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  1. That's a shit definition of portable. Maybe a good definition of pocket sized. Can you fit a portable TV in your pocket? Portable stereo (not talking about walkman, but proper big one with radio/tape/cd/at least 2 decent sized speakers)? A laptop? I know that portable CD players are small these days, but I don't think they would fit in my trouser/jeans pocket. Somewhat limited by the size of a CD of course.
  2. JohnC

    PSP Addons

    It can be done. I've seen things before with transparent keypads which didn't look like they had any wires or anything inside them. Even in cheap-as-chips shitty extension phones.
  3. JohnC


    Don't decent planes allow you to plug stuff in these days? I think it's mainly for laptops, so I don't know how suitable it would be for PSP/GBA/whatever.
  4. The kids around here used to be crazy about Pokemon. They still like it, but Yu-Gi-Oh is the big thing now.
  5. JohnC


    Has this been clarified? I got the impression before that there would be no lock out for games, but there would be for movies.
  6. Does your MiniDisc player have a big colour LCD screen? I thought not.
  7. I always considered (hoped for) the possibility that it could be a city with a combination of LA and SF. San Andreas would cover both areas, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility.
  8. JohnC


    4.3" screen with 16:9 widescreen ratio.
  9. I don't know. I've heard that controling games on PDAs with a stylus is complete wank.
  10. JohnC


    I would think it means the buttons on the pad are analogue, like on the Dual Shock 2, rather than having an analogue stick type control.
  11. I also heard a "rumour" that buying the DS is the only cure for Tramp AIDS
  12. JohnC


    I thought there was something about the pads daisy-chaining, like the old MS Sidewinder pads? Did Jaguar do that too?
  13. The Gathering is classed as one of the TV movies. All five are getting released in a box set.
  14. In the shopping centre where I work, there was a competition where 4 people had to spend a couple of weeks living in a City Rover. They get voted out one by one and the last one left at the end of the 2 weeks won the car. Imagine living in that piece of shit for 2 weeks and actually hoping to win it at the end of the ordeal.
  15. And a nun swapping her Nova for a monster truck.
  16. The theory fits. He is the left hand of God. His name is Gabriel. So why can't he be the angel Gabriel? And why insist that he is a normal human? He obviously isn't. Anyway, they are copying X-Men. SPOILERS Van Helsing Hugh Jackman plays a guy who becomes a werewolf at one point. He has dreams about the past and doesn't know who he is. May be sorted if there is a sequel. X-Men Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine, a wolf like guy. He has dreams about the past and doesn't know who he is. Sorted in the sequel.
  17. Yes, I like it too. I didn't get to see it regularly on TV until about mid Season 3, but I had seen enough to know what was going on before that. But now I have the first 4 seasons on DVD and awaiting the 5th. I also liked Space Above and Beyond too. It was a bit annoying not finding out what happened to everyone after the last episode when the shit kinda hit the fan.
  18. Which suggests to me that they will be creating entirely new characters for this rather than using existing ones, which are largely real people and licences in the EA franchises I suppose. And in a Capcom vs... context, that sounds dissapointing.
  19. Oh, I'll have to see this then. I saw the trailer before the theatrical release, but while the trailer was amusing, I still got the impression that the movie was going to be a crap sub-standard spoof, like Scary Movie 2 or something. So I'll blame you guys if I end up hating it
  20. I did a similar thing. But rather than landing on them, I got the Hunter (basically an Apache ripoff) and blew them to bits with rockets and miniguns from the air.
  21. I seem to be one of the few who don't find Ewoks annoying.
  22. I agree about Se7en. I enjoyed the movie and thought the gross-out bits (particularly Gluttony guy and the guy tied to the bed who looked dead (Sloth?)) were kinda cool. But the ending with the box shocked me a bit. Gave me a weird feeling. Unpleasant, quite a downer, but in the context of the movie I liked it, while similtaneously hating the act that was carried out.
  23. Yeah, but I assume the heading means it's for phones. So I'm not keeping my hopes up for that one.
  24. The Sierra Babylon 5 game. X-Wing style space shooter.
  25. Forget Sunday. It's on right now.
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