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  1. Just don't expect it to last too long. It died a premature death after JMS decided to ignore all the TNT interferance. Their interferance is why it starts off badly. It gets better near the end when he began ignoring them. I think it was their demand for a new character who was a "sexual explorer" (she learns about new people by having sex with them) is what pushed him over the line.
  2. They did show the "bread and milk" clip. Unfortunatly, it was at the end of a section and the crowd were shouting over it.
  3. A rather superficial stab in the eye and dead 10 seconds later What? It's over now? That was a bit sudden.
  4. I thought the animated Brian Walker Distribution logo was ace
  5. Yes indeed. And I couldn't help noticing another Jerry Goldsmith score.
  6. That post eviction interview and review was great. I really hope it has made the muppets who voted him out see the error of their ways. Even if it is too late now.
  7. All remaining housemates up for eviction, effective immediatly. And they don't know about it either.
  8. When the truth was revealed about Nadia: "You can see 2 things from the moon. The wall of China and Nadias jawline"
  9. When they make the DVD, there should be 2 versions. The normal version and a special Victor edition
  10. More straight talking in the interview, which is nice.
  11. When Davina said the lead changed last night, I suspected Victor was going instead of Jason. But I was still a bit shocked when it was announced. It was the first time an eviction made me go "Nooooo!"
  12. <Hinderberg reporter> Oh, the humanity! </Hindenberg reporter>
  13. If that was true, I'd be surprised if it is anymore. I can't see the outside girlfriend wanting to stay with him after his carry on/shagging Michelle.
  14. It's in Edge 139, page 9. The bastards didn't say he was your mate though.
  15. Which is why sextology is automatically better than octology. Unless you prefer hentai.
  16. Except there's not 8 of them. It would be sextology.
  17. There's a little bit of video of it on the Edge E3 DVD. I think it's somewhere near the start in the PSP section. I think it gets shown more than once too.
  18. Next you'll be wanting an Air Guitar peripheral to go with it. Oh, hang on...
  19. I picked up on the "I'm a gay man. I love Nadia" bit. I missed his reaction to "She's got balls."
  20. I've just noticed, BBC1, 10:35, directly before Satans Slave, Deep Rising
  21. I think they are confirmed for Region 1. But not yet conformed for Region 2. They will almost certainly be the same, but there is no guarentee.
  22. Currently £27.99 on Play. RRP £44.99. Unconfirmed extras Episode IV - A New Hope: Audio commentary from writer/director George Lucas, sound designer Ben Burtt, Industrial Light & Magic's Dennis Muren and actress Carrie Fisher Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back: Audio commentary from George Lucas, director Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi: Audio commentary from George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher Bonus disc material: 'Empire Of Dreams: The Story Of The Star Wars Trilogy' documentary (150 mins) 'The Birth Of The Lightsabre' featurette 'The Characters Of Star Wars' featurette 'The Force Is With Them: The Legacy Of Star Wars' featurette 1977 Original and 1997 Special Edition re-release trailers and teaser trailers 1977 Original and 1997 Special Edition re-release TV spots Poster gallery Never before seen production artwork gallery Link to the Starwars.com website with exclusive DVD-Rom content Behind the scenes preview of Episode III, including a sneak peek at the new Darth Vader costume forged for Episode III 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Xbox game preview
  23. Note: "From the director of Inseminoid." Wasn't there a thread about that a few months ago? I seem to remember it being quite horrible from that thread.
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