle and stuff like that and have to buy loads at the next shop. But if it was a major fuck up, I'd often reload.
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