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  1. It's really only the ending that's different. So you probably have time to watch the original and then switch over in time to see the alternate ending on the other channel.
  2. That's what I thought too. And I don't even shop in Tesco.
  3. I've seen her described as "Peter Kay with a wig"
  4. And if she's so anti-capitalist, why is she trying to win 100k?
  5. The competion... http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_970522.html
  6. So they keep dropping the sound out like they used to. Are they afraid they are insulting Belgium or something?
  7. So they've not figured out the special toilet window yet then.
  8. The live thing is already on.
  9. Didn't he have a fling with Brian from one of the previous ones?
  10. Jason to lose first challenge
  11. Missed opportunity: Burberry Chav
  12. Kitten seems very intolerant for someone who expects everyone else to be completely tolerant.
  13. They haven't even got all the people in yet and it's already better than all the other series.
  14. Camper than a tent shop...
  15. The BBFC/FACT ones are on practically all the movies I see. Who is responsible for these things anyway? The distributer or is it done at the actual cinema by cinema staff? Given what you say the situation should be, it gets worse too. Troy was the first movie I saw the INFACT warning on. Every other movie had the UK FACT warnings. And I still see several movies that have BBFC ratings on but have no Irish rating cert at all! The projectionists at my local cinema are often crap too. It can take a while before the movie gets focused correctly. With Troy, it was actually perfect to begin with. Then he decided to refocus and made it worse. I think it was Contact that had the bit at the start where the camera zooms through the galaxy and onto Earth. Missed that entire thing because the movie was completely out of focus and could not be seen at all. The projectionist somehow did not notice for several minutes. WTF do those guys do up there? It couldn't be missed.
  16. Yes, there is material that can be used to line a room. There was talk of it being used on train carriages. But that would be stupid, IMO. Maybe they could have a limited number of "phone free" carriages lined with this, but not all of them.
  17. The warnings are getting worse than DVD now. I went to see Troy and they had the 2 screen FACT warning and the BBFC certificate and then the 2 screen INFACT (Irish version of FACT) warning, the same as the FACT ones, and then the Irish classification cert. And then the Vodafone sponsored TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONES thing that never works.
  18. And how much would a slim 20GB iPod-like HD add to the cost of a PSP? How many people would pay that cost? With people already complaining that it will be expensive, despite not knowing the price, I can see a lack of HD in PSP being reasonable.
  19. I hope they can use them to stop people using their fucking phones. TURN THEM OFF! There's been phone blocking technology for a few years now. I often wonder why cinemas don't use it. It's one of the few places I would encourage its use.
  20. A guy in another forum had to use night vision goggles for a press screening of a movie, last year IIRC. He got to keep the goggles.
  21. That's it. It's available in the US and they like it over there. For some reason, Europe is way behind on HDTV. I'm just hoping HDTV doesn't become the new NTSC with Europe being stuck with PAL.
  22. I'm not going to pay too much for the PSP. Frankly, I'm not sure what my limit will be. I'll see when the time comes. But I do want to get one. As for DS, I can't see myself buying one. Firstly, I'm not really interested in Mario and never have been. So that's half the catalogue gone already. BIG WINKY SMILEY And I'm a bit jaded after buying a GBA which I have about 6 games for and haven't bothered with since. Largely due to price but partly due to the games available too.
  23. Having seen the very average Troy, that won't be too hard. No pun intended.
  24. Or maybe because Enterprise was made after everything else, apart from Nemesis. And I think it did get a tiny mention in Nemesis.
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