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  1. After reading this thread, I have to watch this! And Jack Palance is in it. Did he ever look young?
  2. Don't forget that pretzels tried to kill the president! How very un-American of them. They should be banned. Banned, I tell you.
  3. Apparently blue is most appropriate. Green, brown and blue are apparently the most basic colours of ye olde stylee book covers from long long ago.
  4. How will that put them off? They will see GTA being one of the most successful franchises. They will see increasing crime. They will see GTA being responsible for increasing crime.
  5. I saw that cover during the week. What really caught my eye among the games that should be banned is UT04.
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/3913611.stm http://www.theadvertchannel.tv 24-hour ads. Yay
  7. I remember when I started it, I was caught unawares by the transition from FMV to gameplay. Great FMV sequence showing the city, the train pulling into the station and then I had control of Cloud, but didn't realise because of the seamless transition.
  8. Doesn't your teletext work on your digital service? It does here. Anyway, here it is:
  9. It was my first PS game and I spent hours playing it uninterupted on my first night. I also didn't really know what to expect, but I loved what I found.
  10. Yeah, I noticed she didn't mention Nadia this time too. Nadia got the biggest cheer when she was giving the numbers though. They hesitated with Stu. They weren't really bothering, but then a few half hearted cheers, almost as if it was for Michelles sake, quite possibly prompted by some staffer. Big boos for Jason though. Looks like he will be leaving Wednesday. Looks like this pub quiz thing was bull too. They are just evicting the person with the least votes. But somehow adding an "evil" dimension to it.
  11. YES! They told her about "Bunny Boiler!"
  12. I saw something about it in The Sun, but couldn't be bothered reading it.
  13. Oh please! It's not like this kind of thing isn't standard practice in movies and TV. There are any number of movies set in New York or Washington DC which are actually shot in LA or Vancouver and situations like that. Maybe you are just possessive of London. Maybe you would be rightly pissed off to find that in Reign of Fire, London was actually shot in the docks in Dublin.
  14. Hmmm, yeah. The PS2 one doesn't. Looks like it wasn't BBFC rated, but the other platforms were. But the site still gives the ELSPA 18 rating.
  15. I've just looked at both Play and Amazon. The shots there are rated. They both also have statements saying it is for sale to over 18s only. The game is not on CD Wow. Which ones don't have them rated?
  16. You are relying on published "facts" that you are taking as gospel without knowing what make up those "facts." Just look at crime figures last week. Two completely different "facts" published, one saying crime is up, the other saying crime is down. The reason they are different is that they were counting different things and different ways. We know these details. You will probably argue that crime figures have nothing to do with this. The figures themselves don't, but I'm just using it as a recent example of how wildly different figures come up in the same area. We don't know the details of your figures. We don't know exactly what it is counting. It often happens that different industry groups come up with different figures for different things. So just pucking one does not make the figures right. Maybe it's time you went outside and learned how the world works.
  17. JohnC

    Dan Howser

    You mean "My mum was a parent, you insensitive prick"
  18. RobJam, you have been asked a simple question numerous times and have ignored it every time. Where is the 125k spent in an average game? Break down the wages, etc for us to show us your superior FACTS. Also, you are wrong. That's not a FACT. That's TRUEFAX.
  19. They've made it! The front page headline of tomorrows Daily Mail (first edition at any rate) MURDER BY PLAYSTATION As a slight aside, can Sony complain about their trademarked name being used like that?
  20. This was rated 18 by the BBFC, wasn't it?
  21. And it can hardly be worse than Tomb Raider 2, which Jolie did publicity for
  22. No. I've had it confirmed that the DVD just unlocks something on the Star Wars site. It's not actually on the DVD.
  23. If you think about it, the older Anakin (Sebastian Shaw) ghost is also wrong. Anakin was fucked up when he was a young man so never got to look like the Sebastian Shaw non-disfigured version. So really, the old version and the young version would both be wrong. Just think that the ghost would be how Anakin would imagine himself to look.
  24. I've always thought this movie will be marmite. I expect to love it. I think it will be loved by those who "get it." Those who get the whole pulp comic book kind of thing going on in it. But everyone else will probably think it may the the most ridiculous thing ever.
  25. Slim? Are we looking at the same pictures? Maybe it's a bit subjective, but it doesn't look that slim to me. It's okay when open. But it's quite thick closed.
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