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  1. I was worried Dom might forget to mention family for a minute, but he pulled through.
  2. Sarcastic doctor woman is actually sarcastic engineer woman.
  3. JohnC


    The OTT character designs is part of what makes it great! Especially when they really get the posing reactions going.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2021/apr/14/neighbours-more-actors-come-forward-with-allegations-of-racist-slurs-and-discrimination-on-set Some actors of colour alleging certain unnamed cast members are giving them racist treatment and Fremantle aren’t doing all they should about it.
  5. This never saw the light of day, but it appears it will now get released to Disney+. https://insidethemagic.net/2021/04/star-wars-detours-debut-rwb1/ 39 episodes had been produced when it was shitcanned and a number of unproduced scripts. Word is they have now completed production on about 52 episodes and specials.
  6. Okay, I know you guys have only just had a conversation about how Millar is overrated and it's kind of a shame all his stuff is getting made instead of better stuff. But here we are again. This time Starlight being made by Fox. And directed by Joe Cornish.
  7. Paramount released a revised movie release schedule, which includes an untitled Star Trek movie on 9 June 2023. But they're saying nothing about it. Unknown if it's a continuation of the Kelvin timeline, or the Kalinda Vazquez script or something else. All they would say is that it's a top secret project.
  8. The three girls Also cast Donald Faison as Professor Drake Utonium, Nicholas Podany as Jojo Mondel and Robyn Lively as Sara Bellum. Tom Kenny is back as the narrator.
  9. Been watching this on Disney+. I think I only saw the first season originally. It’s striking me how many guest stars are in it who I wouldn’t have known at the time, but became well known since.
  10. JohnC


    I'm guessing there's going to be more to it than what they've set up. They were told to survive 7 days and then burned through half that in ep 1.
  11. I see Shin is available to rent from Apple, but I’m not sure it’s got the original language. It only seems to mention English and the clip available is in English.
  12. Supremacism is a common term. Suprematism is, apparently, an art movement.
  13. In the Australian version of the case, the judge has decided... he can't be arsed? He put a 3 month stay on the case. It is up to Epic to file a suit in the US, within those three months, that Apple are breaching Australian law. If they don't, the stay will be permanent. So it will be up to the US judge to decide on Australian law too. Though the US judge could decline and kick it back to Australia.
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