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  1. The suit looks like it’ll have CG on it.
  2. JohnC


    I was waiting for that
  3. The back of that Spitfire looks like it's constantly on the verge of collapsing.
  4. Turns out it's a local, Manus Kelly, who won the rally the last 3 years. He had just entered politics too, getting elected to the council last month.
  5. No name officially released yet, but a “well known driver” has been killed in the Donegal Rally today.
  6. You can change it to English, with the little globe button at the top. It doesn't translate everything, but the most important stuff is.
  7. I think it's called "driving on the tarmac" as opposed to "careening across the grass". Where was Hamilton supposed to go? Just stop dead on track until Seb gets his shit together?
  8. JohnC


    Are these Netflix decisions though?
  9. It's back from the dead. It could even be interesting. They're starting over with Transparent's Jill Soloway writing and directing.
  10. That guy off the betting ads has been cast.
  11. Have we had "x DESTROYS y" yet?
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