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  1. I’m a little bored, so started wondering if there are multiple heroes with cold powers to make a Just Ice League?
  2. But it's literally the name of the show. Do you demand every other language correct their titles into UK English? It's rather disrespectful.
  3. It's literally the name of the show.
  4. Available on Premier Access now. Says it’s on general D+ on 4 June.
  5. Wasn’t The Shield partly based on something real too? Or maybe at the start at least.
  6. https://deadline.com/2021/03/we-own-the-city-hbo-david-simon-george-pelecanos-1234707819/ David Simon, his The Wire producer and writers are back at HBO for a limited series about police corruption in Baltimore. It's based on a book of the same name about a true story.
  7. I don’t actually know if it’s the case here, but a lot of US shows do have an ad break just before the end credits. You often notice it with stage type shows, where they say “we’ll be back after the break” only to return just for the credits.
  8. Oh, there a post-credits bit as well as mid-credits this time too.
  9. https://deadline.com/2021/03/star-trek-movie-kalinda-vazquez-jj-abrams-paramount-1234706899/ Paramount have hired a writer, Kalinda Vazquez, to write a new movie. She previously worked on Marvel’s Runaways, Once Upon a Time, Nikita, Human Target and Prison Break. Oh, and Discovery. Apparently supposed to be an original story without any of the crew from any shows in either universe.
  10. Amazon are making a live action movie of Hellsing. Some of you are probably familiar with the manga or anime of it. It's being written by Derek Kolstad, writer of the John Wick movies and the new Bob Odenkirk's Nobody.
  11. It's now out. The reviews seem to be varying wildly between good and shit.
  12. Jack Dorsey's other company, Square, has just taken a majority stake in tidal. Seems an odd purchase for a payment company.
  13. JohnC

    Formula One 2021

    What will he be then?
  14. Nomadland, which is apparently A Bit Good, will be coming directly to Star on 30 April. It will also be available to cinemas whenever they open after that, if they want to show it at that point.
  15. It's Melissa McCarthy, so you know what you're getting. She, along with Octavia Spencer, gain superpowers. And also supervillians start to appear, a couple of who are played by Bobby Cannavale and Jason Bateman.
  16. Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis on board. Grant will be the villain.
  17. JohnC


    It's gone in a rather different direction...
  18. JohnC


    It is legit. All officially licensed and that. Even getting involved in production with the studios now. Not so legit at the start, however many years ago that was now, but they’ve turned it around. Also recently bought by Sony.
  19. Wait, what? This one off movie, not to be continued, will end on a massive cliffhanger. This deal keeps getting worse.
  20. This is currently filming in that London and, well... (probably just a cameo though)
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