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  1. Yeah, just a fake identity so they don't realise who they have.
  2. Rob Lowe and Ryan Murphy want to make a show about Joe, with Lowe starring.
  3. They're rebooting Doogie Howser. Working title of Doogie Kealoha, M.D., based in Hawaii with a half Asian, half white girl.
  4. How do people know there's no back buttons? Are there pictures of the back I've not seen?
  5. There is a couple of sex scenes, one with a topless woman.
  6. Williams furlough some staff and the drivers getting a 20% pay cut.
  7. James Gunn reveals what the third would have been about
  8. Harmon says the toilet episode was a plot originally intended for Community, with Jeff Winger being the one with the toilet. And presumably less of the interdimensional travel stuff.
  9. Bit of a Tiger King follow-up. Bit weird this is happening this way, I suppose
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